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They all seem to have roughly the same gorge to me.
You're not offending me... it's not like I'm the one selling them. I can't tell the difference between supposed high and low quality denim anyways besides it being labeled as "selvage" by you guys.
I'm pretty sure he'd make jeans the way you want... Indy Magnoli will do pretty much everything else completely customized.
Do, and let us know how they turn out.
Interesting. From what I can gather he wouldn't do anything like offer side adjusters instead of belt loops or normal trouser pockets though.
csgrad: This is made to measure, not bespoke. Basically a few of the measurements and things can be tweaked, but I'm not certain he's offering a peak lapel with two buttons or the choice of pocket slant.
Hmm. So I could get the fuller cut trousers with a regular jacket, right? They would probably fit me better since I have muscular legs.
Ah, those.
Arctuates? I hope they don't!
Some of you may have an interest in these. Obviously the only disappointment is that they aren't selvage, but I wasn't quite expecting that for the price plus being bespoke. I could see myself wearing these, especially since the cut and fit is customizable. Thoughts?
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