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Saucemaster: Is that a telnyashka shirt?
From what I understand, the button down collar originated in Britain from polo players at the suggestion of a Colonel Portly Pinkerton. Though you would be correct if BB introduced the first dress shirt with this feature. By three button, do you mean the third being at the back of the collar? I've seen this occasionally on some people.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman I thought you'd be holding out for Pacific Sun Purple Label. Just because I worked there doesn't mean I like everything they sell.
It's what they used to sell, but with absolutely no fit in the armholes or chest at all. It's not the BB I think fondly of.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I'm actually rather fond of the old Brooks Brothers, before they were purchased by one of those corporate congolmerates; however, this does not jive well with any "reinvention" of the Brooks esthetic, if you will. +1 We can always hope for the day that they have Brooks Brothers Classic Line or something though.
+1 on the French bread pizza as well. It really is very good.
I'm a bit disappointed. It looks like his usual stuff, and I was hoping the prices wouldn't be "significantly more." The suits could be a steal when clearanced though.
I think they look fine, myself. It wouldn't hurt them though. So how many days have you stayed up for now?
spertia: Before the age of the frozen rising crust pizza, frozen pizza wasn't all that special. It was all pretty thin crust with fairly low quality toppings. Now, it probably couldn't be mistaken for delivery pizza made with the average American's oven, but it's a shit load better than what there was before... closer to pizzeria pizza. Hence, their tag line. ... 13 pages of discussing pizzerias. And I thought people only took selvage denim this seriously here.
I've been meaning to ask, and I hope you won't kill me if it's been answered before... What is/are the armhole circumference(s)? Blame Fedora Lounge, they got me obsessed with armhole fit.
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