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Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I want to spend around £2500 .but in London ,this budget is not as far reaching than i previously thought... http://www.englishcut.com/archives/000006.html Quote: Originally Posted by EnglishCut.com Two Piece Suit: £1860 Three Piece Suit: £2300 Obviously, see if you like his cut first. He used to work at Anderson & Sheppard.
Certainly not the case here. I don't even remember what labels Sauce wears, but I like his looks.
I agree with most of the points said, and look forward to the next issue. The one on armholes is a must-read, though honestly you could look up Matt Deckard on Fedora Lounge and have him explain it to you, or look up various threads speaking about it. However, to see an article about that in a nationally published clothing magazine is a breath of fresh air, and separates it from all the GQs and Esquires. I suggest everyone at SF pick up an issue (only $6) or at least...
What is what?
jackassery: Canvassed interlining gets better with wear, albeit seeming stiff at first.
Hello again, folks. The tie bar usually refers to ones that slide on in my experience, while the clip is spring hinged. The latter can be somewhat damaging if you're not careful.
Hey, it's the Wal-Mart dude! Except he doesn't look very happy. I'm digging everything except the belt.
Got a shirt from the local Goodwill. Blue Oxford cloth button down. I noted it had an unusual feature, horizontal rather than vertical sleeve placket buttons. It also has 3.25" long points, a box pleat with split yoke in back, and soft interlined collar and cuffs. Overall, a well made shirt. However, the tags are ripped out from the inside. I suspect it may be Ralph Lauren considering I saw one of their shirts with that peculiar sleeve button recently, but it also had a...
drizzt: With all due respect, I think that particular style of suit doesn't look very balanced on you. It'd be better if the jacket flared out a bit at the bottom and you had fuller cut trousers. As it is, you do indeed look top heavy.
I dunno if this is relevant, but anyone wanting one for a job and going out should remember they can tuck in the ticket flap if you want to look just a little more conservative. I've done that a couple of times for interviews with my suit. I think the length and everything on that is great, but you're showing too much cuff only because the cuffs themselves aren't snug enough. Easily fixed by resewing the buttons, which I did to a thrifted RL Oxford that only had one...
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