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Quote: Originally Posted by tljenkin I'm not a fan of any of the pieces, your expression or your remarks that you LOVE IT and are LOL'ing. You're going very backwards in fashion. That's somewhat uncalled for. 4ward: I like your look. The chinos may be a bit too snug though, as it looks like your fly is straining. I really like that jacket. A thrift store find? Good work. I'm not sure what to think of the sneakers. I'm not a huge fan of...
mrala: It looks good, but you may want to take up the inseam some. As it is, it's dragging on the ground and will really bunch up with shoes on, given the tapered leg. The jacket sleeves are perfect, showing a bit of cuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Sure is. I sized down to S and it fits me fine. They can be a bit big, surprisingly for AA. I think they might be sized to fit over a shirt though.
Sounds good, Jason. I like the more greyish navys.
Indeed. I hate to say it, but it seems like a lot of tailors on Savile Row charge more simply because the rent is high there.
Looks like it. Sauce said his buttons came off easily, as do some people on the AA website. A shame. I tried on their jeans recently was somewhat unimpressed despite that I liked the navy blue denim and white stitching. $68 is asking too much for them, frankly.
I agree with what GoSurface said. The only thing I didn't really like about your last picture was the shoes. I would have gone for some clean white sneakers or leather shoes. Other than that, it's a look you seem to be confident with, and make work pretty well. For the record, androgyny can be quite beautiful. Just my two cents.
Quote: Originally Posted by karissa Hi's karissa from I took previous advise and have created my own membership as to avoid confusion. Anyhow, here is my first post. I figured if I'm judging (in a very nice way) you guys every week, I should put myself out there so you can see where I'm coming from. btw: how do you have your picture post in message and not as an attachement? couldn't find an answer anywhere. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik No, you're not mutter. I'm not a fan of Chris.'s outfits either.. I think he (or his parents) are paying entirely too much money to look like a bum. Of course, I refrain from sharing that opinion because ultimately, it doesn't really matter either way. But didn't you just share it?
That suit looks excellent on you. Props for the '50s-skinny tie.
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