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It was probably meant to be "funny" since earlier Bonds such as <- smoked.
Pierce Brosnan threatened to knock him out and say something like, "Filthy habit."
Mmm, Rye. Makes me want to go out for a patty melt or reuben sandwich. Might love your shoes too if my fscking computer would show the bottom half. EDIT: Nevermind, fixed. And I like the shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart trouser rise isnt that low, just lower than normal I don't like it when the waistband hits my belly button on normal trews From the measurements on the website, too low for me. And I wouldn't want to bother you with requesting it be something like 31" from front of waistband to back.
I was rehired.
I think the jackets are perfectly workable. IMHO, low rise trousers just don't look good. Not a matter of not wanting to be an individual.
Mmm. White linen. Free shipping. You'll have an order from me soon.
Whew! This thread needed a good resurrection. Anyone still up for it?
Quote: Originally Posted by ts4them UGH, don't tell me they're trying to bring pleats back! Also, if you're going to wear shorts, you need to have tan legs, sorry. Sorry to disappoint you, but pleats will always be around. What on earth are "jorts"?
Probably. They should be at least 1" to the navel, IMHO.
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