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Well, if it doesn't have satin faced lapels, buttons, or pocketing, it isn't a tuxedo. Simple as that. There are rental places selling things as tuxedos that really aren't, like tone on tone striped suits (sometimes zoot suits!) and whatnot. I don't get why they do this. I've never gotten married before, but I'd push for traditional evening attire if you can. Nothing can beat a traditional shawl or peak single button dinner jacket with a bow tie. I'll let some other...
Jason: I approve of the wide cuffs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Harrydog Faded, If your response represents the culture of Style Forum, I'll be happy staying over at AA. Medwards would have pointed out the search function and then provided a half dozen links to the threads he knew that best treated the subject. And I don't really see the crime in the redundant thread. If they are that troublesome don't read them. At the very least, don't waste your time posting the helpful...
Quote: Originally Posted by seanchai Whoo, sexy. He, in general, is sexy.
How the blazes can you wear a leather shirt in this heat?
BB's armholes are still a bit huge on those though. :-/
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Yeah, those are the APCs. Thanks, and thanks for not quoting the pic. Needless quoting right after message.
I would hope so! They are the same company.
Old Navy makes some decent fitting "athletic fit" polos too. Just avoid the ones that are pre-fucked up for obvious reasons.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Wow, seriously? Guess I'll have to check them out. AA shirts tend to be long and I've been considering getting some shorter shirts. Thanks. I'm personally glad AA made their tees a bit longer recently. I would raise my arms one centimeter and everyone got an eyeful of sexy belly pubes.
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