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Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Read this article and perhaps show her some pictures from it. Many of these are 50-80 years old and still look great. Compare them to "popular" styles of the 70s and 80s, and then make the point that what is popular in a wedding magazine today is going to look chitzy in 25 years when you're looking back at the photos. She, or everyone in real life that you...
I think this or this waistcoat would look excellent, myself. Going without either will look fine however, even if it's not "correct."
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Not a thing wrong with a cotton madras bowtie. QFT.
I cannot possibly hope to win this with much better ties being displayed here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 +1 Though the shirt looks too tight due to the pulling at the buttons. GS - That's the slim look done right, and the the tie bar is fantastic. I think the button down collar is a curious choice, however, considering how modern the rest of the look is. How is it not modern? I mean, yeah, the button down has been around since 1896, but it never particularly dates IMO. I agree with you though -- he pulls off...
It's damned near impossible to find any here in thrift stores, or any new ones that don't cost $50. This one from J. Crew is a perfect approximation of what I'm looking for, though I may settle for one of the three-inchers from here if I can't find anything narrower. I already checked the J. Crew outlet store near here, and they didn't have any. Someone said that the Brooks Brothers outlets had good ones, though I don't see any knits in their current selection...
This and the grey suit are a big improvement. I would look for some slightly looser fitting jeans, though. You have quite a big chest and shoulders, and the slim fit of them makes you look rather top heavy.
I think I love you, crazyquik.
The same pattern ties would tie together (no pun intended) all the groomsmen even if one was wearing black, the other charcoal, and another navy.
Ah, she even said no to a stroller? Stamm, this is a tough call. What about everyone just wearing dark suits? EDIT: I meant their own dark suits.
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