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lolirony? Just when I was about to post that I haven't gotten any busy messages in a while... well, you know the rest of the story.
Me three. The messages are blinking annoying.
I'm not sure I see what you're getting at.
Do explain.
I thought I was too. Wait...
You know it.
Quote: Originally Posted by sidney New here. Welcome! Nice shoes. Where did you get that top? Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC If I start looking lackluster or doing repeats often please excuse that, I'm starting to get things packed for the move: Thom Browne navy 2btn jacket w/ white constrast stitch Louis Vuitton red/white houndstooth shirt Louis Vuitton red/navy Fleur medallion tie Theirry Mugler tan cotton pinstripe...
edmorel: Very classy. Looks vintage.
Fictional characters can still, nonetheless, be style icons. Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart, despite being gone now, will always be style icons to me. On and off screen, they were always effortlessly well attired.
Someone forgot to fasten a couple buttons... Nothing personal, Marrakesh, but it just plain looks bad.
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