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Maybe it's just the region, but I see many here wear them.
I ran into someone who had the exact same corduroy sport coat as me... it created a fun little discussion!
That may be so, but frogmouth pockets tend to give me an old man vibe. No offence to anyone's tastes!
Me eyes!
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report Agree. They're actually too big on you considering how they're cut. But they would work as a casual, lounging around pair. I'd return them if they were expensive. Speaking of that... andimq: Take up the legs a bit is my only suggestion. It's a simple alteration that shouldn't cost much, or any of your friends could do it if they can sew. I think the outfits you showed look fine, but the jacket may look...
I can go back and edit my posts no problem.
Yeah. Jackets are only inside-A/C-friendly down here right now, even if they're linen. :-/
I like his wool jacket.
Why do you have a grosgrain belt around your thigh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart got lots of navy swatches in the mail today and there's some good ones, a nice midnight blue (almost appears black), a good normal conservative navy, and a nice textured weave "interesting" navy for social outings Gonna go thru them and pick some out and have them on the revised site, which will be up hopefully end of next week (as opposed to early next week as originally planned) I'd really be interested...
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