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Only out of curiosity, how do you polish these and what do you do if you accidentally get the polish on the wrong part ?
Land's End has them.
A word of caution. Just replaced several Land's End $19.99 classic oxfords in 100% cotton. While before they were imported from Honduras, my latest two were imported from China. Before I could hang them up damp, and not have to iron them. The ones from China wrinkled badly out of the washer, and I am now faced with re-learning to iron shirts after some 50 years! If you want no-iron from Land's End now, be sure you look at the wording on the site or in the catalog.
I have had a pair of Florsheim balmorals for about 20 years, and recently dug them out of the closet to wear again. And, following a cobbler's touch-up, they look pretty good. Went with my wife today to a store that carries Florsheim, and was not enthused with the offerings from them now. Admittedly the store did not have the model I was interested in, but did have something close - another balmoral. But the leather looks, well, cheap; almost artificial. Did read the...
Ah, Kow Hoo brings back the memories. Got several pair, including one in cordovan, in about 1965! Great shoes; maybe $25U.S. a pair; hand-made maybe and built on an individualized last. Took maybe a week. Back in the China Fleet Club days. Suspect those days are long gone, but still have one pair left and going strong.
Before I am asked, I should have mentioned that the seller says the coat is a 42R, and the other size information tends to confirm that that is so.
I am new to all this, and am looking at a sportcoat on ebay. I have measured the sleeve on a blazer that fits me, and the length is 24 1/4 from shoulder seam to end of sleeve. The ebay seller indicates his coat measures 37 1/4 from mid neck, down shoulder, thence down the sleeve. When I measure my blazer that way, I get about 35. So I am almost resigned that the sleeves are too long, and then I noticed he said the sportcoat had "structured shoulders", whatever that...
Decided to call the Connecticut number and ask. Lady said trafalgar braces are made in the U.S. Decided to hit the internet with trafalgar braces; not a good idea. Some sites merely sold them; some sites turned out to be a cover for porn. Guess I will live in ignorance of the possible U.K. connection.
Been shopping ebay and scanning the internet for braces. Have seen several mentions of Trafalgar braces being made/having been made in the U.K., but their internet site indicates that they are in Connecticut. Curious about this relative to quality and operation location.
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