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Thanks folks. Finally discovered where I saw the post (Badger & Blade). The Dunhill for Men is gone. The ebay listing provided shows the Dunhill Edition box in the photo, so that isn't it. I have a notification request in to fragrancenet, but as rare as this puppy now is, can't imagine what the cost would be. Guess I will give up on this quest.
Am sort of shopping for the Alfred Dunhill for Men fragrance which was created in 1934. Fragrancenet lists it (out of stock), but other sites only lists other Dunhill fragrances. Basenotes indicates it is in production, but the reviews under it would indicate that it is not in production. Saw a post on some forum that indicated it was getting very rare; and now I can't find that post or forum. Would appreciate any information that anyone might have.
Eidolon and Thomas, thank you so much for your time, kindness and thorough replies. I do reference Basenotes, and use it to guide me. And I have ordered samples from the Perfumed Court. I will definitely look into the lotions that you mentioned, Thomas. Thank you again, John
After some 44 years of using Old Space aftershave for everything, I am intent on discovering fragrances and their use. This brings up several questions in product selection and use. 1. If one gets a certain fragrance as a cologne, what does one use after shaving if there is no matching aftershave lotion or balm? 2. If there is a matching aftershave lotion or a balm, which is the better of the two? I have never used balm, and do not seem to have suffered gravely...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin LOL Someone sitting in front of a desk in a corporate office is not going to know those types of things. Then, I submit, that that someone is sitting in the wrong place to monitor customer service. I monitor customer service at my store from the cash register where I am standing.
I work in a garage. Grease, dirt, battery acid, and all that fun stuff!
STP customer service, at least on chat line, is so inept that I doubt I will ever order anything from them. Took three weeks to find out what width a tie was, and one rep on shoe trees did not know how shoes were sized.
I checked STP for shoe trees. Asked the STP rep to help with size; he said use the size guide; I told him that my shoes were 10 1/2D; he wanted to know where I got that number. I told him from my shoes, and went to a shoe store to buy shoe trees. Suggest the same.
Think I have exhausted searching! Go on the web to the marine shop. There you will find what is apparently available now - as opposed to 30 to 40 years ago. It is what you describe except it is a two piece device, one for each wing of the collar with no under-the-tie connection. I did look extensively on ebay and cannot find the old spiffys. If that is what you really want, suggest asking the marine shop and/or find an old Marine.
In the military (Navy and Marines) they are/were called "spiffies". You might try a military uniform shop. And you might check ebay.
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