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Thomas, I am still on a lavender "water" exploration, probably obvious from my question regards the Caldey. While on the net last night I also ran across Jersey Island lavender and Isle of Wight lavender. Any experience/knowledge with these two? Prices are less than Caldey, but no references/experiences related on any site I know. (Can't blame the Brits on the Dunhill; only dealt with the New York store and Americans.)
Thomas, thank you for evaluation of Caldey! As to Dunhill for Men, it ended up a long story, and with me refusing the package when it (finally) arrived. My best advise is to avoid Dunhill of NYC unless you actually go to NYC and stand before them. I will be kind and call their customer service incompetent.
Thomas, what is the Caldey Island Lavender like, other than what the one entry in Basenotes says? See Basenotes describes it as unisex; is it? Sweet fragrance, dry fragrance, camphor-free, lasting? And could you describe the "raunch" aspect? Thanks for your reply. Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas I think I wore SCS Lavendula Oakmoss this afternoon and currently wear Caldey Island Lavender. It's interesting for a soliflore. There's a bit of raunch...
Yes, looking for an after shave splash or balm. Thanks for thinking about it.
Thank you: yes, Art of Shaving is one of what seems like two options. I have used a sample of AOS un-scented balm, and it works great - but is un-scented! Have asked for a sample of their lavender, but from past experience doubt if I get one. A member of Badger & Blade has offered a sample of Saint Charles Shave (SCS) lavender balm, the second option. I am awaiting the sample to try it. Still open to other suggestions.
Would like to find an aftershave that would match/complement Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Water. It is a single-note lavender scent. Suggestions appreciated.
Been using Tabac Original aftershave for a number of years, and last year bought some eau de toilette to go with it. They do not smell the same, but the eau de toilette has a nice aroma after the initial spray and does have longevity. However, on several fora I hear eau de cologne is better. Can't find out the differences, and would like to know. One person said the cologne smells like the aftershave, and that the cologne has great longevity. Don't think the...
To the shopping list I would add Four In Hand, an affiliate listed on the header above. Excellent quality, exceptional service!
Thomas, I wish you could find it in your heart to be more optimistic! Now you have me worried!
Tomasso, I did read Basenotes, but not carefully enough until you prodded me! Just order a bottle from NYC; hope it is GREAT!! Thanks, John
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