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My apologies for being both late and lazy. Not wishing to read through all the pages, I do have a couple of pocket square questions. I gather that silk is not the most desireable fabric if one will be wearing a silk tie? The better option being linen? Can one make a "pouf" effectively with a linen square? My only experience to date is using linen folded. Thanks for any input, John
Ungaro III to the Omaha Symphony for Beethoven's Ninth! Just received, and really enjoy it!
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy I've never seen braces buttons on the outside of the trousers. Is that an old timey thing or something? And on jeans when you are using the metal "nail on" buttons. Would be very uncomfortable with them on the inside!
Quote: Originally Posted by jacobpatton I'm looking to purchase a pair of Albert Thurston suspenders, but the only size the online store has in stock is extra-large. Does anyone know if it's easy to shorten suspenders? thanks, Jacob Email Mr. Kew at Thurston Braces and he will make a specific size for you. I asked for a specific length several years ago of an otherwise stock model, and he modified them at no cost. Regards, John
Great! Sincerely appreciate the advice!
Sorry gentlemen! Do you mean to have it done or not to have it done? I honestly don't know what the procedure involves, and do not know if there are positives or negatives to it.
Just order a pair of wool gaberdine pants from J A Banks. Manager asked if I would like to add the traveler's crease option to hold the crease. I said "why not" without even thinking about it. Did this yesterday; may not be too late to change my mind if I need to. Is this a good or bad thing to do to the trousers? Did a search; someone asked about the JAB method, but no one answered his question. What should I do?
C&E Sandalwood Trumper's Coconut and Trumper's Violet Taylor of Old Bond Street Rose and Taylor of Old Bond Street Almond These are truly great.
But the official Crabtree & Evelyn site says to check local stores, and there are a host of stores listed for Canada. Try one. And when the site itself gets them in stock, the header says they now ship to Canada. Just got back from the Canadian Rockies the end of July. Wonderful trip and wonderful people!!
Thank you again, Thomas. Yes, I am acquainted with Saint Charles Shave. Just this week she started making samples available through her site. I appreciate your advice and may well check out the lavender cologne. I did obtain a small sample of SCS lavender aftershave balm through a B&B member, and do not find lavender in the scent - just mint.
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