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I have zero experience with waistcoats or waistcoat materials. However, believe that within the last year there was a thread about waistcoasts revolving around one of the British horse race events. Epsom? At any rate, the waistcoat that Prince Charles was wearing was pictured; and there were a number of posts, mostly as I recall, where one could purchase one. Perhaps a search on the forum? Good luck!
Rather than a simple spray on one wrist for a test, today I applied Egoiste to my chest and arms to get a better idea of it. What I smell from my sample is a mild Ungaro III. That after five hours. Rose and some wood. No sandalwood, no vanilla, was not citrus. Not sure what to think, except that Ungaro III is less expensive.
Relative to Egoiste (thought I was bringing in both threads), I applied a sample that I purchased, and what is get is rose, rose, and rose! Very nice rose, but thought that there was suppose to be other notes. Bad sample? Only decanted that part with the rose in it?
Lee Kee!! At last I think I am reminded of the name of the Hong Kong shoe maker that I and a number of my squadron mates went to in the mid-60s to have shoes made! I believe I had three pair made, and still have one left after all threse years. Nice looking, well made and fit very well. Can't imagine how much they would cost now. Wish I had an address for I would see if they still have the lasts after all these years.
Relative to the top photo with the pocket square with the colored border, how do you fold it to get it to look that way? Or is it just the skill born from practice? Sorry for the noobie question, but I have a bordered pocket square that I hope to get looking like that one before Saturday night!
Since the change to the new system, I can hardly get Style Forum to work properly, if at all, on my computer. Slow, hangs up, won't advance and won't go back. Appreciate all the fine advice on upgrading/switching to whateveritis you are talking about, but I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Afraid that my solution will soon be to give up on Style Form, which I regret.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Heading off to Atlanta tomorrow and packing my linen pocket squares.... Is the white one (linen?) with the light blue edging one of Kent Wang's? Looking at his and trying to decide on the shade for he edge, is why I ask. Thanks, John
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy What tie is that? Nice!
Am contemplating a pair of Thurston braces in wine. On the web site these come with black ends, but believe Thurstons would customize them if asked. I would typically wear these with brown shoes, although an occasional wearing of black shoes is a possibility. Would mixing brace end and shoe color be terrible? I have read where white ends would be a alternative, but not sure I care for the concept. Thoughts on brace end colors would be appreciated. Thanks, John
Thank you! I will try it!
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