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I wear braces to the exclusion of belts, even on my jeans. And that leads to the question. Because of the removal of all my teeth and addition of dentures, I have lost weight - not surprising because it is much harder to eat at the moment. And my old jeans (38 waist) now fit like bags. Bought some size 36 and that is better, but still seems loose in the upper legs and buttocks. Size 34 fit but are snug in the waist - snug defined as no extra room. With the 36 I can...
Just looked briefly at the Belt Outlet "button suspenders" (braces), and they seem to be all elastic. I personally prefer the "stability" of Thurston, Tragalgar and other braces where the ribbon is non-stretch except for the back strap. Perhaps that is just a matter of personal preference, but to me the non-stretch seem more secure.
Options are heat above 175 f, dry clean, or one other option is to put the item in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for about a week. It takes much longer to kill them using cold than heat, so it's not ideal. But if you absolutely can't wash it, and it won't be damaged by cold, then you can put an item in there and they will die off eventually. Got the last method directly off the internet. Interesting question. Brief review shows the question of ensuring bed...
...and you can return it.
Could you please point me to the definitive thread? Thanks!
Out of curiosity, why not black? Have a dark navy suit myself, needing new shoes, and thinking black.
As a thought, if you go here you can select a shoe and color, then view them with several different suit pant fabrics. May be helpful to you. Have fun!
Plan to get a necktie or two soon, and checked what I had in the closet. Several look "too wide" to me, so did a search here to get advice on tie width. Found some specific recommendations in inches, but every once in awhile someone would mention width depends on lapel width. Is there a certain ratio/correlation that I am looking for? Or is it just a "looks good" thing? Appreciate any suggestions.
Asked the question to Lands' End. Shoulder width goes up 1/2 inch from 16 neck to 16 1/2 neck.
My own personal opinion is that braces are worn in lieu of a belt, irrespective of jackets and suits. I do agree that tradition holds that braces are not to be seen (like underwear), but I wear them to hold up my trousers and jeans even without a jacket. I am looking at a practical way to not strangle my waist trying to keep the jeans from sliding down my nonexistent butt. Braces work well, and I am sufficiently old that no one comments out of respect.
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