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If you like Lands' End stuff, try their Inlet store in Rochester. It's in the Marketplace Mall just north of the Thruway on I390.
They're probably in some way responsible for keeping hat companies in business, so I like them. Wouldn't wear one though!
I hit a Marshalls with my sister in Connecticut when visiting and usually find at least one thing and have often scored fairly well (Haspel and Hart Schaffner Marx jackets). A visit a week ago turned up nothing but junk; it was like Winners. I am regretting not picking up the Lilly Pulitzer cocktail umbrellas though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coater What do you think about clip-on suspenders? Are they completely worthless?.... If you are going to wear them, wear a sweater or vest so they can't be seen. And, never admit on any men's clothing forum that you do it.
I was actually thinking of a pair that I bought, # 2158.
Try A bit pricy at $65 - $75, but high quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 I do not wear them...and have observed in court, only old Judges and lawyers in retirement age wear them. Though, the poll shows that more men under 50 wear them than those over 50. Of course, what it really shows is that the sample isn't random!
At one time I didn't care whether any shirt had or did not have a pocket. Now that I need reading glasses, I want all my shirts to have a pocket.
This thread in AAAC may be of help. It covers both side and center vents.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche Are there Haspels out there with side vents? Flat fronts? Maybe both!? ... My Haspel poplin suit has flat front pants but a center vent. The fabric, however, is 55/45 cotton/poly.
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