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I decided to get braces when I was 30 - I went with traditional braces using clear bands and ceramic brackets. The orthodontist recommended the traditional braces in my case vs Invisalign because my overbite was too significant to correct without brackets/rubber bands. I also have to talk a lot as part of my job and the braces were not that much of a problem once I got used to having them - the rubber bands that were worn to correct overbite caused the most problems...
Brooks Slim Fit boxers
"Oldman's Guide to Outsmarting Wine" was my first book on wine. Each chapter can be read independently. It is a great introductory book on wine. "The Wine Bible" by Karen MacNeil is a wonderful reference if you have more than a passing interest in wine.
6'2" 234
I have a similar build to the OP, and the slim fit dress shirts fit very well. Someone with a truly slim build may not have the same result. The slim fit polos are a different story - too slim for a larger build.
Justin ropers are a good value and should last you a number of years. They also aren't too "Western" so they are quite versatile. My personal favorite are Frye 10R Ropers in Earth (their version of dark brown).
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