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I got braces when I was 30, wire on top and bottom, wore them for 30 months (you will prob need to wear longer as an adult). Not much discomfort - only when they changed wires did I really notice any soreness. The biggest issues I had were speaking clearly (annunciation) along with keeping them clean. Invest in a waterpik... Also take into account that you will need to wear retainers every day for at least a year after they come out, and likely a number of years after...
+1 on the Loakes. On the same Pediwear site that was mentioned, check out the Royal model, they are longwings. They are a lot of shoe for the price (you wont pay the VAT if shipping to the US). They also include free shipping and a free set of shoe trees.
I have to do the sunscreen thing every day - extremely fair skin and living in a sunny climate. I use sunscreens that have a physical block (titanium and/or zinc dioxide) with no chemical sunscreen (the chemical stuff burns my skin). Many chemical sunscreens do not block both UVA and UVB, so you still may get burned. The zinc/titanium sunscreens will block UVA and UVB. Neutrogena has a new sunscreen out with just the physical block with SPF 30 and as fair skinned as...
I have a pair of Filson Uplander Chukkas that I wear hiking. I also wear them on a regular basis as streetwear, because they look great and are extremely comfortable (once you break them in). I feel that they are even slightly higher in quality and fit/finish than my Redwing GTs. Got them through Crane's.
6'2" 235 37" natural waist and bodyfat last checked around 18% (I could lose about 15 pounds of fat) - I generally wear 34" labeled denim and 36 labeled dress pants/trousers. I don't think I could ever get below 34 natural waist without completely wasting away, as I was at 34 years ago when I weighed 180 and was stick thin.
Filson Uplander Chukkas IWC Portuguese Crate Squires PRL merino wool full zip cardigan PRL custom-fit tattersal button-down
Hmm 6'2" seems surprisingly popular... 6'2" 235. Jacket 46R or L depending on the maker.
I started going gray in my late teens, and by the time I was in my late 20's it was about half gray. It bothered me enough to where I started getting it colored (at a salon). After spending thousands of dollars over the years, I recently decided it was just not worth it to color anymore. At 37, it is over 90% gray (really it is more white than gray), and honestly I like it a lot now (and so does my wife...). Embrace your gray
Thanks for the tip!
Quote: Originally Posted by 854ca For traditional braces (or even Invisalign), do they take any teeth out (the back ones)? Also, obviously it depends on a case to case basis, but what's the range of price for traditional braces if you're 19/20? Yes - case by case basis. In my case they wanted to remove my wisdom teeth (3 had not come in) before installing the braces for fear that if the wisdom teeth moved they would ruin the changes from the...
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