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Lot's of hype for TJ's here in the town of their corporate hq. We typically keep a number of their prepackaged frozen items on hand (the meatballs are good, so is the orange chicken) that can be put in the oven or on the stove quickly when there is just no time or inclination for "real" cooking. Wine selection can be surprisingly good at times, but I have never gotten into the 2 buck chuck thing - a rant for another thread... We get our produce and most other staple...
Does anyone have a better picture or description of the "tar" color that can be had with the riding and vice jackets? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by TrailofTears Can some of you RW vets offer a suggestion for an insole? I'm looking at picking up a pair of 8146's and Iron Rangers, and would appreciate the help. Thank you. The $10 Dr Scholl's Gel inserts work well in my RWs. They have a model that is made for "work" boots/shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by chuckseabreeze Ha, I'm not a big fan of chiropractors Truce? You bet. No worries.
Quote: Originally Posted by chuckseabreeze JBG, I'm saying that the chiropractor did not help. The facial nerve, which innervates the orbicularis oculi m. exits well behind you TMJ/mandibular ramus. It courses superficially, through the parotid, not through or next to your TMJ. As anon has already stated, cranial nerve III is way up in your head, no where near your TMJ or spine. Furthermore, eye twitching is more...
Quote: Originally Posted by anon I'm not saying the chiropractor didn't help either, I just think it's important to know anatomy and acknowledge that it very well may have been placebo. If you're ok with that and the money was well-spent in your opinion, I say it was a successful treatment. agreed...
Quote: Originally Posted by anon your eyelids are controlled by cranial nerve 3 (which you can't get to by any sort of "adjustment" since it's in your skull) and cranial nerve 7, which exits just below your ear. unless they adjusted your TMJ, it was probably placebo TMJ was adjusted during that treatment (did I say that a "BACK" adjustment would do it?)...all I know is that it worked for me, placebo or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by chuckseabreeze Really? Yes, really. If there is a compressed or pinched nerve then an adjustment can help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Curious_George Those are Thorogoods (or possibly some other Weinbrenner made shoe). They look like they're maybe these, however. Thorogood is a very underepresented brand. I have two pairs of Red Wing boots and two Thorogood (one being the style in the above link, and the other a pair of Thorogood by Epaulet). The Thorogood by Epaulet boot has nearly replaced my GTs in daily use - They look great and are far...
It should go away.... A chiropractic adjustment has helped my eye twitching go away if it lingered for more than a few weeks. I agree that it is stress-related.
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