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Econ undergrad degree here- I also had a fairly anemic overall GPA due to changing my major from a program that I was not doing well in. I only quoted my major GPA on my resume (which was one full point higher than my overall...) and then only gave my overall GPA if asked (this was rare). Be sure to go through your alumni services department or whatever career planning office your school has - I got my first job through one of the alumni services leads because some...
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn B.S. Economics '01 - Georgia Tech (Yellow Jackets) J.D. '08 - Syracuse University (Orange) I went from a semi-ferocious mascot to a color! Don't run across many Ga. Tech Econ grads - GT ECON '94 here.
I just received the blackwatch seersucker shirt and I am totally impressed. This was my first Epaulet shirt and certainly will not be the last. The fabric is wonderfully "puckered" as seersucker goes, and I see it getting a lot of wear when the weather gets warmer. The shape of the collar is amazing. I was extremely happy with the fit - for me most shirts off the rack, if they fit well in the shoulders and chest, tend to be tent-like. In ordering the XXL I was (slightly)...
A few of my favorites from the San Gabriel Valley (ranging from fine dining to dives): Pasadena: Cheval Blanc Smitty's Grill Noir Food and Wine New Delhi Palace Golden Palace Mongolian Noodle World The Dining Room Tops The Hat Robin's Arcadia: Basil Thai Sesame Grill The Derby Nirvana Teriyaki House Paco's Monrovia: Le Roy's Cafe Massilia Cafe Mundial Cafe Merengue Kiku Sushi Chang Thai T Burger
Thanks Mike! Yeah the Ben Sherman's are the regular cut, the mod cut just doesnt work for me.
Mike, Wow that blackwatch is awesome. I have not ordered a Epaulet shirt yet but this one will change that - what would you recommend on sizing - I'm 6'2" 205, normally wear 46 in jackets. I have a Gitman Bros short sleeve button down in XL and it is actually a little big, and several Ben Sherman button downs in XL that are pretty spot on. I think I may need an XXL based on the measurements, particularly because of the chest. Thanks, Jason
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo pit to pit and shoulder to shoulder measures would be great! Using the same measurement points as Shore above, Large Madras (Short-Sleeve): Pit to Pit: 24 inches Shoulder to Shoulder: 20 inches
Just received a Signature madras SS in Large - I would say it is 'slightly" fitted, but it is a madras and meant to have some room - I think too fitted and it just wouldn't look right. An XL would have been way too big (I'm 6'2" 205).
Might be a sebaceous cyst?
Prep H...
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