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+1 on Nau. I also have the Vice blazer. They also have their Riding jacket which is a similar technical hybrid sportcoat.
Thanks for the Barry Eisler recommendation, I will give them a shot. Another good series that is along the same lines is by Christopher Reich and his Jonathan Ransom series - just finished the latest one to hit paperback.
I've had to wait on my wife to finish the book, she got to it before me. The whole series is awesome!
Well the Gant bonded Parka kept calling my name and I finally caved in. I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of it here in socal from fall through spring, although not so much at the moment
A good manager and mentor will certainly understand an opportunity like this and encourage you to move on in your career, whether it is following him or moving into something different. Just be sure to provide ample notice.
pickled pigs foot
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch Was seriously considering the gant bonded parka, but it goes back to regular price when I put it in the cart. Same on the white selvedge oxford.
Just received the 2-stroke Alden Indy boots - they are awesome! Honestly no break-in required on these - the oiled leather uppers are very supple. These are going into the rotation with my Thorogood for Epaulet boots - I've been wearing them almost exclusively to this point, they are damn comfortable as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 Exactly what I do as well. x3 Everything goes into my computer bag or briefcase before going through the security line, even my wallet. My watch go into a watch case and it is buried down in the bag. Never, ever use those little change bins.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet We're also thinking of a snap button western shirt. Would you guys be interested in that? A snap button western shirt would be awesome! I just received the rivet chinos in british khaki - I also had nearly given up on finding any well-fitting chinos and have been wearing pretty much denim only (outside of wool trousers for work) - these were perfect. Fit was spot on and the slightly darker khaki...
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