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Received the Somerset Ranger Mocs yesterday...the Vibram wedge sole on a moc/camp style shoe - brilliant!
If you can stretch your budget slightly, you can get a pair of Thorogood 6" workboots for about $125. Made in USA. I have two pairs (the said $125 pair from bootsonline, and a pair from Epaulet in horsehide) and both are high quality and comfortable. They run slightly (1/2 size) large so keep that in mind if ordering online.
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - David Bowie
Live with it - it's very distinctive when you are younger. Mine started in my early 20s and now at 38 its nearly all grey. I get compliments all the time now and none when I went through a period of trying to hide it with color.
Wow a MKII supplier! I had a couple of Seikos modified by Bill Yao years ago and they are favorites in my collection.
Received the shooting shirt - very well made and the denim is quite stiff - it appears to be either raw or one-rinse. Indeed the fit is on the roomy side, but it is meant to be unrestrictive when you are aiming your long gun of choice - this is a real shooting shirt, not a fashion copy. I think it is meant to be worn more like a shirt-jac than a regular shirt - the fit is similar to my wool Pendleton shirt-jac.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff yeah, of course, but not everything is in spiral bound books. If you really need to have a book spiral bound you can go to your local FedEx Office or similar and they can install a spiral binding. I've had to do this for music as well as test study guides (another set of books that suck if you cant get them to stay open and/or lay flat).
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith I watched an episode of American Pickers last night. They were in Kansas, probably El Dorado since the old theater was named that. This show was the most extreme example of what doesn't make sense about American Pickers. The seller had tons of interesting stuff which could have been resold. He was motivated and was selling stuff pretty cheap. So why didn't the pickers buy more stuff? They always buy maybe 4...
Thanks for the head's up on the code - just picked up the shooting shirt.
Mine went the Anderson Cooper route - my hair started turning white in my late teens and now at 38 it is almost completely white. I believe in my case it was genetic - my father was completely white-haired by his early 30s.
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