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I think a coat with that feature is a perfect complement to your car that has underbody lighting in various colors. Are any of the bespoke cobblers fitting lighting into their boots or shoes that flash when walking? Those would also be appropriate with those coats. Definitely CBD (casual bar dress).
Why is it the height of rudeness? It is only offensive if someone (your mother) tells you it is.
I think RuPaul has it figured out. We could learn a lesson. Living your life is YOUR business. Living it in a way you think others will approve of is a continuous battle without any winners.
Super safe but sort of bland choice is to go with something close to suit fabric color. This tends to make your suit look very much off the rack and even low cost off the rack to many (like me). Too bright and "loud" may not be your personality. A cool touch that might pay homage to your bride would be a color as close to the color of her bridesmaids color choice. A color somewhat coordinated to your tie if it is not simple black could be stylish also.
Your wife is way cool.
"I have a few pairs of tall boots that I wear with business suits.   Only one pair is actually a true riding boot.  The others are tall dress boots designed to look like riding boots.  The two above are both by Gucci. I only wear them UNDER my trouser legs when it comes to work. Someone asked why one would wear such boots.  The simple answer is because they look good and feel great.  Furthermore, my wife thinks they're incredibly SEXY! " What better answer could there...
I think it is an intriguing idea. Those boots would look like very nice shoes when standing and I think no one would know. When seated there would be no question that they were not shoes but how high they are would not be obvious. You may not be in a situation where you sit behind desk and no one would ever normally see your ankles. This place is full of very stylish gents putting their signature tweaks on their suit ensembles. I think your proposal is just your...
This is a glass house we're in here. Watch that stone throwing.
FIH is the most likely to look like crap if you move around a bit. That knot is not as snug on the slip blade of tie. TO lessen this you have to be sure your collars are amply large so the collar doesn't move as you turn head. I'm not in the FIH camp so I have no allegiance to that knot. I always think of them as the forced white collar knot. The knot of bag boys in groceries (like any of them wear ties any more) or persons who are forced by dress code into business...
Does the color of your suits figure into any slight of hand activities? Do you need to blend in with background to take visual focus off your body? If it does and you work primarily in front of black backdrop then black suit may be important. I agree that the grey suit and striped tie looks nice but is more CBD style and is not what I think is a memorable outfit lending itself to branding you to your clients.
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