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There is a third choice you do not list: add two piece suits in staple colors. Navy, dark gray, and a medium gray would be great. 3 piece suits are often a bit out of place and may make an expensive impression to potential clients. The variety you will find out there and pricing makes them less attractive to buy and wear without vest.
Which did you wear to interview?
Homburgs are historically dressy hats. You can wear them as you like and as a more casual hat but I personally would not. I think a wider brim (2 1/2 to 2 3/4 inch) with bound edge fedora is a hat that can go dressy but also goes casual very well. Here is a black recent Stetson. Black would not be my first choice. Gray is far more versatile.
Which one makes you happy and which one makes you sad? The association can't be assumed.
Tibor's hat looks great to me. I like that crown crease and favor wider brimmed fedoras. There are no rules to this and one's perspective determines your impression. I wear fedoras and also wear western hats almost daily. My perspective is hat brims should be large and shield the sun well. Wider brim style looks best to most with a larger crown. This is the proportion part. Crown with little or no taper is a personal preference but I fall into the group that thinks a face...
Spoo does 4IH so well they almost look like Windsor knots. I know I am in the minority but 4IH is the knot of choice for bagboys at the grocer and of the masses of men who are FORCED to wear suits but hate them. I just can not find any love for the knot. I guess I find the less than symmetric knot on an impeccable suit and shirt to strike me like a odd colored fender on a Ferrari. I don't see that and think, "impeccable automotive craftsmanship and look they screwed up one...
From reading through this thread it seems many have bespoke clothes and unspeakable automobiles.
Fantastic!Art does great work. The hat looks great on you. The proportions work well. I think fuller, less tapered crown makes that a very attractive hat.Did Art style it or had you defined what you wanted?
I would think the only significance of your style is it makes you the first to be grabbed if hostages are taken.
Is Aquascutum still a top shelf brand of outerwear?
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