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I would imagine you don't stand posed while wearing a suit to work and other places. It is far too common for us to get a photo pose posture that is not at all our normal stance. It is similar to that "photo smile" that you get when someone takes your picture that you later see and know is not the way you mile any other time. I think most all comments made here would not be relevant to normal wear of this garment. I think it is a nice looking suit that fits nice and the...
Consider a big retailer like Neiman-Marcus. They sell maybe half at the full ticket, another 1/4 at 25% 0ff and a few more at 50% off. They probably have $1400 in a $4000 suit (somebody speak up if this way off). When they dump the few that are deadstock in sizes out of the core size band they can lose coin on those since they made a wad on the bulk of them. They spend money keeping stock and it has to go. If it gets too old it is worth even less. Oh, and they get some...
Is Burlington Coat Factory the clothing sponsor for this new Bond film? If Men's Wearhouse was supplying the suits they would look and fit better.
The cloth's coloring and weave would make it a nice SC regardless. That fabric would border on being overwhelming as a suit. I do agree that drop on the tag sure smells of suit coat.
I think you have your plan. Persons who would visit this site, this forum, are a tiny part of your viewers. The pick stitching count and whether the button holes are done by hand or machine is not important to your viewers. Well fitting suits with shirts that aren't crazy and ties that are knotted well will make you look professional to the viewers. If you go too far with waist suppression and tailoring to the last millimeter you may end up with gaps and wrinkles as you...
Polyester double knit will fix all those cloth scrunch issues.
I think a coat with that feature is a perfect complement to your car that has underbody lighting in various colors. Are any of the bespoke cobblers fitting lighting into their boots or shoes that flash when walking? Those would also be appropriate with those coats. Definitely CBD (casual bar dress).
Why is it the height of rudeness? It is only offensive if someone (your mother) tells you it is.
I think RuPaul has it figured out. We could learn a lesson. Living your life is YOUR business. Living it in a way you think others will approve of is a continuous battle without any winners.
Super safe but sort of bland choice is to go with something close to suit fabric color. This tends to make your suit look very much off the rack and even low cost off the rack to many (like me). Too bright and "loud" may not be your personality. A cool touch that might pay homage to your bride would be a color as close to the color of her bridesmaids color choice. A color somewhat coordinated to your tie if it is not simple black could be stylish also.
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