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That dimple looks to be pinched in place after knot was finished. A consistent single deep dimple producer is to pinch the blade of tie into a dimple above the the horizontal blade of tie when there is 1 to 1 1/2 inch of tie left to pull through to finish tightening knot. You can pinch the dimple you want this way.
Paul Ryan is usually turned out well.
I have an opinion that those wearing obviously expensive and tailored clothes may have a disadvantage. They would come across as possibly entitled. Someone who is trying and has put in a good effort to be nicely dressed looks like someone that tries. A person that is trying is very hard to ignore. I would love to hear from the professors as to how an overdressed candidate affects them, if at all.
Hello, how are you today? What items are you seeking today? Do you have a color and style in mind or would you like for me to assist you with selection of something? Are you interested in a more forward fashion suit or would a conservative more classic style be more appropriate? May I suggest a shirt and tie to coordinate with the suit you have chosen? These are questions to determine what the client needs without forcing yourself on them when it is not desired. I would...
"Its also nice to see a windsor knot in the sea of four in hands! " Amen!
Yoked suits are not cool. They were gimmicky a hundred years ago and never really saw any wide use other than TV and movies. Businessmen in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, etc. wear normal cut suits. Often tailored suits are worn with western boots and western hats by those so inclined. I have seen some very nice suits with conservative (not pointed toe) boots that look every bit as good as any bespoke English shoes and topped by a nicely shaped fine beaver (not any part...
I love the colors. I think it looks great on you. Great dents, is it a diamond bash on crown top? I am planning to commission one of similar color but a but larger proportions. Taller crown with no taper and 2 1/2 or 2 5/8 brim width. Seeing yours has hastened me to act.
Hat jacks are intended only to enlarge the hat the amount that drying sweat in the leather band would contract it, i.e, keep it sized to as new sizing.You can stretch the hat with one a small amount but stretching fordoras, homburgs, and other lighter felt dress hats will usually result in brim distortion that can affect the appearance of that hat.How much too small would your estimate that it is?
I love Western hats. Thanks for posting. Stetson looks good on you and love all the scenery.
There is a third choice you do not list: add two piece suits in staple colors. Navy, dark gray, and a medium gray would be great. 3 piece suits are often a bit out of place and may make an expensive impression to potential clients. The variety you will find out there and pricing makes them less attractive to buy and wear without vest.
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