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As for this hat removal issue: I guess I am a stubborn cuss and have some, but not great, respect for customs. My removal of hat takes many things into consideration. I use the "can it be stored safely?" rule a lot. I have a basis of "I bought this hat to cover my head so why would I take it off?" I think that relates to "I bought these pants to cover my legs so why would I take them off?" I know I may be contributing to the fall of mankind but you have to be trained to...
Outstanding Optimo! Very classy in that color felt with the ribbon color coordinated as it is. I love the crown bash and brim shape also. That hat looks great casual and no doubt would fit right in with a bespoke suit, shirt, and tie.
I would like to know also. It must be great tape as nothing seems to ever stick to the Donald.
Yes, the popular in US 13220 with 7 drop has lost some of that oversize as the fashion has changed. Not a slim cut by any means but much more tailored. The sleeves has less bulk and waist suppression is present.
Wear your hat because it's badass. Get reduced likelihood of skin cancer as the bonus. Works for me. Works really well for me.
I think a dark grey with black ribbon might be a better wider ranging choice. I have a black fedora similarly shaped to the one in photo and I find that it looks to me to be too much of a hat to wear to a funeral. (I may have a bias against black...)Not the best photos, not always ready when the timer takes photo but they show the black and charcoal grey hats
A bound edge fedora with 5 to 5.5 inch crown unbashed and 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 inch brim with bound edge. Wider ribbon or 1.5 to 1.75 inches. If you have larger round face the brim width , crown, and ribbon should be the larger size. Medium grey with similar colored edge and ribbon is a good choice but black ribbon and same color edge binding is also a very nice look. You may have some other colors you prefer based on your prevalent wardrobe color. Narrow brim (stingy brim)...
Hats, no doubt were in decline before the Viet Nam war but I think AJ is referring to the attitudes turning more defiant and the "hats are for old guys" sentiment that came around in the 60's. I was a child, almost a teen, in the 60's but I thought hats were cool. It's odd that I latched onto hats as being cool because of icons of that era that wore hats. Van Johnson as the Green Hornet, Patrick McNee as John Steed in The Avengers, and a few others. Somehow I got the...
There are 3 others I know of in Oregon that make superb hats: Art Fawcett at VS Hats, Michael Gannon at Gannon Hatco, and Mike at Northwest Hats. All three of these gentlemen turn out great fur felt or beaver felt hats with high quality leather sweatbands at prices in line with what was discussed here for factory hats of much less quality. The hat in top photo is a Vintage Silhouettes 100% beaver. The lower photo shows a vintage Stetson fur felt. Yes, I'm a hat guy.
That dimple looks to be pinched in place after knot was finished. A consistent single deep dimple producer is to pinch the blade of tie into a dimple above the the horizontal blade of tie when there is 1 to 1 1/2 inch of tie left to pull through to finish tightening knot. You can pinch the dimple you want this way.
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