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Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor Can you get the top button done up? (Regardless of whether it involves breaking off your fingernails). If so, you're definitly fine. yah i can. i just have to suck in my gut, then pull the jeans down to the waist. i saw ur 1st pictures and your jeans were super tight almost glue on u like crazy. how much did u get it to strecth over all ?
Quote: Originally Posted by givemefive if you can button it up... i say go for it. a week or so of pain but you'll be fine or just skip the top button either way heh u think so? but would it be able to strecth out 1.5 inches tho? i even have a hard time puting my hands in the pocket too lol
i was wondering does the APC New Stander anything like the nudies slim jim as regrading to how they fit?
bring back a old thread, my g/f friend ask me if i wanted to try these jeans for cheap as he has connection to them via japan, and i told him to order me a pair in size 31 as im a true 31 in most brands. so i finaly got them and the wash is "0805 SP-Hips Fit Slim Momotaro Jeans" i thought they were gonna be slimmer but it pretty much a striaght leg fit, the down side is the god dam waist is like a size 29. i can bottom them up after sucking in my stomache, but its very...
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