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looking for brand new or in mint condition, brand new - looking for something under 300 shipped to canada used - around 200 and under shipped to canada
can anyone recommend me a slim straight blue raw jean that would good on a person with short legs? it seems like every time i buy a skinny / taper jeans it makes my legs look even shorter. i have many bootcut jeans and just want to change it up a lil bit. i reallie like the Epaulet blue indigo jeans but they don't have a 31 and i would buy a 30 but im not a fan of sizing down due to a few bad experience. unless the jean is known to stretch crazy like apc then i woudl size...
i just bought these Uniqlo s001 Selvedge jeans and sized down one to a 30 as ppl say these will stretch out later. it's a lil tight in the thigh area so i was wondering what u guys opinion on the fit.
i had this blazer for awhile but now i have put on some muscle and now my shoulder and arm pit area feels lil tight. do u guys think this blazer is too small for me now?
hi, i have a pair of raw corpus jean, which i reallie like the dark colour and don't want it to fade. is thier a way to perserve the dark indigo?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay687 What would you consider the above pictures? Would that be skinny/slim? I'd say it's really the limit I'd want to go on the slim side and am fine with if they are bigger. If that is what yours fit like, then I'll go 29"... unless yours at 29" are tighter than the pictures I have above... then I'd rather get 30's I guess. Or perhaps you have pics of your 29s? Just to get an idea. Lemme know. Thanks for your...
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Jimmy - suggest lukewarm to hot water from the tub spigot. It takes care of shrinkage in any 'real world' wash situation, and then you can relax and just wear them, knowing they're primed. No color change, some (very, very nice) texture change, and a slight shrink all around. You shuld have soaked prior to hemming, since these can loose 1"-2" in the inseam, in my experience and according to Gordon at BiG. Yeah,...
okay so i soaked them in lukewarm water, and hopefully they will be good to wear when thier dry. now since i used warm water instead of hot am i gonna be seeing soem shrinkage when its time for a wash? i have only own nudies and this soaking thing is pretty new to me and the jeans stained my tube like crazy. thanks for all teh help guys
i started wearing mine yesterday and they have strecth out a lil bit, but need some more. so when i do soak them, do u use cold water or hot water and how long do i leave them in for? also would they shrink alot in the hems? as my friend got them pre hem for me at 30 ich, which is a good length at the moment.
so do i soak them 1st or just wear them for awhile 1st ?
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