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Quote: Originally Posted by Eccentric Does anyone have any suggestions for matching your face to a fedora? I generally try for a contrast, though I do have a tan fedora that's close in color to my face. That hat, however, has a black ribbon about 2 3/4 inches wide which adds the needed contrast.
I was taking the BL to mean Blue Label; if not, never mind all that stuff about soft shoulders. But don't recut the shoulders on a coat anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by bartil I have a quite simple question I would like to get a quick answer on: Does 32" in US mean the exact same thing in UK? Yes. On the continent, however, it means 81.28 centimeters.
Recutting a coat to narrow the shoulders is a major alteration and, regardless of the cost or the skill of the tailor, is unlikely to reproduce the look of the coat you like; and it is the appearance, not the half inch, to which you are most likely reacting. The shoulders of RLBL coats have minimal padding and a very rounded shape. If the 18 inch shoulder measurement gives the appearance you want, the same kind of shoulder construction but extending a half inch further...
Quote: Originally Posted by J'aimelescravates Moral of the story: Don't take fashion advice from Jim Jones. Or Kool-Aid, either.
At least into the 1950s, men whose work put them both in an office and in the field wore what I'd call engineer style. I'm old enough to remember this way of dressing for real "work," but, if you are not, you can see it in any number of movies from that era. A combination for moderate weather might be chino trousers; cotton twill or heavier broadcloth shirt in a solid color; wool, cotton, or rayon tie; ankle high boots in oiled or grained leather with a double or treaded...
Being Jewish, I often wear various items, especially shoes, made in England. This is in keeping with the custom of my forebears in retail, "Dress British, think Yiddish."
Perhaps my favorite combination for cold weather wear is a suit in 13/14 oz. medium gray flannel (I have solids in DB and SB and chalk stripe SB) and brown suede brogues. The brogues are on a town last and from a respected English maker. I have the same shoes from the same maker in white buck (natural finish leather soles and heels), purchased to wear, of course, at the height of summer. For the last couple of winters, on a the occasional crisp, sunny day, I've worn the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Does anyone get dressed to stand in front of mirrors and admire themselves? Not I. I do this before getting dressed; though, now that you mention it, not a bad idea for a rainy Saturday.
Quote: Originally Posted by hsuzi But a tie makes me feel like a hung man. Don't wear it down there, and you won't have that problem; though I don't know why you think it's a problem.
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