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Try it; you'll like it. Gab in the weights you're talking about, or even heavier, was originally used as a summer fabric for suits because of its cool, smooth hand and flowing drape. You're right that at those weights it holds in hot air and is quite sticky. But at 7/8 oz., the drape (assuming a full cut) and hand make for a trouser that's no warmer than tropical worsted. Neither, of course, are as cool as fresco or linen, but I like the way gab looks and feels, and it...
I occasionally wear khaki wool gabs in a heavier weight with tweed coats. Niven's are cream (per Flusser), but you get the idea.
Wearing these today: [[SPOILER]] Perfect with the 8 oz. gabs you see and the linen/silk camp shirt you don't for the office then movie and casual dinner on this 93 degree, high humidity Friday. But there was a chance that I'd have to make a quick appearance in court this afternoon, and these would have been fine with the gray suit, blue shirt, black grenadine tie, and light gray socks I keep in the office for just such eventualities. (I keep a pair of oxfords here too,...
Took a while to get to the punch line ("loafers...slip on"), but well worth it.
Half right, as to me.
I've worn the same combination, only inside-out, or upside down, or maybe sideways:Foofed: Spoiler-ed the quoted image. Everyone, please spoiler these on your own so we don't clog up the thread. Thanks.
And the loafer is:
I agree with Mr. Tilley, but here's another look anyway:
I agree with the changes you would make, for me but not for my friend. He'd never wear anything "heavy" like flannel pants (the sport coat, though slightly tweedy in pattern, had a smooth finish and a light hand). As for loafers, he cannot fathom shoes without laces; he has sport sandals with laces. As for his choice of the black oxfords, he said he wanted the dressier shoe. I almost said "to wear with f--king what?" Instead, I said "great idea; they'll go with both...
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