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The exception that proves ... nothing.
Did what I was told (Google, by way of Wiki):And here are my wholecuts:You're absolutely right. They both look delicious. Sweet dreams.
For you, sure:
My mistake. I thought Foo said, "Disgust." Never mind.
Gray suit, pink shirt, black tie; that's for me.
Oh my, yes.
Don't think of them as crop circles; think of them as my initials:
Today at sundown, my gabardine office pants will become Shabbos pants. A miracle. And thank you both for the Ashkenazic transliteration.
I do too. Cream wool gabs, however, really must be in a heavier weight (mine are 11/12 oz.) in order to be opaque. Even then, they need at least a half lining so the pockets don't show through. All that works against their being worn comfortably when they arguably look their best, in warm/hot weather. Oh, the things we do for style. Another thing I did this year was have some cream trousers made up in a fine cotton gab; much cooler wearing and no need for lining.
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