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How about a proxy in Canada to buy and ship a new iphone 4, purchased from an apple store so it is factory unlocked? The phones you buy at full price from the carrier stores are still locked. I believe you could also order through the Apple online store in canada, but I am not able to as I have a US credit card. Thanks
PM sent
PM sent on Vineyard Vines shirts
Quote: Originally Posted by TonyThe Tailor I will be in Charlotte, NC at the Residence Inn South Park this Saturday, April 17th. Email me if you would like to stop by. Creepy.....
I am looking to buy a pair of Prince Albert slippers, plain or with decoration, and am having trouble finding anything with widths. Shipton and Heneage does widths on some of their models, but was hoping to be able to find something stateside by the 15th. Any idea where I could find some here in Dallas or on the internet? Thanks for the help
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Any linen suits or sportcoats available? And the khaki suits, are they the mainline poplin suit? How much do they run? I am a 44R/S
I was going to buy a hanging tie rack but decided against it when I got to shipping. $8.95 for one hanger? That is entirely too high
No, I apologize these have sold
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