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whoops, the hack job photos came out tiny. Larger and zoom-capable photos on the ebay listing,
Purchased in 2013, Rick Owen's Intarsia (size L/50) Dust. As with any Rick, leather is amazing, great subtle color shifts throughout. I've tried to capture how awesome the leather is in multiple pictures. The wool cuffs are the only spot I could see any signs of wear, there is a tiny nick on one cuff and a slight discoloration just above (pictured). I bought this when I was living in SF and it was my "go to," truly an amazing piece. MSRP is around $2,000
Sorry! For some reason the images are having trouble loading!
Prices do not include shipping costs. I normally send items via USPS priority mail, so you should have a rough idea of the costs. Thanks for looking. Gant Rugger button downs, size large. Both Hugger fit. $10 each The red is a fall madras, super soft. The yellow is a selvedge oxford I picked up at Barney's, the back has an "on purpose" repair, that came with the shirt. P2P: 20.5" BOC Length: 32.5" Sleeves: 27" S2S: 18" Steve Alan Reverse Seam Button Downs, size...
Two pairs of great shoes that I am letting go because they never get into my shoe rotation. Both stored in shoe bags (cloth) and with cedar shoe trees all their lives. Blue Suede wing tips, size 9.5d. Awesome shoes, I purchased them for a Derby party a summer ago, got lots of compliments. As you can see from the heel pictures, they have only been worn that one time and have barely any wear. No creasing or stains on the suede. Retail at a SF boutique was $275-345 (I...
Hey clearing out some of my RRL jeans and a pair of Officer Trousers. Ideally, I'd like to sell them as a single order, so if someone wants to buy all three, I will definitely be willing to adjust the price. Shipping included in the price. I'm asking for $60 for each, which is a steal, so I'm not open to low balling for individual pieces. I've looked over all the pieces and any defects or damage I could find I tried to photograph. RRL Officer Trouser marked SOLD. RRL...
Sick jacket Namor, if only it was a large instead... Awesome price too, can't believe someone hasn't jumped on this
+1 for the desert boot recommendation. They look pretty good with 511s, are pretty comfy, aren't too dressy to really be worn with khakis or jeans, and in a serious pinch you can probably rock them at a nicer event if you don't have a chane to change your shoes. Seriously I wear my boots way more than my CPs or Svensons in the spring/summer.
So with wedding season fast approaching I wonder if anyone with experience with inexpensive suits could give me a recommendation for a suit with pants that fit similar to Levi's 511s. Ideally I'd like the suit to clock in around $600, because I tend to find weddings to be brutal on clothing. Thanks!
Payment sent for the BoO, thanks!
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