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Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Yes. You're correct. It is much cheaper to raise a child if he is kept locked in the basement all the time. Right on. In other words, the test is not how much money it would take to keep the child alive on cheetos and dumpster scraps. You only get to continue wasting your money on clothes and hoes once your own blood is taken care of. Law's plenty clear and predictable, and anyone who fools around...
Quote: Originally Posted by mat135ta Sorry to dig this old thread out. I need to find quality garment bags to store more jackets and overcoats. The bags have to be made from breathable material, not plastic. Is there a cheaper source for this kind of garment bags that are not to expensive? I need around 40 of them... You need 40 garment bags, cheap? Why don't you sell a few suits and spend a little extra to protect the rest.
Quote: Originally Posted by npdang PP 5116g. Whatever -- my Seiko has like 23 jewels.
You're just sniffing around for something else to consume. You have a wardrobe that could only be pulled together by a knowledgeable person. At this point, you should just wait until you can actually articulate for yourself what you "need" next. But then, I'm much more small time than you, and completely cool with that. PG's combo of style and simplicity is great.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Thanks for the note, B. I just quoted your post over at AAAC. How many self-flagellations for this misdemeanor? It's like giving money to the homeless. Probably not great social policy, but who can fault you for having a heart?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Transparent Metal ones... Regards. Wow. Blast from past. Buy a Tyrwhitt shirt, get a set of metal collar stays in the bargain. Last time I checked, anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by Archaia For dining check out: Nightlife? This is DC, you should be home reading a book, or watching C-SPAN. All of the clubs in DC cater to interns, and people from PG County. DC nightspots are either divey pubs, or thugged-out dance clubs. If you want to find them go to the following places: 1) Adams Morgan, 2) Dupont, 3) Georgetown, 4) U Street, and 5) Waterfront. This is so inaccurate I don't know...
These guys are messing with you. I think this is more your style: Phase One 525 8th St. SE Washington, DC 20003
[QUOTE/] A friend just got one of these and has been raving about it. For $180 it doesn't look bad.[/quote] Well, there's a reason for that...
Awesome. At first I was so iGent that I couldn't compute your shirt collection, but then I realized it rules.
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