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The sale is over. The loyalty program is back up for sale so loyalty members can start referring and get some credit towards new stuff. I will have a newsletter drop this week just going over what's going on and how we are streamlining the purchasing process. This will eliminate excess waiting. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
That was just for the flannels. We finally figured out away to make the system work and the pre-order system going forward will be just like the flannels. You get "x" amount of time to pre-order a month later you get your shirts. If you don't pre-order you can try your chances on the website. If you decide to order a shirt after the pre-order date and I have fabric left I happily make it for you but it will take at least 6 to 8 weeks to finish because a spot needs to open...
I hate you.Krish does your email work?CPaul -worry not.
No a LOT of people have not paid. Once all the shirts arrive starting next week I will start selling them to other people.
haribo imported from Germany unless told other wise.
If you special order a shirt I do not fuck with it. I do what you tell me to do. Meaning if you place a special order saying you want darts, one arm, club collar, and gummy bears for buttons that s what you are getting. When you receive if dont say shit to me, that's what YOU wanted. I made the heavy flannels extra shirts in AD so that people could wear the shirt comfortably in layers. No need to get all worried. If you love wearing your cloths fitted do your thing. Who am...
If you want to get in contact with me please call me for the best results or shoot me an email. I am a little swamped right now but will take care of everyone. All the flannels have extras except for the Llamas. If you need monkey arms you need to call or email becuase I might not have the fabric. Certain Flannels will go to stockist's as well. Don't feel bad if you missed out on something there will always be something you will want later. The heavy weight flannel I cut...
Newsletter is being delayed. It will drop shortly in the mean time save those pennies. I have a lot of great stuff dropping.
New Posts  All Forums: