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I had 6 new loyalty members and over 5,000 views on the WvG website. I received an email from on of the Mods saying " it was one of the best AMA". That's make me feel good. The questions asked were great and the people seemed very nice.
I thought I was "the ghetto boys" and my "mind was play'n tircks on me " when I logged on. Cray cray.
Kiss ass.I wonder how much Trunk Club spent on that back ground. Holy crap.
I am not going to lie. I haven't typed that much in my whole life. I had a really good time. The reddit crew were super nice. I was so nervous. I though to myself "HOLY SHIT" That's a lot of questions. I think I have carpal tunnels
You will get there. Actually hit me up when your friends party pig arrives. I might be able to score you some fabric.
Nah, I fucked up and forgot to add the price. It's retail is $185.00 Here is the link to my reddit AMA if anyone wants to ask me a question! http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/1qjo95/hello_reddit_i_am_mauro_farinelli_designer_of/
I have ear protection that muffles the gun and at the same time amplifies people's voices. It's also blue tooth enable. Hearing protection has come a long way.
Everyone is making valid points. Pionaire , I suggest taking a tactical or home defense class. They 're fun and you will learn a lot. Going to the range isn't going to cut it. You might find out that a shotgun is better suited for you or you might find the AR is better. I would safely argue that the majority of the guys on this thread are seasoned shooters , former, or active military/ law enforcement . They know their way around a firearm and are comfortable in their...
I told you that she would steal it. I don't know what it is with women stealing men's clothing.
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