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I have more fabric to make the buffalo check. Just let me finish this sale and get everyone's orders taken care of. Tees shipped today , I am excited. Long sleeve and short sleeve in 8 colors. The colors- Olive Khaki ( looks really good) Cranberry Navy Black White Ice blue I forgot the last color , lol
I will be skipping that as well. If you have time stop by and say "hi".
It's not about a beefier collar. A beefy fabric has something to do with it the roll process not the thickness of the band or collar itself. If you have questions on garment construction please ask. This way there rumor mill doesn't distort fact. That's what I am here for or if you don't want to listen to me go visit a reputable shirt maker and they will tell you the same exact thing.Best,Mauro
Post a link. The collar roll is being worked on now. I will tell you this it will be difficult if not impossible for certain fabrics to have a dream collar roll. The fabric, lining, lack of lining, and pattern all have something to do with the achievement for the "perfect roll" if the fabric is to light or the band is to thick it won't happen. Oxford cloth and other fabrics with similar weights have the easiest time achieving the " roll". Some fabrics would just look...
Sorry, the link doesn't work but the website address is www.wolfvsgoat.com There's still some good stuff left.
Everyone wants a shorts collar. If you want a serious roll I can make that happen ala mercer and sons is that want you are thinking? I can make anything happen.
It's not monkey arms.
Not to worry. I knew there would be a couple stragglers. I added you a two others. Sale shoppers- If I were you look at the lavender tencel, and any of the anchor print shirts. Best, Mauro
THE SALE ENDS WHEN I HAVE THE PICTURES READY WITH THE NEW FALL STUFF YOU HAVE AT LEAST A WEEK There are some really good shirts left in a lot of sizes.
I submitted the pre-orders already. If you really want something email me at mauro@wolfvgoat.com and I will add it. I have to go over the orders today with the factory. My email address is mauro@wolfvsgoat.comBest,Mauro
New Posts  All Forums: