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Roger, that. Backstabber one. OUT COPY.
If you aren't following me on twitter and facebook you should. I am giving away more shirts and stuff , tomorrow.
And I replied
Oh shit!!i wondered why it didn't show up on the WVG page. I apologize . I will give another free shirt via twitter sometime before 6pm tonight. The first one to email me will win a shirt. Evan Ma one the first one, today.
Anyone with monkey arms??? I have a few colors in the over dyes with extra long sleeves, FYI.
sig, I sent out your order already. I will send out your tote Monday.
Jasper, When you have strange people emailing you, please remember you posted your email address to the public on the WvG thread. You know about 2/3 of the people are pranksters. I emailed you and your are safe. Mothball- the kids are crossed because he was like " damn I stayed up all night to score some redemption jeans and the prick next to me strolls in wearing them, fuck me!". " how does he move his hands so fast he must kill it on xbox"! I appreciate the pic I...
Lark ( JohnGalt) you can stack these nutz in your mouth, Hal, If you are a small in my shirts you are a small in the sweaters. If you are a medium you are a medium. Very simple. Nick- Thanks for the help , today. I would have still been packing boxes if you didn't come over. Krish- did you receive your tee shirt yet? I have about 60 more orders to pack. Then I will give an update on what's good. I will also give away a few shirts tomorrow and Sunday. Everyone have a...
^^ As of now we are sold out. However we have plenty of great shirts and sweaters,left. Herringbone chambray Over dyes ( which the web doesn't do them justice) Cashmere sweaters ( whole garment construction ) Wool sweaters ( crazy soft). The spread collar shirts are nice with a great collar. That's about it for now. Bob- I am still stuffed. It was amazing how much food was consumed. So gooooood!!
Any Locals want to stop by and help me pack orders? I will hook it up for you?
New Posts  All Forums: