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I wanted to do bitcoin but I am not sure how many people would really use it and what's going to happen with bitcoin.
Looking good , sir!
I don't even know how you are getting this from the chino. The chinos aren't " Skinny". The chino's are " Slim" and there is plenty of room in the crotch even if you have HUGE balls.What I don't understand is with free shipping what's to loose? If you think the chinos are two slim you send them back. You are looking at 26.5 inch thigh and 9.75 ( not with waistband) or 11.5 inch rise with waistband. That's not low. 9.5 time out of 10 you wear your chinos on your hips so...
Part of the blog series. this is for all the smart people! http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14346769-the-subscription-situation-with-the-subscription-box-model
All of the Chambray's and pop overs are in. I will take fabric pics which I think I already did of what's coming next. I found a new photographer so things will be smooth sailing for me very soon.
Awesome. Totally casual. Looks great.
1% to 3% of total length ( including waistband) if they shrink at all. The fabric was prepared for dye and was washed/treated in industrial machines. I would wash two or three times and them hem just to be safe.
Fruit moon. I am so sorry. I know I should give you a free pair of chinos and a shirt of your inconvenience. How could I not have responded. I just don't know what got over me. Maybe I had to work? Maybe I had to take care of my customers? Maybe I had other things that where more pressing than apologizing again and again for not posting the waistband measurements.Don't be a shit stirrer. No one wants that on this thread. We all know what has to be done. Please take it...
I am glad you liked the blog post. I found it interesting myself. You will like the follow up blogs, too.1.75 inches
Today's blog post first of a small series. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14319581-subscribe-here-yes-please
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