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Today's blog post is about " Whole Garment Knitting". http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/12651733-the-advantage-of-whole-garment-knitting
I was a straight edge kid even when I was in the Marine Corps. I am not a drinker. If it was up to me I would never drink at all. As an Adult ( in body) it's hard not to drink every now and then. I like the Pimm's Cup and Cider. I DO NOT drink beer and rarely will I drink scotch or whiskey, definitely not by itself. Another fun Mauro fact is I have never done any drugs, either ( besides alcohol).It's just the way I roll.No caffeine either.In my opinion they are worth...
Whiskey does suck and I am not a big drinker at all.
You do realize I particpate in this thread. The system is set to send notifications sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. USPS has been good lately about the emailing of tracking numbers. If you were the one that ordered the 34 I am waiting for need supply to send me one. I apologize for the delay. We just got a shit load of snow so my little fiat 500 won't be going anywhere today. In the future just email me it's no big deal. Thank you for the support.Best,Mauro
No. This time I didn't even answer the door. I think Pierce or Justin did. I was downstairs Ironing.Yesterday, Susan and I took another customer out for drinks. He drove down from B-more. It was a good visit. Susan convinced me the I like Manhattan's so I ordered one.Manhattan's suck! They taste horrible. Susan is now on my shit list.
You are a small in all my tops.
Thank you for stopping by. I hope we didn't scare you off. It was very nice meeting you. I think you can rock the 2.0 or knickers for sure. Now you know you shirt size!Today's blog post -http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/12624629-the-importance-of-fit
Ladies wearing WvG.
I just got back from shooting skeet. I wore the new chinos, thermal, and military green turtleneck. It was a good morning!
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