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Wally are you sitting down when you measure . Pick them up and try them. If they don't work send back. How's does that sound.
I am sorry to have derailed this thread. If you want to talk WvG go to the WvG thread. If not please go back to SALE Stuff. Happy Thanksgiving.
^^ Depending on your waist size the Paul Trouser should be just fine.
^^ Jay, Thanks man Happy Thanksgiving. Make sure you got the right size. You have a solid build.
Thanks Raz, noted.
yip- 39 chest do a large or XL in the henley, seriously. Moth- XXL in the henley maybe an XL.
Raz, You are right. It's might quick temper. However you are correct. I just hate the pack mentality and unnecessary bashing just to bash. Hopefully you will shop with me again. I appreciate all the good words and support from everyone else. Any locals needing a place for turkey day hit me up. We have a 44 pound turduckin and that's just the start. Happy Thanksgiving. Best, Mauro
That's not what I said, Razele. That's just mean. PS- Dale Carnegie , great idea.
Brandon, You are a 28 for sure. Those pants are heavy, to hot for Singapore . The lightest weight are the joker or black watch. Bro, I appreciate the support but wool pants in Singapore ?????
Damn sons. I had no idea this was the bash WvG And Mauro thread!! Let me get in on this this. The mother fucker is a dick! He is having a 50% off sale for the general public and 60% off tote holders. I need to make sure that next season I use extra long extra fine pussy angel pussy hair for my sweaters so I can keep them up to standard on the forum. APK or zissou is right. After being on the forum for so long the discounts have hurt me bad and my customers have come to...
New Posts  All Forums: