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I updated the beanies. So more colors are in stock such as military green and charcoal. As of now I have in stock- Charcoal- 5 Silver- 4 Military-4 Black -7 Light grey- 15 Lavender- 15 I will have more arriving shortly. I think I have some new colors coming, too.
Mauro@wolfvsgoat.com will always get you the best results.
Thank you for the ideas. It's rough for me because when I do a pre-order I don't want to have you guys wait like Gustin ( so I have heard) and other affiliates on SF. If I commit to fabric I know the lead times so I can pretty much assure you the quickest turn around. The sales platform I am on doesn't have the best options for things and even if it does you all know I am a computer retard. I like the idea of a small deposit this way I can lock down fabric and it will give...
Yes, I will make sure you get want you want. The notes in the check out do work.PRE- ORDER CUSTOMERS- IF YOU FORGOT TO PUT IN YOUR NOTES A EMAIL WILL HELP YOU AND ME.@not clever I do plan to make more the holidays suck for production because everyone want a vacation. I am hoping late January for Tee's.Quick note about 278 people voted that they wanted shirts. However as of now not one shirt has made the minimum. I know there are still 2.5 days left but I though it would be...
This is correct. I personally feel getting a AD with the flannel makes sense not just for draping purposes but for layering it's getting cold out. A nice bamboo sorona tee under a wool flannel will keep you warm and dry. It's not like the AD is so drastically different. You will still maintain a nice silhouette with the AD. I am just saying I strongly recommend the AD. You as the customer has the right to do what you want.
If you didn't get your pants let me know. I sent out everything except for two people who wanted me to hold them.I looked at ts(s) very nice quality cloth. Interesting in design.
I have no idea what ts(s) is so I don't know if that's good or bad.
The reason for the AD is because they are layering shirts. It's a flannel it's suppose to be comfy and worn in layers specially wool. If you have room for an under shirt great. It's just my suggestion.
^^^ yes yes. I will take a look see you could be right. I sent out a new newsletter with functioning links FYI- I think someone did vote a shit load of times for the same flannel because I have only sold a few all being #5 , lol. However shopify ( the system I use) is kinda whack at time so I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.
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