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No, it's not but it's similar. Different color and fabric make up.. If I posted the poll results you would all be so depressed. I am so happy I did the pre-order poll. It saved my thousands of dollars and heartache. I will be doing a lot more polls so I can get this company on the right tracking making you guys the best possible product. The two best fabric choices were Floral Indigo and Green Ombre.I received new bottom weight fabric from a little Italian Mill the focuses...
I have a khaki twill that's supima cotton made by Kurabo Japan. I just want to get the fit down and after trying the chambray on a lot of people I think I accomplished my goal. Once I receive those pants I will make the khakis. The cool thing about the khakis is they are going to get softer and softer after each wash. Speaking of softer don't sleep on the lavender twill shirt. It to gets softer with each wash. I am looking forward to doing a shirting program with the twill.
The pants will come in two different fits. Justin and Predator. The Predator has about a 7.25 leg opening 32. The hem is unfinished and the inseam is 37 inches . The Chambray comes from Japan. The pant will retail for around $400.00 hopefully lower. So if you want a REAL proper trouser think about the loyalty program. You will save yourself a shitload of money. The pants will come in even sizes only for now because of the way the pants are constructed its easy to turn a 32...
You order them like everyone else. You might want the Paul Pant because it has more room in the butt and legs.Yes, same fabric make up.The indigo Floral is 100% cotton , FYI
You have time.The pants are a chambray cotton, perfect for summer and won't wrinkle as much as linen.
I also have a beautiful brown tweed blazer with elbow patches made by" Rocco Ciccarelli" , $400.00 if you don't know who Rocco is google him! The man's is a master at his craft.
That mother fucker. Let's riot!
100% cottonCashmere raincoat and blue flannel suit are sold. I have the chalk stripe, pin stripe, nailhead, two tweed blazers , and a very special suit made by Primo it's a cashmere blend.Somehow my answers blurred with the quotes, lol
Are you getting the newsletters? I thought I saw your name as a bounce back. Could you just shoot me an email so I have your info.The ombre - ish fabric is 58% cotton 42% tencel it's a yarn dyed dobby cloth.The indigo dobby is going to be short sleeve. If you want L/S thats fine but I recommend it in a short sleeve.
As of now nothing is making the cut , lol. I should have done this poll first. Live and Learn. Out of 350 people 28 have voted.With that being said only 100 people voted on the first poll. I would say a good 25 to 50 people don't even realize that they are still loyalty members or don't give a shit about the brand anymore. I can say it's a pretty safe bet that most fabrics will be made anyway and I will get a lot of " do you still have this in stock". I think people like...
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