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Just a couple shirts left.
All valentines day special shirts shipped today! I have two left if any one is interested. I will have fit pics of both up tomorrow or Monday. One medium before dinner button down One medium spread collar short sleeve.
Pio, You just need to find a better way to conceal your firearm. I am really considering doing a high end tactical line that doesn't look tactical.
Oh my. Alright. I need to send out another poll and the T-Rex Arms will be on it.
I have more bicycles, star, and aloha being made. I would go towards the bicycles it's a special shirt and you will receive a newsletter next tuesday so you can pre-order it then.
I got it but can't find now. I thought I replied. Please resend. UPDATE- I ordered more Khaki with Floral, Moto Samurai, and Skeleton's. So anyone who want's one will be able to pre-order in a couple weeks. Best, Mauro
I have Chambray's in pretty much every size if people are interested. I will have even more of the same chambray's in a month or two. Bicycles, Stars, and Aloha. XS and XL sizing will be down graded going forward Smalls and Mediums will be allotted 3 to 4 more shirts per fabrication making it much easier for small and mediums more items. Thank you for all the email and suggestions regarding sizing. Best, Mauro
I got a very nice call today. The 2.0 sweat knickers ship tomorrow. How about the Kyle?
T-rex is coming along slowly. I would expect something in two months. The question is how much arm length to deduct one inch or two and what to do to the body. Those are the big hang ups.Once the "Thunder Thigh " Block is complete shorts will be made.I can't promise shorts in a proper time compared to all the shirts but I can hold goods that are paid for as long as you want.I appreciate that and I think everyone should let it drop. That being said I really would appreciate...
I am really sorry you feel this way. I stand behind all my products 150%. The old chinos weren't to my satisfaction but I am a perfectionist. The construction , fabric, and trim used on the chinos were great.I believe the majority of people that purchased the chinos loved them same with my shorts. I am much more translucent in my business practices than most. I have don't have anything to hide. If I feel something is off it's my opinion but it doesn't mean the people who...
New Posts  All Forums: