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If I have your size you can kop. I have a few other shirts that haven't been seen yet dropping this month.
Ben, Two new chambrays were introduced in the last newsletter. I will be shifting into a indigo collection next. More bicycles are being made along with more stars and tropical. Best, Mauro
If you ordered a navy skeleton and want a wine skeleton I will happily swap them for you as long as I have the size in stock. All rewards members will have dibbs. I didn't buy extra wine fabric so no more will be made. I do have fabric for special orders in navy. I hope it's not to confusing. It will be in the next newsletter that will drop on the 25th.
Navy moto started shipping today Up close look
I am wearing the 2.0, yet another day. I wear a size 34. FYI when I joined SF 6 or 7 years ago I was a 31/32 waist, lol.I have nothing witty or clever to say. I have been there. To shave or not to shave is the real question. In my youth I would have been silky smooth. Now with age and laziness I would say fuck it.I have a white beard from stress for fuck's sake.
Here is a picture of Tom unedited. He is wearing the new skeleton print. I thought the factory shipped navy but they didn't. If you ordered Navy you have the choice of wine or navy. I ordered navy and it's being made. Personally I feel the wine is more attractive for the person who doesn't want to wear navy all Spring/Summer. I have made a shit load of navy .
Here is me in a sweater and lounge pant for all the people wanting to see what the lounge pant looks like worn in. I have been wearing these all day and to bed for over a month now. I do wash them but put them back on afterwards. Back picture Here is a side view. I am really happy with the pockets.
A new blog post has been added today. It's a quick read on Jacquards if anyone is interested. I am really focusing on adding more quality content on the blog so even if you don't like WvG there is still something on the site for you. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog
Carrying a knife is always a good thing. It comes in handy more times than not. The whole to carry or not to carry and states laws are truly getting out of hand. Call me crazy but I see a huge division with in the masses to where people and business are going to start moving to wear they feel safe and comfortable. It will be a sad day when the anti- gun nut jobs all live by themselves and wonder why crime in the area is so and and now is willing to protect them.
The 2.0 sweat knickers were delivered to me last night. Everyone who has worn out their other knickers now is the time to grab a pair. You can easily wear the same size AD and BD it's about what you are comfortable in and what looks good on you. I have several customers who look great in the AD but refuse to buy it because they only wear fitted items. To each their own.
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