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Bear's do shit heavy.
I can make it into a short sleeve shirt for you if you want. Just email me.
The printed shirts pigs, elephants, foxes and such have already been sold. Pigs and Elephants I know are 100% sold out. When they arrive ( hopefully early next week) I will ship them out to everyone who ordered them.Shipping for the pre-orders will be refunded for everyone who lives in the USA. That's a feature on the website we will change. We use to have so you could choose local pick up but to many people west of the Mississippi abused that form of shipping.If you have...
Ok. Everyone chill. It's over. No more rubber necking. It's over. Let's move on to clothing.
I don't want to comment. People have a different Idea of what opaqueness is. However with my eyes I can;t see through it at all.
Yes. Everything is up front. I was getting nickled and dimed by all the compines in the end I was losing 10% per shirt.The project date is 6 weeks.
Yes but it was never shipped. I will keep everyone updated on that.There is no way in hell. I might not of added quantities like an idiot.and like a moron I didn't add quantities. It's up and ready now.
Yes. I personally measured him. He is a large is everything I have made since using him. You can shoot me an email and give me your measurements and we can see what size you are.I understand. The prices are what they are. There are a lot of other great designers out there and you might be able to find something that suits your needs with them. With soaring pay rate hikes and shipping it's hard to keep prices down. WvG is a luxury brand and we use the best possible fabrics...
Maybe....Blog post and newsletter dropping at 3pm.Model is 6'4 220lbs with a 42 chest. He is wearing a size large.
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