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Any particular way you would like the beanies being worn?
The beanies are one size fits most. I sold a couple hundred last season without and problems. I will happily give measurements but it all depends on how you wear the beanie.Popcorn- 10 inches from top to bottom , 9 inches flat from the widest part , 8.25 inches with rib folded , Rib by itself 3 inchesBasket weave - 11 inches total length , rib 3.75 inches, flat width at widest point 8 inches, folded length 8.5 inches, folded rib width 8.5 inches2x2 rib - 9.5 inches, no rib...
Above is all the colors and prices for the cashmere beanies the wool items are being finished now. The popcorn and basket weave use 3 ends twisted. The 2x2 is standard because it's really dense. We wanted to make sure your head stayed warm not nuclear thermal. All the cashmere is from Italy from one of the finest mills . Watch the home page video on the WvG website to get your answers. The beanies will come tag less . Nothing bugs me more than a wonderfully soft hat and a...
2x2 rib 100% cashmere beanie. Made in the USA using whole garment construction. Retail $90.00
Popcorn stitch 100% cashmere beanies made in the USA using whole garment construction. $95.00 retail
Basket weave 100% cashmere beanie $100.00 retail. Made in the USA whole garment construction
The snowflake flannel and the burgundy twill flannel will go to pre-order when the next newsletter drops. All the cashmere accessories arrived to me today. Preview pics will be up tomorrow. The heavy weight long sleeve tees shipped as well. Save the pennies! I leave to Wisconsin on Thursday and fly back Monday.
WvG AR-15
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