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I also want to say if you chose "local pick up" we didn't ship your order. We emailed you and asked to pay for shipping. This is a HUGE problem. About 50 % to 60% of people choose local pickup. I lost about $6,000.00 picking up shipping for people last year. I just can't do it anymore. We have changed shipping so everyone has to pay. If you want to stop by and pick up your stuff, great. We will happily refund you for shipping. This applies for anything bought on the...
All order but the two car coats have shipped. I am waiting on special boxes for those. International orders have been delayed but everything is out. Hold tight you will get everything you ordered.
New sale items have posted!
The shirts are in cutting. I will have a better idea of a delivery date on Monday. When the shirts ship to me I will charge the 24 people who bought into the order. This is the system I will use for ALL items that aren't stock.A non- stock item would be tees, undies, and other cut sew knits that I have to make multiple hundreds of.
All the same colors as the tees.
The shirts will not fit like the over dye oxfords. They will be like all the other shirts except shrinkage will be added in so when you put it on for the first time the sleeves and hem will be longer. That's it.
Boxers have arrived! Better than I expected. These will be everyone's favorite underwear. I think for the office they rock no doubt but for all the people that work out these will be your go to undies.
I think in this case more is better. Specially if you don't own any of my tees.I have the fabric here but don't want to take pics til the sample is ready.On another awesome note-The underwear arrive today. I am excited. I believe if you get a pair your twig and berries will be excited too.
If you are worried about price go with the 6 shirts I am about to release are all very high quality chambray's from Italy and Japan and are going to be around $170.00 retail.The donegal and selvage retail around $340.00Best,Mauro
Yes, dry clean only.
New Posts  All Forums: