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Maybe Friday you could get with Gina so she can compile a complete list. By now we have to have over 100 people.
Please PM me the info. I don't read, write, or speak Korean. I will have Si-Jin do it for me on Friday.
I have a Korea assistant and her brother is in Korea now. I can't promise anything but if "One" person gives me the factory information I will have my assistant follow up she speaks and writes fluently. It might also help that we are in the business. On a side note. I will start making leather jackets in Italy. It will be of the highest quality that I can find. If the factory is up for MTM I will do it. There might be a 30% deposit. It depends on the terms I work out...
If you bought the jeans with the code "Denim" you already received your gift card.
Good call . Yes, before May 31st
If you bought jeans on or after May 31st you are in. It's that simple. This is a have fun and win some cool shit contest. We just have to be fair. At this rate we should have close if not more than 100 people. It's time to start wearing the shit out of some denimz .
Oh, I see. I thought you wanted the actual fabric composition. Every fabric from a reputable mill gives a tech sheet so you all the aspects of the fabric. For example if it's carded or combed. The warp and weft yarn count . Number of threads sq/cm:warp, Number of threads sq/cm:weft . If it's sanforized or not. The dye type....etcI could see how the fabric looks generic. It's very nice denim but the Italians are known for a even finish. Judging from what I have seen so far...
Do you want me to send you the technical sheet? I don't understand what you are really asking?
ummmmmm you are going about this all wrong and we won't be trolled. Good luck.
Dude, that has to be one of the stupidest things to ever write. I have to agree with both H.F. and J.L. . You probably shouldn't be a gun owner and writing that you want to shoot trespasser can get you into a lot of trouble. If you can't exhibit common sense you really shouldn't own a firearm.
New Posts  All Forums: