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Just a teaser for the mittens. The mittens retail for $72.00. It took a long to knit those mothers. The mittens are 100% extra long extra fine merino wool just like the sweaters, plyed up 3 times with seamless whole garment technology. One size fits most.
Thanks.I love the sight. I might have them make me a shotgun. I love shotguns. I own several from auto loaders to pumps.I just can't get into the 1911 body. It's not comfortable in my hand. That's why I asked about the M&P and even HK. The grips are just so nice in my hand. I run with a glock 23 now and even though my accuracy is good I hate it. It's very reliable but it's just not for me.
I am talking about cotton thermals not wool. I update the beanies in the system there are a few charcoal and a deep green left , fyi.
How did you like your Tavor? I am thinking of picking up a bull pup so I don't need to piss around with a SBR.I am picking up an M&P .40 for 3 gun. Does anyone here shoot competitively? I wanted to change out the trigger and I heard if I did I had to shoot in a different bracket.
The long sleeve 175gram tees will go live tuesday with the mittens. The new wool hats will drop a week later. The tees are TTS just like all your other tees. The difference is the weight. These aren't drappy like the 130 gram tees. The weight is pretty awesome. Flannels have started shipping. Thermals are going into production. Same with the jeans and the new button fly chinos. The chinos and jeans are made in Italy. The Holiday codes expire for the general public...
Early next week I am hoping if not sooner. The mittens will launch with the long sleeve tees.It will depend on really on your shoulder width but as WashedMolasses said if you don't want a fitted sweater pass. You will find a Medium in the gun patch to work or maybe the V-Neck. This way you still get interesting knitwear but on your terms. The whole point of the thermal was to basically replicate a cut and sew thermal like I will be launching shortly. The difference is the...
Stop by and try them on.
Technically Monday but the "happyholidays" is working now. Thank you for doing that for me. I hope my tee crushed it. The one you have is much different then the long sleeve heavy weight dropping next week.Here is a sneak peep of the mittens. They're so cute!Marled charcoalCranberrymarled purple and brownThe little wolf heads come off if you don't like them.I am also suppose to be receiving samples of my latest tees. Those aren't made from Bamboo and Sorna. It's a cotton...
Scarves, mittens, and shipping soon beanies are all wool. The same wool used in my sweaters.The mittens price out at $72.00. The mitten were plyed up 3 times.The scarves price out at $150.00 . The scarves have been plyed up as well 3 ends.The wool beanies price out at 72.00 for popcorn. $75.00 for basket weave and $65.00 for the 2x2 rib.
Mittens arrived in some sick colors. All those who bought the purple an d brown marled wool popcorn beanies last year you can now keep your head and hands warm, Matching!
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