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I need a couple locals to swing by to help test some shirts. Who is game?
AUG.1st is the 3 month mark please submit your pics fades or no fades
100% cashmere (carraggi) the cardigan is available in solid and knitted print. However the knitted print will be with navy in navy so it's very subtle but still interesting. Lorenzo "the model" is 6'2 and has a 40 chest the sweater is a little big on him. He is a medium. The sweater is large. It fits 41 and 42 chest amazingly.
Back shot of the cashmere wool sweater jacket.
I will have several sublime fabrics to choose from.
Please post your 3 month pics @notwithit please follow up with everyone so we can give away some cool ass prizes
I am have been offered a good deal on an STI "Eagle". Do any of you guys shoot an STI pistol? Thoughts?
I will have 120's to 160's wool trousers. They will be a lot lighter than the ones you own now. I am seriously think of making some bomb as cotton trousers that look like wool but aren't. A touch pricey for the fabric but the overall effect and feel,
Over dyes cleared customs. My samples finally cleared customs in Italy. Good stuff happening next week! Get ready for sweaters!
It's not a stupid question. Technically my "over dyes" aren't really over dyed. It's just a term thrown around and people on the web understand it. A real over dye is when a garment is dyed a particular color and then it is dyed again to give it another look with another color or even the same color. My oxfords are normally " garment dyed" this is when a prepared for dyed fabric is used ( in my case) and then dyed. A piece dyed garment can be a garment dye. However in the...
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