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I am flying back from my annual boar hunt. I did use a spear and it was intense to say the least. I used a wimpy ass spear by the end match the spear was bent like a bow. The spear was simply not big enough to do the job right. Next year new spear that's got a much larger spear head and bigger pole. Bringing back some good meat though.
I think a .50 cal would put down a T-Rex for sure.
HOW? I have worn mine a lot of almost a year and nothing.
I have had the jeans over a year without crocking. I would agree pressure and friction would possibly apply. If I just rub my hands all day on my jeans my hands will turn blue. White or light colored furniture and leather is always a sore spot with indigo. That's just life.
Of course. Please email Gina@wolfvsgoat.com and you will be added.
He has my info. I am sure he will contact me.
While you guys have been saying some of the stupidest shit on the planet I have done some sleuthing. I am now in position of Drews fathers address. Si-Jin ( my assistant ) is on the job. She will come through. Her brother will make a trip to the restaurant if need be. If @dieworkwear wants to contact me and has a lawyer I will give him the info. I hope everyone takes the advice of contacting PayPal, the police , and is ready to back @diewrokwear so that a lawyer can...
I have no pony in this race, thank god. However, you guys are going about this all wrong. Here is what I would do. Make a poll nominate one speaker. Have that speaker with 3 runner ups file a lawsuit. Then file a police report. Everyone and I mean everyone who hasn't received product contacts paypal. Make a paper trail. Give the lawyers something good to work with. As for Drew's employees. Get there ALL their information. Try to get Drew's families information. If...
How is he taking it? He is taking it in the ass like everyone else who didn't get their stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: