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Boxers have arrived! Better than I expected. These will be everyone's favorite underwear. I think for the office they rock no doubt but for all the people that work out these will be your go to undies.
I think in this case more is better. Specially if you don't own any of my tees.I have the fabric here but don't want to take pics til the sample is ready.On another awesome note-The underwear arrive today. I am excited. I believe if you get a pair your twig and berries will be excited too.
If you are worried about price go with the 6 shirts I am about to release are all very high quality chambray's from Italy and Japan and are going to be around $170.00 retail.The donegal and selvage retail around $340.00Best,Mauro
Yes, dry clean only.
Yes. Announced on each photo.today's blog post is kinda funny...http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/15352545-dressing-for-the-occasion-or-not
You are a medium.
Sorry. The pre-order system is not on the same platform as the website. Actually the chambrays numbered 1 through 6 will not be pre-sale. Those shirts will go straight into a newsletter as first come first serve.The pre-order shirts will be the donegal and the japanese selvage.Yes but my factory in Ohio is more flexible and the price per shirt is less for solids. I am using them to keep the price down as low as I can. It's complicated. I don't want to get into it. Both...
Nope. Just for the Donegal and the selvage. All the other I don't have enough fabric. I apologize but the factory making these works differently than my factory in Ohio.The 6 fabrics being made into shirts in NJ are going to be priced with rewards program around $85.00 dollars. If I am make monkey arms and After dinner the price will shoot up to around $100.00 and that's just not cool.
Grey raw Traditional blue but mega soft Light blueish with grey undertones The darkest blue out of the lot. Nice texture and weight. Classic chambray with nice skins and a great hand. Incredibly soft almost like a pinpoint. Highest thread count out of the bunch
I have 8 different Chambrays dropping in the next few weeks. Each fabric is different in feel, weave, weight, and color. The donegal is the most expensive and then there is a basic Japanese selvage that is beautiful but expensive. The other 6 fabrics are just neat fabrics from ultra soft to a raw grey. Some shirts I am only able to make 15 others fabrics up to 25. The shirts like always will be limited and I will have product shots before they go live to rewards...
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