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Someone isn't reading the back pages but we won't mention any names, Nik.Each style will have at least 5 colors and that's just cashmere. In wool which hasn't even shown yet the beanies will have at least another 5 colors. You have basically 10 different colors depending on what you want.
Go small. You need to understand the model is jacked. He also 6'6 or 6'8. He is the underwear model. The only things that I would worry about is the shoulders. Lose in the body is fine lose in the shoulders is not cool and that's how things start to look really sloppy. I am taking more pics with Justin so you can get a better idea of how everything will fit on a normal dude. I really think you will be happy with a small. It's worth giving it a whirl. Shoot me an email I...
It's called wilderness man, thank you. Got to be ready for deer season!
I don't have any formal shots but those shots will be posted before the sale. Please note I am a sexy mother fucker so you probably won't look as good as I do in the beanies but I suggest giving it a whirl. The pink, cream, and lavender are great for men and women. I can promise you if you buy a beanie and don't buy one for your partner it will be usurped. You have been warned. Treat the beanies like your tees DO NOT SHARE. Any others members that want to post their...
Yes. I have a charcoal cashmere beanie. A couple different wool options and a marled black and charcoal.
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