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I don't use box pleats for a reason. A box pleat is basically a dart or it's suppose to be. I use darts instead. In the case of the AD the shirt is already slim. The box pleat would serve no purpose other than a visual effect. I personally don't like them. However if enough people wanted a box pleat I would make a shirt or two for those people.Today's blog will make you think a little, not to much but...
XXL for sure.Wolf vs Goat and Need Supply got a little love today from GQ-http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2014/03/daily-endorsement-wolf-vs-goat-20-lounge-pant.html?mbid=social_twitter_gqfashion
A whole bunch of product has been uploaded with new pictures to the website. For all the new comers to WvG. I really like use tencel blends. I will be writing a blog post about Tencel and why it rocks. Anyway I have stated populating the site like everyone suggested. Enjoy and hopefully your size is in stock!
Please email me and I will give you your options.
I will be making some more. I just don't know what the price will be yet.Let's get this out of the way. The Japanese don't really produce cotton, they weave it. Zimbabwe cotton is popular because it's clean, hand picked for the most part, and it's sold CHEAP! Some people like short haired cotton because it's fuzzy from the fibers breaking down. In my opinion the denim market has fallen trap to "buzzwords" and "Marketing". People lash out at me all the time when I talk...
Today's blog post, you guys should really like it. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/12686301-thread-count-what-does-it-mean-and-why-its-important
As a matter of fact, I can. The lab dips just arrived to me! Pics shortly.
Yes, White tees,white Japanese oxfords, white pinpoint, and white over dyes.Non- hand sewn ( bloodline) chinos won't launch until the end of the month or first week of April.
Newsletter dropped.
I haven't been a dick for a really long time and I am sorry for the public message but because I can't find my Fed-ex Receipt ( yet) and I can't find the email ( my fault) I have to ask the rewards member I sent the suits to please email me. You have my suit. It's been over a month. You need to please send it back or pay up. I think that's more than for. You have single handedly made it impossible for other rewards member to receive items without paying for them first. I...
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