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Yes, It should be. Same fabric. Same pattern. The only wild card is the dye and shrinkage but that should be balanced out to the "00" pattern. I will receive the size chart after the shrink tests and post them. That's when I will start pre-order.
a 14.5 neck is really really small. Just saying.
What would be cool is if you compared the two shirts and actually knew what to look for. I want my customers to be educated and not just listen to some bullshit hype and reviews from other internet people that have no idea what they are talking about.I know you aren't saying that my shirts or products aren't top quality, but it's silly for you not to believe me. I am one of, if not the most transparent clothing company ever, lol. When, I say I use a particular fabric I...
If your measurements don't fit into that standards provided on the size chart you will fall into MTM.Why are my overdyes awesome? I think it's because the sewing , overall construction, trim, wash process, and consistency are all very solid. Couple that with the rewards program and it's simply a no- brainer.
The new bamboo sorona tees are going into production I think they should be ready in about 3 weeks no more than a month. The colors are Black, Dark Sienna, Sea blue, Real natural indigo, Charcoal gray, and Dark Green. It will be super color to see the difference how the dye gets pick up on the tees compared to the over dyes. The tee's come out to be between $28 and $30.00 for rewards members. I think that's pretty fucking good. Now for the good part. Each color will have...
No. No it's not. It's button knot to button hole. If you measure the whole collar you will get the wrong size. This is why I really harp on going to a tailor or another professional who knows how to measure.It's worth the trip.
Yup, That's our fault we will but in the neck and chest sizes correctly. If you put in an order we will make sure it get made correctly.
You don't need to put S. I just need the neck size and chest size of the 39. actually You just order the neck size in the 39 column. It's really easy.
Correct. If you measure your best fitting shirt one inch below the pit whatever that measurement is is the number you want to buy. My wife is still working on fixing the size charts. The BD shirts are finished.I put the old S, M,L sizes up as references. However if you want a nice chest size measure your shirt one inch below the armpit seam. That flat measurement double is your finished size.One the chart the numbers below 37,38,39,40,etc..... are the finished measurements.
You are exactly why I doing this. Yes a 39 is an option.Please view link below- 
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