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The Henleys will fit like the tees. That's the goal. I am sorry I can't make tees and Henley's to fit every single person the way they would like. I wish I could but I can't. I stand by the fit and quality of Wolf vs Goat and hope it fits as many people as possible.
Gray and white are the other two colors. Closer look at the black. I love this color know I need to decide on buttons . Corozo, horn, or pearl Another great color. I am leaning towards pearl for sure. Possibly corozo. Black and white are going to be made for sure. I need two more colors.
The shirts will be offered in both. I am still waiting for my MTM guy to finalize everything so we can get started. He is killing me. I have a lot of people who want MTM.
The last two chambrays have this spread collar and pearl buttons. The level of work in all these chambrays are spectacular. I am excited. I will be launching a new dress shirt collection for all the professionals that read the thread. The dress shirts will be made in a more traditional sense. Reinforced gussets , 4mm mother of pearl buttons, and of course single needle stitching with 20 to 22 stitches per inch. I would go higher but I think it's over kill and doesn't...
Last thing from me today. The Navy popcorn stitch crews are now up on the sale site.
Fabric 4 with club collar and pearl buttons Fabric 6 button down Please note 2 and 6 are in my opinion very soft that's why the shirts are button downs. Fabric 4 has a nice weight and hand with a deeper rich blue. Fabric one is gray and is stiffer than the rest of the fabrics. Fabrics 3 and 5 will arrive sometime today and I will shoot those when the shirts arrive. All the shirts will be $80.00 with rewards program and are standard long sleeve before dinner...
Fabric one with smoked pearl buttons Fabric 2 button down
The chambrays arrived yesterday. I will take a few pics and post them before I ship the sample pieces to the model.
Wow. I just caught up. I will throw in my two cents. Gun safety is king. If you don't understand gun safety or how your firearm works you shouldn't be carrying nor should you be allowed to shoot without supervision. Once you have met the criteria required then you should be able to do whatever you want because you should understand what's right and what's wrong. I think Hayward meant well but just came off like a twat. Pio isn't stupid. I don't think Pio would carry...
We are trying very hard to get a newsletter out. We have 6 shirts ready 6 on deck plus underwear. I will keep everyone posted. It is ok if the testers post their reviews. I know one tester wanted to order 12 pair on Monday when I fitted him for a suit in NYC. Look like the spammers are cleaning house today there a lot of shit to delete on the front page.
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