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Poppa- you are dead to me so it doesn't matter how old I am.
I am getting maximum wear out of the tees and light weight bloodline chinos. Perfect travel gear!
It's the regular crew. The scoop neck will be nasty like you want it.
Olive tee and dandy pants with some wild boar.
New tee fits great as expected opened up the neck a little.
Here is a better color of the 60's which is a bad ass place-
A great picture can always land a gift of some sort.I will leave for Italy to finish a denim project I started a long time ago. I will be in Europe for 3 weeks. I have a lot of product releasing while I am gone. You will be updated through newsletters ( the newsletters won't be video).I will not be online a lot.Please don't email me unless is very important.All refunds and returns will be processed as normal.Best,Mauro
You can buy them in store for $800.00 easy 5.56/..223I think you will be doing a lot of price reduction, sorry.
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