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Only 4 sweaters and the over dyes will be in tomorrow's newsletter. Sweatshirts and hoodies will be later with the new chinos and other bottoms.
Sweatshirt front, back, flat. Details, construction, dye, and fabric on point! The colors offered - Navy, Gray, Burgundy The sweat shirt and hoodie have been sewn literally twice giving you the maximum strength and the cleanest finish. I don't think the construction can get any better. The down side is that it takes a lot longer to make which raises the price which still falls in the price points with all the other designer brands. Pre-sale starts...
They ship to this coming week. They will be shipped to you in a couple.
WvG Bambonsorona tee WvG bloodline French linen shorts WvG undies WvG brown suede nicos Remington versa max tactical competition shotgun Shell pouch "uncle mikes" All clothes WvG M&P Pro 9mm pistol Safariland holster
Wool Shawl collar Wool Cashmere sweater Jacket
FAll'15 Hoodie. It's amazing! It's heavy as fuck. Natural indigo dyed ( won't crock) construction is stupid good. It's basically sew twice so the seams a very clean. It's a beauty.
Please take Mitchacho to the de-juicing room.
The over dyes have arrived to me. They look fantastic and the fit is spot on. At least for me it is.Gina will be contacting everyone who pre-ordered. Thank you for the support and you will love the shirts.
I also owe someone a test pair of jeans and we have already talked who ever it is please email me.
I need a couple locals to swing by to help test some shirts. Who is game?
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