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This is true. However as we speak I have a proto being made that will cure your problem.The contest is off to a great start. On Monday we will have a total for you. We will also contact every person who purchased jeans to make they chose the correct size. Everyone who has picked up a new pair of jeans has received a gift card and one lucky dude received a $50.00 gift card. The odds of winning something in this contest is in your favor!Enjoy the weekend !Best,Mauro
I would love to see some good pictures and watch people break in their jeans.I would also like to get into Italian made denim. There is a lot of great denim in Italy.Finally, I would just like to give out some great prizes.The prizes will vary from tees to shoes. I think the contest is a good idea and hasn't been done in awhile so when " notwithit" came up with the idea I thought it would be nice.
We will do our best. What's the best way to prevent this from happening again?
It's solid as fuck. We shared the same showroom for a time. Dudes got talent and an eye for blending fabrics.
Yes, sir....eerrrrr for the most part. Some of the State side products will be S,M,L . The Italian shirting will be size by neck, Chest, sleeve.
$275.00 $275.00 Last two business casual/ dress shirts. All shirts are offered in BD and AD some monkey arms. Sizes are by neck and sleeve length. So you in between guys can finally have a perfect fit.
$275.00 $235.00 $235.00 3 of 5 new dress shirts. The fabric is 100's to. 120's . It's very very nice. Sorry for the poor pics. These are just teasers.
Pant sleeves! I love the texture.
The making of a trainer.
The making of a seven fold tie.
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