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Polo's are worth it.Unless you NEED MTO don't fret. We have a new system in place for the next lot. It's easy and smooth. If you need a MTO you may email Gina at Gina@wolfvsgoat.com
I would also like to say if you are emailing you can always CC me. This way I know if you are really sending multiple emails and I will know if the girls are responding.
GIna and Si-JIn don't work everyday and they don't work on the weekends. I just got back form my annual Birthday/Father's day Boar hunting trip. We will take care of everything.Every person who pre-ordered a shirt will get a email. Just like we did for the jeans. It might take a week or so.I do NOT want to take anymore pre-orders. The size chart is accurate but the buying system isn't. I apologize for the confusion. Anyone confused should just wait until the shirts...
I am flying back from my annual boar hunt. I did use a spear and it was intense to say the least. I used a wimpy ass spear by the end match the spear was bent like a bow. The spear was simply not big enough to do the job right. Next year new spear that's got a much larger spear head and bigger pole. Bringing back some good meat though.
HAHHAHAHHAHHAHA Vanity sizing the neck! That's the best line ever. I am stealing that.
I think a .50 cal would put down a T-Rex for sure.
Yes, It should be. Same fabric. Same pattern. The only wild card is the dye and shrinkage but that should be balanced out to the "00" pattern. I will receive the size chart after the shrink tests and post them. That's when I will start pre-order.
a 14.5 neck is really really small. Just saying.
What would be cool is if you compared the two shirts and actually knew what to look for. I want my customers to be educated and not just listen to some bullshit hype and reviews from other internet people that have no idea what they are talking about.I know you aren't saying that my shirts or products aren't top quality, but it's silly for you not to believe me. I am one of, if not the most transparent clothing company ever, lol. When, I say I use a particular fabric I...
If your measurements don't fit into that standards provided on the size chart you will fall into MTM.Why are my overdyes awesome? I think it's because the sewing , overall construction, trim, wash process, and consistency are all very solid. Couple that with the rewards program and it's simply a no- brainer.
New Posts  All Forums: