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Haha funny guyA high arm hole does that. The AD has a lower arm hole and more room. Start getting medium AD's.
No. 3pm ESTPlease follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We always post announcements there. Sometimes we miss here. Newsletters always drop at 3pm EST.Normally you receive two a month, the first Tuesday of the month and the last tuesday of the month. This is a special newsletter. You won't be able to buy anything in this one but it will be good to read.
In the summer.Today's blog post is about zippers.http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/12846589-zippers-the-inevitable
Japanese good luck shirt
The olive shirt is a not chambray.The reason the color changes sometimes is because the mill screws up my order and sends me the wrong fabric or in this case I have a couple color options coupled with the mill sending me the wrong color. I leave for Mexico in a few days. The worst possible week to leave. I have a shit load of new tropical and Japanese prints dropping this coming week along with the solid basics.Sometimes either my interns or myself make mistakes. Like the...
Good stuff in today's blog post- http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/12805245-tencel-no-need-to-sacrifice
Thank you! Just so you know I have a grey flannel that's bonded with a soft mesh. It's like wearing sweat pants but not. they will be ready in a few weeks. I also stepped up my game and started ordering more 150's to 170's. The price pump will be minimal to you but you will wear them with love, I hope.
Olive tropical picnic shirt . Rewards members exclusive.
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