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Today's blog post first of a small series. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14319581-subscribe-here-yes-please
I don't measure the waist band because the pattern and the tailor doesn't the waist band. You want to learn about the industry, right? I did nothing wrong. I don't give a shit about buzzwords. I don't care how other brands measure their clothing. I measure the way the industry works. When I make the pattern , when I speak with the factory, or a master tailor I relay that information to you. That's how WvG works.Another thing is you don't have the pants aligned and your...
No one to date has mentioned the chino rise. Everyone for the most part 98% have loved the fit. I have had a few exchanges for sizing purposes. I have only had one return for fit and that was because the client had some really big quads.I done did good on this one. I am feeling pretty happy.
Depending on the fit you desire I would do a XS BD. I wouldn't do the XS AD.I am normally a Medium AD but wear a medium BD in this batch and am totally fine with it.
Here is today's blog post. It's going to be interesting to some - http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14298657-e-commerce-are-we-there-yet
Some do. Some don't. You have choice.
First pop over came into today and some chambray's. I wasn't to sure about the pop over but I am really digging it. Great shirt with some shorts or linen pants for sure.
I know it sucks. I could have used your help for sure. I am glad you like them.FYI- 98% of all orders have shipped. So that means 99% of you should receive your products on Saturday.
No. That's it. You snooze you loose. I have other shorts being released next week. They are really fun!
That's my favorite tee. The amount of girls I met with that shirt is unreal.
New Posts  All Forums: