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We are adding a shit load of product to the sale. If you are an XL or XS BD/AD you are hitting the jackpot. I have some good sizes in between but not like those to sizes. XXL BD/AD you are in luck too. Good stuff in monkey arms. Good luck!
Mid June, Doubtful. I think late June being of July. I need to start thinking of colors. I know white, black, and navy for sure.A style forum member stopped by today and picked up a couple items. One was the chinos in Olive. They fit him really really well. He will be posting a review and pictures later, I believe.All I am saying is for in house visits I am now 10 for 10. I could have been 11 for 11 but one guy opted not even to try them on because he knew he would buy...
The website is pretty accurate on the olive. They might be a tad darker in real life.
today's blog post...... http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14205741-the-business-of-fashion-a-new-wolf-vs-goat-series
Yeah, maybe I am just freaking out a little to much. I didn't except a sell out, those days are over. Now it's in the your guys hands. I know the chino won't be for everyone even those that bought it but for the people who like them I can assure you you will really like them. I will post a picture of me in them this week. What I am really surprised is the 60's blue didn't sell as well as I thought. It's such an awesome color. It's not to bold but different enough and it...
The color didn't come out right. I have to worry about selling these colors first. The I will start making other colors. I still have plenty of these in all size except the olive in 28. I thought for sure these would all be scooped up by now.This is the catch 22 I am stuck in. I am self financed I have to keep cash flowing. If I sit on something to long I am screwed but if I sell out to fast I am screwed.I really need to gauge my customer base better and see really where...
I am not sure why the Sanded canvas chino size chart isn't up. It will be up in twenty minutes. If you ever have a size questions , ask me! Don't go by anything else. I gave the measurements a couple pages back and on reddit in the /r/wolfvsgoat sub reddit. Here it is again- size chart 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 38 waist 28.5 ...
I haven't released it yet. So no. It will go live Thursday.
There is always a loophole, right. I suppose since I am doing free shipping for the chinos you might as well take advantage of it.
I know what the math says put they aren't as low as you think. The pitch in the saddle is deep so your nuts have room. It's a really nice fit. Again, it's not going to be everyone's bag but I wouldn't rule out the rise. I am offering FREE shipping ( domestic only) so it might be worth it, remember to chose " local shipping".
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