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I am doing another pea coat but it will be made from "Casentino wool". I will make more car coats and introduce a parka.We have a barracuda jacket in the works as well.
I have outerwear , Hoodies, and sweatshirts for fall ( cut and sew). I have thick ass cardigans and sweater pre-ordering in 3 months for fall.It's not really in the cards yet because I haven't found a jacket specialist that works with premium leather, only. I will find one next week when I am in Italy. Then I will make some fucking killer leather jackets and make the people on ToJ vomit because there won't be a 2 year plus wait list for a killer jacket.FYI- pre-sale for...
correctYes. It wouldn't be a fee unless the factory charged me but I will make a long sleeve short for you.
The skivvies are graded like regular underwear. No special grading. You would wear your normal fruit of the looms , calvin kleins, or whatever .Below is a rough idea. I have sold hundreds of pairs. I am sure people can chime in besides saying they are comfortable.XS27-29Small29-31Med32-34Large34-36XL38-40I will get a size chart up.
I added the White boxer briefs to the sale page. I don't know why all the colored drawers sold and not white. Maybe you guys shart a lot? Regardless the skivvies are on sale .
Just for an idea. Double dots
Mistake. We printed out labels. You got an confirmation which shouldn't of happened.If you have bizarre ass feet. Fear not I spoke with my shoe factory. As you know we are partnering up. This is a great thing for me. However it is good for you guys as well because that means MTM sneakers.Who loves you.
UPDATE!! There is stock in the animal prints. Si-Jin submitted the orders and added a little stock in the Elephants, Foxes, and Pigs! The sale code for non-rewards members is "KICKS".
I wouldn't go that far. I am hoping the testers will pull through. I think a lot are picture shy or don't maybe don't have people willing to take pics of them. Ultimately it's my fault for not making for not giving the proper guidance.I know with 150% certainty the shoe is made incredibly well. It goes beyond most sneakers in the luxury category. What I was concerned with was the fit. Now I know from the feedback the fit is on point.Online shoe buying is hard. That's why I...
Shoe testers could PLEASE take some action shots of you in the shoes? I mean really nice ones. I have a couple online mags that want product shots as well as action shots ( standing still is fine too). Anything to show off the shoe. I would really appreciate it. Best, Mauro PS- LOTS of shipping going on today. Wavy shirts are closed! Some stock shirts will be made for those who were on the fence.
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