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It's a bullpup so it looks shorter because of design but the lengths are totally legal. It's not an SBR
Looks like a great CQB gun
That's nice. A couple strays but zeroing in a rifle it's to be expected.Did you fire it with just irons first?
Do you use a wheel gun for CC?
A big pig is dangerous not matter how big you are. Your friend is a beast! I am sure the dogs help so he can get in there.A 100 to 400 lb boar can gore you to death. I have seen boar kill dogs wearing armor. It's nuts.I respect the hell out of him.
I don't know if I could use a knife without a dog. A 100 pound plus boar can fuck you up in a very bad way.They are very mean and don't back down.My spear was to small and it took about 6 minutes before I killed the boar. It was bad. Without a bigger spear I wouldn't do it again.
Thank you. I would love to see a pic or two of you in the "enzo" chino. Maybe you could post it on my Affiliate page. If they look like the jeans that's pretty damn good! I know everyone loves the fabric. I appreciate the support!
Dude. I really have to agree with you. The fit is spot on for you. Do you have a pair of the "Enzo" chinos? I am very curious to see how these jeans fade on everyone. I think it's going to be one hell of a project.
I am flying back from my annual boar hunt. I did use a spear and it was intense to say the least. I used a wimpy ass spear by the end match the spear was bent like a bow. The spear was simply not big enough to do the job right. Next year new spear that's got a much larger spear head and bigger pole. Bringing back some good meat though.
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