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Please make sure before you pull the trigger you look at the size charts .
New times will be up on the website for sale today.
Until I say other wise , yes.
Here are my suggestions for the sale in no particular order- Any of the Tencel shirt Funfetti Plumfetti over dyes Liberty tattersalle Navy stripe Lavender Stripe Tees Belts ( great leather and handwork for butt cheap) Best, Mauro
Only to pick up my daughter and to go shooting.A general newsletter will go out to the public who signed up for the "newsletter". A separate newsletter will go out for rewards members at 3pm. It's very short and to the point.NO new items will release. The pop overs and chambrays are shipping to me on tuesday.
Nope. Everything goes live 3pm EST. Rewards members have a special code and the rest of the population has their own code so they can get a tote holder experience, kinda.
We are adding a shit load of product to the sale. If you are an XL or XS BD/AD you are hitting the jackpot. I have some good sizes in between but not like those to sizes. XXL BD/AD you are in luck too. Good stuff in monkey arms. Good luck!
Mid June, Doubtful. I think late June being of July. I need to start thinking of colors. I know white, black, and navy for sure.A style forum member stopped by today and picked up a couple items. One was the chinos in Olive. They fit him really really well. He will be posting a review and pictures later, I believe.All I am saying is for in house visits I am now 10 for 10. I could have been 11 for 11 but one guy opted not even to try them on because he knew he would buy...
The website is pretty accurate on the olive. They might be a tad darker in real life.
today's blog post...... http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14205741-the-business-of-fashion-a-new-wolf-vs-goat-series
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