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You will love them. I have two different pair but love the hollywood waistband. It's special. I have a few other pair of trousers with the hollywood waistband including the chino. The chino's are my go to when I am not wearing sweat knickers, lol
I know before Bubba , Poppa, Lawyer Dad, or Johngalt logs on. You want $0.00 plus free shipping and a gift card.None of the pants are to loud except maybe the red but even those I bad ass. The grey flannel really are the most amazing pantsI know the gray flannel is listed twice. Just pick what you want and we will make it happen.PS- there are several people who have gift cards and haven't redeemed them yet, seriously.
Your regular code will give you 60% off retail for the web store and pre-order. The system glitches so we are adding in prices now. If you secured a spot at 0.00 we will bill you later. No big deal.
Most of the pictures are accurate. The white is whiter. The black is a little darker. The grey is pretty accurate. The blue is very accurate. It's a fucking amazing color and so is my go to color cranberry. The last picture is mocha and it looks like mocha. I have v-necks and crews. The tee will go up next week sometime and you will receive your Holiday special rewards. The general public might not get in on the tee action maybe there will be time right before Christmas....
The thermal is the slimmest but you have to be really huge to not fit into an XL to give you and idea. My web model is 6'6 at a lean 220lbs. He wears a large in the thermal. He has a 42 inch chest.
I don't want to complicate things but for the sizing of the sweater follow your SF peers advice and mine if you want. All the sweaters are TTS. You will see differences in the sizing but focus on the chest. The (SM to SM) measurements mean seam to seam. The sweaters are knitted in different gauges and different tensions providing different overall fits. The thermal is a base piece this is way it is the slimmest. The other two are layering pieces. The v-neck is the heaviest...
Here are the specs for the sweaters you can't get more specific than this- I would focus on A, B, and K. The rest is for me. Please note these are knits they stretch like any other knit so don't except woven measurements. The sweaters run true to size. Several people have tried them on and everyone has went with their shirt size.
When the newsletter drops it will offer everything pre-order and non pre-order. I just want to give you a heads up. I am doing my best to get everything ready to all go at once.
New Posts  All Forums: