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Thank you. I would love to see a pic or two of you in the "enzo" chino. Maybe you could post it on my Affiliate page. If they look like the jeans that's pretty damn good! I know everyone loves the fabric. I appreciate the support!
Dude. I really have to agree with you. The fit is spot on for you. Do you have a pair of the "Enzo" chinos? I am very curious to see how these jeans fade on everyone. I think it's going to be one hell of a project.
HAHAHA. I have the shorts and shirt too. I will wear the hell out of those shorts in Italy.
Quick update - all pre-order nicos have shipped. And then there is this- [IMG]http://www.styleforum.net/content/type/61/id/177 3202/width/200/height/400[/IMG] @sharkminusbear stopped by and picked up a couple things. The pic was in the monument and the shorts aren't pressed. He saw a lot of stuff that's in the pipe and I am sure he will give you the details. Off to Italy! Best, Mauro
They are $185.00 shipped. If you placed an order and shipping charges were tacked on you will be refunded for your shipping.
Pre- sale for the new tees will be in this coming Tuesday's rewards members newsletter. $30.00 shipped anywhere in the states. We changed shipping for internationals to so everyone should be more than happy. I am leaving for Italy see you guys later.
I am already one step in head of you.
Roll Neck and V- Neck Sizing for th3 135 gram Bamboo sorona Size Shoulder Chest Shirt Length Sleeve length Hip XS 17.5 36 28 8 36 SM 17.75 38 28 8.25 38 Med 18 1/8 40 28.5 8.5 40 Large 18 3/8 42 28.5 8.75 42 XL 18 7/8 45 29 ...
What email address did you use? She answered all her emails today. I was there. Again if you feel you aren't being attended to quick enough you may CC me.I apologize. I have a lot going on an assume everyone knows what I know. When I mean that this upcoming batch of BAMBOO/SORONA tees will be like the last batch I mean, the last batch of BAMBOO/SORONA tees that were made. I will have a size chart for you tonight or tomorrow for people that must have a size chart.
The Big Bubbas are finishing up this week. Nico's have been in but UPS won't send us boxes so I had to order them. The nico's will ship. I need to make this clear because a lot of things are changing. Packaging is changing and one of the changes is buttons. We are giving a couple buttons with the shirts. After those buttons are used we will start selling buttons. People have really took advantage of the free buttons asking for 12 to 20 buttons at a time so they can stock...
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