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Here is a bit of good news. All the fall'16 sweater samples are ready. I am excited because I have the sweatshirts and pullover hoodies with me know. The fit is to me, spot on. I should have some more pics to throw up tomorrow.
We just got a couple more, lol. I like seeing all the instagram pics. Everyone is doing a great job so far. Pierce brought a friend over this weekend and he picked up some jeans. I don't know what Pierce is doing but he has some serious fading on the pockets already.
    Please note these blazers are knits so the shoulder "Yoke" will be a little smaller than normal so that the jacket can give a little and fit you properly. The blazers will go on sale tomorrow with the polo's , dress shirts, and 80/2 Egyptian cotton oxfords.
WvG merica picnic shirt WvG bloodline trousers WvG Nico sneakers WvG proto undies not shown but worn
Here a couple pics taken by me with my iphone. The polo's will go the photographer this weekend. The polo's were made in Italy by one of my favorite factories. Here is a short video about the yarn used- The polo's. I have the labels loosely sewn on so that they can be easily removed.
I was driving to the post office and saw my UPS guy. I stopped and asked if he had anything for me and he said " yah, 3 boxes". I was a little shocked. When I got back from the post office I opened one box of samples for Fall'15 and Spring'16. I opened up another box and it was some MTO trousers for a customer. Then I opened the third box and I am was surprised! This is what I saw. Size charts and pricing will all be in the newsletter. I want you to notice...
More good news. Tees cleared customs and will be to me Monday. This means polo's that the polo's should arrive around the same time maybe a couple days later. Customs can be a little awkward.
I can get those to you fast!A teaser pic of the gray blazer.
My daughter has something similar same model different design.
New Posts  All Forums: