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Denim factory from the pattern making office. Trying to figure out a way to make a nice silhouette for guys with big thighs. Current pattern
Making shorts
I am finally in Gallipoli. I will start post a shit load of pics on Facebook and instagram . The chinos are pretty awesome. I can't get over the fabric after laundry. All those who pre orderd smart move. I am having a hard time posting pics on SF. The indigo is dark like navy. The charcoal is a nice shade 95% will like it. The khaki is lighter than I expected it to be. The red is Italian gigaloo red. It's pretty amazing but you can't be afraid to wear color.
I also picked up some stuff from "British Millerain" . They have a washable wax and soy bean wax. It was cool to tell me about the process. At the "schoeller" both I pick up a nice weight fleece that's printable . The coolest part is it waterproof and wind repellent. Most of their most only is offered in solid so to get a print is a big deal. The tencel denim was really awesome. The Italains have such a way with denim. It's a real shame a lot of people on the forum are...
Quick update before dinner. I found a bizillion new mills, today. I worked from 8am until 7pm. The show literally turned the lights off on us. I ordered certified Egyptian and sea island knits for tees and more. This is true luxury. Killer piques and similar qualities for knit Blazers. A real gem was a Japanese mill which is making some really unique fabrics. I am truly like a kid in a candy store. I also picked up some 19 oz denim from the same mill iron heart uses. I...
The colors for the chinos and oxfords are off. the pink looks like traditional pink. The white looks like .... White. The gray is a darker great its a nice color. The traditional blue is just that. The cotton tencel is more like the gray. I can't comment on the chinos I haven't seen an acutual pair yet. So I can't comment on color. The only color that concerns me is red. It's not suppose to be so bright however for a spring summer pant it's really fun. I would imagine...
The colors are off . The guy I'm the picture is a 32 waist. 5"11 155lbs I will take a shit ton of pics tomorrow. Right now I got to go to bed. Chinos fit great just like they fit my model back home.
Could you talk like Yoda next time. What does this even mean.PICS or GTFO!
What is strong in your opinion and what does the coat look like.
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