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No. That's it. You snooze you loose. I have other shorts being released next week. They are really fun!
That's my favorite tee. The amount of girls I met with that shirt is unreal.
I just bought a FNH SC1 online. I am very excited.
First round of pop-overs , chambray's, shorts, and some other items will drop once I get all the orders out. Most of my locals moved so I don't have the help I once had I did hire a recent college grad and she is slow. I'm not sure what they were teaching her in school but packing orders wasn't one of them. BIG BIG STUFF HAPPENING THIS SUMMER , FELLAS. STAY TUNED. Best, Mauro
Small's and Mediums. Most common size. XS and XL are my least common size. That's how it goes. Large use to be a great selling size it's getting to be like XS and XL. I have upped the quantities for small and medium going forward and dropped the rest. When I see an uptick in the XS, L, and XL I will make more of those sizes.
They ship out to me Tuesday and I will in turn ship them out to the people who ordered them.
Please make sure before you pull the trigger you look at the size charts .
New times will be up on the website for sale today.
Until I say other wise , yes.
Here are my suggestions for the sale in no particular order- Any of the Tencel shirt Funfetti Plumfetti over dyes Liberty tattersalle Navy stripe Lavender Stripe Tees Belts ( great leather and handwork for butt cheap) Best, Mauro
New Posts  All Forums: