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You are choosing the wrong denim. It's not entirely your fault. 98% is the brands you are looking at. There are some very cool denims with different weights and textures that most of your "go to" brands won't even look at.As I have been saying for many years "selvage" killed the denim world.
Just because movement on the threads is slow doesn't mean sale are dipping or people are not interested in Raw denim. If you really wanted to know about raw denim I'd ask Jay ( Blue Owl) or Kiya ( Selfedge). I bet that their sales are still strong. SF is a fickle beast. I know first hand.
Breaking in denim has been happening since denim was created and it's still going strong. I would consider this a very strong run. Just because it's not mainstream doesn't mean it's dead.
Guys, The pics need to be clearer and nicer. Some pics are so dark. We couldn't make anything out. These jeans are going to be hard to fade. Keep at it. Good luck. Best, Mauro
How the fuck did you get those fads so quickly. The other peeps better step up their game.@echo11 nice photo!
Here are a few of the fall knits. The cardigan is 100% cashmere. The cashmere I use is Cariaggi. The "explorer" sweater jacket is a 3 gauge wool cashmere blend 70% wool 30% cashmere ( cariaggi) with leather buttons. The "Connery" shawl collar pull over is 3 gauge 100% wool from the Zegna Baruffa "cashwool" collection The" Brosnan" is a 5 gauge 100% cashmere ( Cariaggi) zip up. It will have a ri-ri zipper with a double pull. Pre-sale starts today for rewards members.
AUG.1st is the 3 month mark please submit your pics fades or no fades
Please post your 3 month pics @notwithit please follow up with everyone so we can give away some cool ass prizes
I am have been offered a good deal on an STI "Eagle". Do any of you guys shoot an STI pistol? Thoughts?
I am not into the bullpup design either. I really want to be. Personally, I find the design very attractive but when it comes down to trigger time it's off for me. I do need an SBR for CQB that for sure.
New Posts  All Forums: