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^^ Yup and everything else is going on sale to until I am down to "cut to order " only. This way I will weed out the sale shoppers form the people who want the brand to succeed. If that number drops to zero so be it.
I think people have simply given up. I thought the prizes were good. Oh well. Keep it up and you will win.
It is a thermal. A knitted thermal. Just like last year. That's the whole point. It's just like last years but beefed up.
http://www.noveske.com/collections/barrels you are welcome. I have one and love it.
That's not what your mom said.
@JohnGalt sell me your HK. Look at the STI EAGLE. Double stack, bruh.
@JohnGalt, you never shoot not to mention you have a HK that will do just fine.Shot my first 3 gun match today. I knew I would be hooked because I have been shooting USPSA and Steel matches. My take. I love shotguns and wish I could find more tactical shotgun matches. I am really considering getting another shotgun so I can shoot open class.My rifle and pistol still need help, for me to be really competitive.
I hope to see some good wear for the winter months.
You are choosing the wrong denim. It's not entirely your fault. 98% is the brands you are looking at. There are some very cool denims with different weights and textures that most of your "go to" brands won't even look at.As I have been saying for many years "selvage" killed the denim world.
Just because movement on the threads is slow doesn't mean sale are dipping or people are not interested in Raw denim. If you really wanted to know about raw denim I'd ask Jay ( Blue Owl) or Kiya ( Selfedge). I bet that their sales are still strong. SF is a fickle beast. I know first hand.
New Posts  All Forums: