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errrrr....... Can't promise. We will get it done.Another newsletter will drop Monday for the Blazers, Knit pants, dress shirts, and SALE items.
Yes. A newsletter is dropping shortly. Gina and I are doing it ourselves this time and the newsletter is jacked up. It's a learning curve. We will get it next time. There is product on the web as we speak. I really apologize for the delay.
Good to know. The more I lurk and ask questions the better.
It's comparing apples to oranges. However the blue for fall is a deeper navy.
Looks like the CM side got hit with the spam doctor, hard. I have been receiving a lot of great feedback, thank you. Quick questions what is the preferred tie width on the CM side? I have a bespoke tie program so I can make practically anything but as a rule of thumb is 3.25 better than 3 or is 3.5 the go to? Best, Mauro
Pocket square are on their way from Italy, as we speak. The technical info on the fabric is as follows.The cotton is made by David and John Anderson and is a cotton twill 200's 2 ply / 200's 2ply. The linen is also made by D&J Anderson and is incredible. The measuring system for linen is different but for those who do know the measuring process it's warp is 38/1 and the weft is 46/1. If you would like any other technical information I would be happy to give it to you.As...
A little more about the cotton blazers dropping in a day or so. The fabric is made by " extra long staple Peruvian pima cotton ". This cotton is really special and helps give the blazer it's maximum softness. The cotton is grown and harvested by hand in the rarefied atmosphere of the Peruvian highlands , according to traditional methods and is certified , meeting all standards to preserve the original quality. ELS is a fiber particularly long and thin that gives to this...
Some new grenadine ties. The ties will be here in a couple weeks tops.
Some new Grenadine ties.
Made in Italy with love. Knitwear in general is where WvG really shines. We have a couple hundred years collectively making knitwear.
New Posts  All Forums: