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Stop by and try them on.
Technically Monday but the "happyholidays" is working now. Thank you for doing that for me. I hope my tee crushed it. The one you have is much different then the long sleeve heavy weight dropping next week.Here is a sneak peep of the mittens. They're so cute!Marled charcoalCranberrymarled purple and brownThe little wolf heads come off if you don't like them.I am also suppose to be receiving samples of my latest tees. Those aren't made from Bamboo and Sorna. It's a cotton...
Scarves, mittens, and shipping soon beanies are all wool. The same wool used in my sweaters.The mittens price out at $72.00. The mitten were plyed up 3 times.The scarves price out at $150.00 . The scarves have been plyed up as well 3 ends.The wool beanies price out at 72.00 for popcorn. $75.00 for basket weave and $65.00 for the 2x2 rib.
Mittens arrived in some sick colors. All those who bought the purple an d brown marled wool popcorn beanies last year you can now keep your head and hands warm, Matching!
I am very close. 10 min driveI am hoping before Christmas. I will have an exact time frame, Monday.That was a HUGE mistake on my part. Only a few people bought stuff with that code so I honored it. That would have been really bad if my wife didn't check it.
HAHA. I think anyone who posts WvG on EMF will get banned. Frugal male fashion is cool but I think even with the discounts at 50% it's still to expensive for most. Maybe if some posts something on Malefashionadvice that could be cool.I love reddit and the reddit readers for the most part. The only problem is I am a luxury brand. I use cariaggi yarns , albini wovens, Kanemasa knits, and other incredibly expensive fabric from the top mills. That couple with whole garment...
Wolf vs Goat is offering 50% off all new items and sale items " All Sale are final " Codes "Cyber" for Cyber monday "Happyholidays" for whenever www.wolfvsgoat.com
I hope more rewards members step up or I hope that the general public gets turned on to the brand. Right now there is plenty of everything except pink cashmere beanies.The jacquard sweater won't be happening that's for sure.
In terms of grams or ounces per square inch? It's a wool blend and not a tropical. All of the pants are substantial. The gray is without a doubt the heaviest.No, but next week all the new heavy weight bamboo sorona tees will launch.
The whole sweater is different. V-neck detailing, gauge, weight, shape. It's a really nice sweater.How can you submit the wrong measurements? Watch the videos on the WvG website. Have someone measure you ( a tailor) if you can't do it.The Paul pant is your pant don't even think about the predator. MTM pants are worth it. No matter if you are buying them from me or any other brand. If you are a size that's not normal it makes sense.Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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