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It's more than wasteful. It's gross. There are hundreds of people just waiting for the sales.It's my fault. I am a shitty marketer. I don't have the out reach or the money to grow my market like I want so I had no choice but to move to " cut to order". I can't make anymore samples because I don't have the money.I think it's easy to play armchair designer but a lot of people really have no idea of the costs involved.Shipping the Sweatshirts from Italy sucked part of my...
Post here or Instagram. Both is smart. PS- Pierce let your cheap ass friends know I am having a serious sale.
^^ Yup and everything else is going on sale to until I am down to "cut to order " only. This way I will weed out the sale shoppers form the people who want the brand to succeed. If that number drops to zero so be it.
I think people have simply given up. I thought the prizes were good. Oh well. Keep it up and you will win.
It is a thermal. A knitted thermal. Just like last year. That's the whole point. It's just like last years but beefed up.
http://www.noveske.com/collections/barrels you are welcome. I have one and love it.
That's not what your mom said.
@JohnGalt sell me your HK. Look at the STI EAGLE. Double stack, bruh.
@JohnGalt, you never shoot not to mention you have a HK that will do just fine.Shot my first 3 gun match today. I knew I would be hooked because I have been shooting USPSA and Steel matches. My take. I love shotguns and wish I could find more tactical shotgun matches. I am really considering getting another shotgun so I can shoot open class.My rifle and pistol still need help, for me to be really competitive.
I hope to see some good wear for the winter months.
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