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They have shipped to me. Anyone interested I did make extras in all the oxfords. We will put them on the site as soon as we get them.
It's no ones fault but my own. I tried to change a system that is ingrained in peoples heads. Before Dinner, I thought would be fun apparently it's confusing. However slim fit is totally understandable. Same for colors. Maybe things will change when the brand is better known, who knows.
Yes, pretty much. We are also phasing out Before Dinner and After Dinner. Monkey and T-rex arms will be changed as well. This way people don't have to ask.Before Dinner= Slim fitAfter Dinner = Regular fitMonkey arms = extra length added to sleeveT-Rex = Shortened sleevesWith all that's happening we are making the shopping process steam lined without hassle.
The shirts are the same. I have to give the dye house a color and then I do contests to name the shirts. The winner gets a free shirt.Going forward I will stop doing the contests. I have to many new customer asking the same question.Try to do something nice ........
I love the sweater. It's smart looking. You can dress it up or down. Wool trouser or jeans. I despise the cuffs on the jacket. When the jacket came out of sampling I was furious. I have two or three ideas for the jacket. The trick is making it your own outside of fabrication. A play of the neck line and hem's is the best way to go IMO. The cardigan is a beast of a sweater. That one was stolen at the capsule tradeshow in NYC. At least someone wanted it! That particular...
The lining is actually a black camo jacquard.
Is anyone digging these sweater and this jacket. They are very much in proto type. ( this sweater was stolen at a trade show it never went into production) Collar, cuffs, and bottom hem are all being changed.
I am doing another pea coat but it will be made from "Casentino wool". I will make more car coats and introduce a parka.We have a barracuda jacket in the works as well.
I have outerwear , Hoodies, and sweatshirts for fall ( cut and sew). I have thick ass cardigans and sweater pre-ordering in 3 months for fall.It's not really in the cards yet because I haven't found a jacket specialist that works with premium leather, only. I will find one next week when I am in Italy. Then I will make some fucking killer leather jackets and make the people on ToJ vomit because there won't be a 2 year plus wait list for a killer jacket.FYI- pre-sale for...
New Posts  All Forums: