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I wish.Loads of real indigo. Chinos, Jeans, henleys , and tees.
I am back in town. I will process all returns this weekend and Monday. All orders should be shipped by this Monday. The rewards program is closed. Thank you to all the joined over the last month. We will start filming a video this week or next. It will be interesting to most vile to some but that's life. I will start a pre-order for the new jeans and chinos in the next couple weeks. Before any questions let me post the info. These jeans are 100% awesome but if you are a...
Just a quick heads up. Despite having a temp of 101.7 and having to move this weekend I still managed to get all the order out. I might have fucked some up but if I did you know the drill send t back and I will make it right. My brain was in a feverish haze. The shitty part is now my daughter is sick. Please note the return address for WvG returnable product is now--> 3102 McGeorge Terr Alexandria, VA 22309 Happy Holidays everyone. Best, Mauro
I am moving today and I am beyond sick. All packages will be mailed out today. Who ever ordered will get them before Christmas.
No new members. Come January 1st/2nd those in are in. It's $100.00 and it's worth every stinkin penny. As I stated earlier you rewards members will receive a video explaining everything. You will be happy and non-rewards members will be happy.If you don't want to join, cool. I would however strongly advise to sign up for the Wolf vs Goat newsletter. The general newsletters will start going out more often. Instead of 3 times a year the newsletters will go out a couple...
Quick FYI. ALL orders have been shipped. If you haven't received a tracking number it means one of two things. 1) your item isn't ready 2.) It's out of stock or some other problem and you should have been notified.
Good to see you back on the thread.Yes, however according to the website it's still open. If you want something let me know and I will add it, cool?Not quite. The model is something I looked at but in the end speaking to Gustin buyers found out that it's not what I want to do. Why wait so long for clothes? Just wait until the new year when all my ducks are in a row. It will be a win win for everything.Best,MauroPS- seriously if anyone want to help me move on Saturday for a...
It's a different fit than the redemption jean. The redemption jean was made great to even a picky denim head. However these jeans are constructed even better. Think RRL on steroids. After the holidays I will take pictures.Rewards members just wait until after the new year. Everyone should be happier than a pig in shit.Best,Mauro
The fabric is the same. The fit has been slightly tweaked so I hope the fit is superb.
Not with the over dyes. However, I have sourced some sick marled and heathered yarns so we shall see.I have also procured 100% cashmere tee shirt knit. It's gorgeous and dreamy. It will ready in August or September 2015.
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