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MADE TO ORDER IS THE SAME PRICE AS ANY OTHER REWARDS PRICING. It's not hard to understand. Let's take the over dyes. The rewards price is $74.00 if you want a MTO over dye it's ....$74.00I have been telling people for years to try MTO and MTM. I really think that most of my clients are just socially awkward. They don't ever want to call or come over and get measured. I think it could be a generation thing. I am GEN X and I like interacting with people in person and over...
I will pictures.Dude, I am looking for the jeans. I left for Italy and have no idea where they went. When I find them they are yours. The chinos pics were bad. The color was unacceptably off. Once they are retaken they will go up.If you are lucky maybe @sharkminusbear will post a pic of the indigo pant. It's got a sick texture and comfortable as hell.
OK. Let's clarify and read what was written. We will use one question because everyone should get the point. The question was- What is the most you will pay for a top quality button down shirt? Please, read the question again- What is the MOST YOU WILL PAY for a top quality button down shirt? I asked to know what people's limits were. This way I can buy the fabric I need to buy to keep the shirt collections into the majority of everyone's price point. If your range is...
MTO over dyes are available until Aug 25th. You have until that date to turn in your orders for this current batch of colors.
The poll was very interesting,mostly disheartening. Of the 1,000 people so far 602 have opened the email but only 279 answered the poll. Shirts- About 3/4 said $75.00 to $110.00 is the most they would pay for a shirt. Less than 1/4 would pay $120.00 to $250.00 for a shirt. The rest either didn't answer or wanted the price to be below $50.00 Casual pant- It was pretty much 50 / 50 from these two price ranges $95 to $120.00 and $120.00 to $175.00 Dress pants - $100.00...
The samples are still being made. I will have them in a few weeks when I get back to Italy. I think the shirt jacket, pea coat, and parka should crush it. I am not giving prices out until I decide on which business model I will take I will say this for what I am offering everything is a steal.
126 people out of 200 so far said " FUCK MONCLER". I handful of people believe in violating child labor laws and apparently we have a handful of vicuña wearers in the group. This is very interesting considering I have some really kick ass outerwear and shirt jackets releasing soon.
I totally agree with this. Believe it or not more people found out about WvG on reddit than SF, thus far. My mom apparently gets around a lot too.That being said, videos are expensive. I love making videos showing cool stuff. I know at some point I have to show what my new shirt maker can do because no one but the very very very high end shirt makers still do the techniques he does. That being said the price of your shirts still won't go up a noticeable amount. I am...
You shouldn't except any really.
The answers are outstanding and totally anonymous. It's driving me crazy. I will tally the answers and let everyone know what's what. The funniest thing so far is the a good chunk of people will not refer WvG and want to keep it for themselves. Amazing!
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