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I think it would behoove everyone who reads this thread to check the wvg blog on the website to get all the news first hand. Yes, I know it takes a few extra seconds but you will get a lot out of it. 11 orders will ship tomorrow. email address is wvg@wolfvsgoat.com
I need to start shooting IDPA. The weather here has been great so the 3Gun season has been extended as well as USPSA. What I have been really enjoying is the super steel challenges at peace maker national.
Sleeve width is MTM and that's something we would need to speak about over the phone. Collar changes are no big deal at all.
Shrinkage testing and pattern adjustments have started. I would think around a month. I am trying to push them. It's a new fabric. The fabric I wanted was sold out. Now, I have to use a more expensive fabric ( organic cotton) which I will eat the difference. I am letting you know that's why we are doing all the test over. Better safe than sorry.When I get back from Wisconsin, I am going to visit my shirt maker in Ohio. She called me and informed me I have around 700 yards...
We are 10 gray thermals short of being made. Navy isn't an option. If I get 10 before Sunday I will go ahead if not refunds are happening. Personally, I love it. I have the sample. It's much beefier than last years and not as tight. It's a solid sweater. I have a few Hoodies and sweat shirts. You won't find anything better in my opinion at that price point and you won't find anything better in terms of construction, regardless of price point.
All the special order oxfords have arrived. A lot were shipped out today. I do have a lot of standard sizes left. When the Si-Jin left she left me high and dry. No records no nothing. I have no idea what's what. If you ordered a special over dye or just a standard please email me at Mauro@wolfvsgoat.com I have about 20 shirts unclaimed. I have also emailed a handful of people because I can't find your order numbers in the system. It's possible a lot of people ordered but...
Dude! I appreciate you wanting to buy WvG. However at 25k a year this isn't the brand for you. You need to be saving your money for more important things. College debt relief, a house, savings for the future.This is a huge problem. You need to stay within your means.One day, hopefully soon, you will make 100K with a disposable income and that's when you start buying the good shit. You clearly have great taste but that can be worked out with cheaper stuff for the time...
It's more than wasteful. It's gross. There are hundreds of people just waiting for the sales.It's my fault. I am a shitty marketer. I don't have the out reach or the money to grow my market like I want so I had no choice but to move to " cut to order". I can't make anymore samples because I don't have the money.I think it's easy to play armchair designer but a lot of people really have no idea of the costs involved.Shipping the Sweatshirts from Italy sucked part of my...
Post here or Instagram. Both is smart. PS- Pierce let your cheap ass friends know I am having a serious sale.
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