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[[SPOILER]] The remaining Watcher, Tracker, and snipers ship tomorrow for Italy, finally!I have stock in the sniper. Both blue and green camo. Just a couple pieces .
Has anyone trained at " Storm Mountain"?
You will love it. It came out spectacular.
I made a blog post , instagram, and twitter post.Scarves and sweaters are now online.
Yup. The shirts look amazing but that was expected.The scarves, sweaters, henleys, and ohio stuff are going up this coming week. I have most of the scarves loaded in the site. The sweaters and henleys will be next because they are actually in stock.The scarves will take no longer than two weeks to get here, even on Italian time. These scarves are works of beauty. I can't say enough about them. The long ass cashmere scarves are woven on vintage shuttle looms which are...
update. The shirts are in Alexandria, VA I should receive them today or tomorrow!
You clearly need to educate yourself before posting. I understand you are trolling. However , you are right. You probably should stay where ever you leave home and stay away from the states.
Just a quick update on the pre-order shirts. According to Italian post the shirts have been stuck in customs since Dec.22nd. The delay is due to holiday traffic and the terrorist attacks in Paris. I will keep everyone updated and apologize for the delay. The good news is the shirts are in the states, somewhere.
should be up in a couple days, along with the extra sweaters and Henley's. Still waiting for the shirts those left Italy the week before Christmas. I am also waiting on one box of sweaters ( cashmere).
The Henley's and wool sweaters have shipped out to 99% of the people who ordered. The only reason you didn't get shipped is that you are waiting on other items which I am expecting any day now. The henley's came out superb. I love all the colors and the fit on my is perfect. I couldn't ask for better.
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