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Size up and you will be fine.
The making of a 9 fold tie
A full day with the tie peeps. We have created a bespoke tie program. Any fold tie, length, and width , completely made by hand. I have also selected my prints up to December. The prints are exclusive to Wolf bs Goat. I have also picked out fabrics for pocket squares and scarves. Here is what is upcoming for late May and I will start pre-selling the ties very soon. Here are a few picks get ready for some fun ass prints WvG style. PIGS!! Bunnies Mushrooms Cars and palm...
In the summer it's hard to beat. That is one of my favorite shirts.Today I spend the whole day practically at with my tie makers. Working on custom prints, weaves, pocket squares, and a video ( iphone) on the making of a 9 and 11 fold tie.Did you guys like the new trims for the Italian dress shirts?The ribbon wraps around the shirts. The shirt stay in mother or pearl so in a pinch if your mother of pearl spoon breaks while eating caviar you can use a shirt stay. The button...
It's the little things. Trims for the dress shirts.
Burgundy is my go to color. It's a WvG staple.I like the right shade of brown but more often than not guys wear to much brown together and end up looking like a turd.Mike and his staff have an amazing ability to push and sell particular items. It's a very admirable thing. it wouldn't surprise me that those colors were strong for him.I tend to always stick with a couple basics and then a couple pop colors.I will start the pre order process soon.I don't know what yarns...
Being made.Sock machine for thick ass winter socks!Nik,Charcoal, navy, wine, black are all options. Ironically black is my worst color for sweaters.
It's just a proto and it's not finished. So much for sneak peeks.All the patterned knits will also be available in at least one solid color.The pocket placement was for functionality as well as design. This particularl body will be 100% cashmere. If the pockets were higher it would make the pockets non functional in my opinion. I tend to look at the future. Will the garment still look good 4 to 6 years from now? Will I be able to put stuff in my pockets and still have the...
With this new thread I really want to stay on topic but after reading the ToJ thread and seeing the MA-1 jacket I really felt bad for the guy who posted his pic. It's just bad. I would really like to see construction pics. It's a real shame about ToJ but at this point it's nothing but criminal.
I have several sweaters for fall locked down. A couple are 100% cashmere. I have decided on Loro Piana and Cariaggi. The rest are wool. We have some super chunky sweater and some regular gauge. Here is something to geek over its still in proto mode. I am adding a breast pocket and either hidden buttons or magnetic closures.
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