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Pants are really 35 or 36 inch inseam. Tomorrow is the last edition to the sale and if people don't jump on these I give up.
Yes and No. Most stuff I am losing a lot of money on but I would rather lose some money now and gain it later, than sit on older stock or items people aren't familiar with and not sell anything at all.Just an FYI- the trousers to make without fabric just to make start at $72.00 and go up from there but you get what you pay for. In a couple weeks the new Bloodline trousers are releasing and they will be Pre-order and MTM only.
The colors aren't even close unless you were Stevie Wonder.
REWARDS MEMBERS YOUR CODE WON'T WORK. The sale page is a fixed price , last call, final price. I am sorry.
The " Sale" page is up on the WvG website. It's FINAL sale but if you are lucky you will find your size.
Correct.Mauro@wolfvsgoat.comYes, a few people have cancelled already. I know for a fact a couple more will cancel and then they will try to reorder and get pissed when I tell them they can't. It happens all the time.
Nah, there will be a few to drop out.Remember the Donegal Chambray I was talking about it finally here! I have several cool fabric including the sheep , cows, and ducks coming out not this Tuesday but the next at the latest.The ducks aren't like the sheep and cows . The ducks are a jacquard and the fabric is a 120's 2 ply from Italy. Anyway I have a shit load coming out with fabric in hand unlike the blue amunzen which I thought was in stock. It's a damn balancing act...
As a matter of fact here you go! I love it!
For all those who geeked out over the plaid flannels and the heavy wool flannel I did last year will LOVE this amunzen fabric. Here is today's blog post which is very very interesting. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/15225021-kids-these-days-part-i
The Blue Amunzen is cancelled. The mill ran out of fabric. I replaced it with ( in my Opinion) a better Amunzen which I feel really captures the amunzen and makes the shirt even more special. No money was captured so it's not a hassle for people who want to cancel. This Tuesday I will have the new fabric and it will be shown in a newsletter. I only have 50 meters. That's all the mill had. That means only 21 or 22 shirts will be made but I suspect some people might cancel....
New Posts  All Forums: