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Great news. All outerwear is in my hands. I really wish I had it for the blizzard. The sniper is pretty fucking great. I made a few extra. The scarves left Italy as well. The made in the USA shirts have been submitted. More will go up in the next couple days and this will happen every week. I am getting ready to make over dye oxfords and over dye poplin for Spring. Any color suggestions?
That's a crazy picture. The photographer is not firing on all cylinders. I can't believe someone would allow that on a hot range.
No, I am over that. I tried for years to give solid input and 80% of the time get crap for it but here is a little something for you-A bound seam more often than not has no functional purpose. It just looks "Nicer or "Cleaner". If you were to buy any pant worth their salt they wouldn't have bound ( taped) inseams. The taping or what ever you are using to bind the seam with will be pressed through at some point and will make the pant unattractive. In the case of dress...
Yes, there is because that's what I wanted it to be. The factory doesn't want to cut one offs. This slows them down and makes it hard for them to get there other orders pushed through the production line.To make things easier we have chosen what can and what can not be done.I know it sucks but that's the way it has to be.
People still waiting on flannels from Italy, hit me up. There are only a few. Major disconnect with some orders and you will receive your shirts. I just want to be upfront. For the new fabrics ( old runs made in America) what you see is what you get. It's first come first serve. I will launch new groups for the next 8 months. Yup, 8 months. I have a shit load of fabric. I want to be clear. First, read the product subscription and the size charts. I have cancelled and...
PS- A new page has been added to the WvG website. It's for rewards members only and the first batch of fabric is up from my Ohio factory. A newsletter will be going out to explain Tuesday.
I really want to. Investor meeting Monday unless everyone is still snowed in.
I wore WvG through the blizzard as well. cashmere beanie ( forest green) Wool whole garment olive green turtle neck bamboo sorona long sleeve tee Bamboo sorona long johns sample pair of the a new sweat pant I am making. Unfortunately my coat is on it's way over from Italy so I had to wear another brand @itsfun give me a buzz and want to hear about the coat and vest so that I may improve on it this coming fall. From the pic the fit looks great!
[[SPOILER]] The remaining Watcher, Tracker, and snipers ship tomorrow for Italy, finally!I have stock in the sniper. Both blue and green camo. Just a couple pieces .
Has anyone trained at " Storm Mountain"?
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