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Measure your waist or your best fitting pant. Record the measurements and email them to sijin@wolfvsgoat.com.. We will then measure pants that will work and send them to you. That goes for anyone else who is interested in the pant. It's really that easy.
The fit is very similar to the Gio Skinny. I usually don't give forgiveness in the waist. I am a 35 in the Italian " predator" and a 35 in the American Predator. The Italian predator is for fact slimmer. I like it a lot. I like the sizing a lot.If you have questions about fit or are on the fence about sizing please contact si-jin. Her email is Sijin@wolfvsgoat.com then we can take care of all your fit questions.I am sticking with this fit. It's a great silhouette. I will...
Indigo is the navy. Shoes arrived. Photos will be taken then I will pass them out to the testers.
Henley's shipped. I should get them next week. 8 colors. Red, Pink, Navy, Black, White, Mocha, Charcoal , and light blue.
The measurements posted are very accurate. Please revert to the measurement list before buying. I am working on getting a "Paul" Chino as soon as I can.
You need the "Paul" body. It has a much bigger thigh.How wonderful does that fabric feel?
You are a minority in the retail world. Not many people dress the way you do.
I have 40 or so pair of shorts coming made out of the same fabric as the chinos. I am picking two colors. What should those colors be? I am thinking navy( or real indigo) and olive.
I have been wearing the indigo chinos. I am a 35/32. I need to still get them hemmed. I am very long waisted. Super soft with a nice silhouette. I am not going to say much more except I will not be taking these puppies off. As far a weight goes I think this is an all year around chino even with the DC swamp ass summer. I look forward to you guys getting your chinos and posting pics. I will offer everything to the general public once I get proper pics taken.
I finally had the chance to examine the jeans and chinos. The fabric and sewing is great. The colors are good. My only concern is the red. It's a very Italian red. I would wear in in Italy and in the summer here. The strong colors are the charcoal and indigo. Very nice. The khaki is khaki so it all depends on what shade you are going for. The fabric is just dreamy. The denim is strong all around. I just don't think for the price you really can do better. To many bells...
New Posts  All Forums: