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You clearly need to educate yourself before posting. I understand you are trolling. However , you are right. You probably should stay where ever you leave home and stay away from the states.
Just a quick update on the pre-order shirts. According to Italian post the shirts have been stuck in customs since Dec.22nd. The delay is due to holiday traffic and the terrorist attacks in Paris. I will keep everyone updated and apologize for the delay. The good news is the shirts are in the states, somewhere.
should be up in a couple days, along with the extra sweaters and Henley's. Still waiting for the shirts those left Italy the week before Christmas. I am also waiting on one box of sweaters ( cashmere).
The Henley's and wool sweaters have shipped out to 99% of the people who ordered. The only reason you didn't get shipped is that you are waiting on other items which I am expecting any day now. The henley's came out superb. I love all the colors and the fit on my is perfect. I couldn't ask for better.
I will take your snow!Keep the pictures coming.
3 out of 4 boxes of Henley's arrived. 3 boxes of sweaters arrived. I am waiting on the MTM and MTO sweaters and the cashmere sweaters. ALL wool regular sweaters have shipped. I have plenty of stock the sweaters look pretty amazing. I am waiting on the last box of Henley's, then those will ship out. I have to inventory. ALL shirts have shipped from Italy mid last week. I expect them any day now.
I left my Ohio factory with a lid of pictures. I have so much fabric left over. All the shirts will be first come first serve. Some fabrics I have tons,others a shirt or two. The prices on the web do not include the rewards price . Lots of flannel and wool left over. ALL the shirts and sweaters left Italy last week. I am waiting for those to make it to me and then I will ship them out. The Henleys shipped last week, too. The pant orders were submitted last week. I made a...
me likey
It's not mine to copy. That was written a two years ago from some menswear blog. I do offer everything on that list of " must haves", except for the tension thread because my shirt maker says it's a crock of shit and any real shirt maker would never use such a thing. Personally, I disagree but I am not shelling out the cash for the machine and thread.I do hope everyone reads that just to get a better idea of what I do offer and what I have been harping on for years.I know...
I am going to the factory this week and I will post the best pictures of the fabric that , I can. I know my photography skills are a sore spot with a lot of people. I will also go to NJ and ship 500 meters of oxford to Italy so that new oxfords can be made. It will take awhile to ship and get there but once there you can do group buy over dyes or personal colors. There is a $50 charge for a one off color. That's the charge of the dye house, not mine. With that being said...
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