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There are a shit load of over dyes left. I am sure there will be a lot of questions that's why I took down the presale. Fear not if you listen and read you will get your hands on some good shit. I want to make a huge video so all the rewards members can be caught up to speed. At least all the rewards members that open the emails. According to shipping the shirts will be in the states Monday. The bubbas ( navy and black ) arrive sometime this week. I get back to the states...
I can confirm the red is popular in Italy for fact .
Teaser pic of part of Spring'16
That's the spirit!!!The shorts are spring'16
The wash manipulation is fantastic. The colors are amazing in real life but the fabric feels so much better than the previous runs, even though it's the same fabric .
The colors.
Just picked up the over dyes. Better than I could imagine.
Rayrayray- Hi. I answer all my emails. Even from those Nigerian princes. If I didn't respond it means I didn't get it. Mauro@wolfvsgoat.com. Gina doesn't work Tuesday and Thursday's. I know she answers all of her emails too. Her email is Gina@wolfvsgoat.com The over dyes leave on Monday from Italy. If you are moving or are requesting an address hangs it is your responsibility to give us the appropriate notification. It will also behoove you to update your profile on the...
New Posts  All Forums: