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I appreciate this. I do. It's the water downed basics though that people should be scooping up first. A quality basic is the best purchase anyone can really buy. This way you can wear that item to death and really get the value out of it. The denim market is crazy saturated no doubt but a good pair of jeans is a no brainer. I don't know how much you care or understand about denim but I don't know many brands that offer reinforced fly buttons, hidden rivets, tailored belts...
I don't even know how to start with this. A forum member offered to help. I think I will ask him.It seems to me it's a simple case of the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. When I close something a surge of people want to jump on it. It I open it up no one wants it.When I am out of oxfords people are dying for them when they are in stock no one wants them. I am not putting shit on sale that's not already on sale. Rewards members and people who sign up...
I just hope it works. I hate being a Debbie downer but on my end I can never win. I can make the best product in the world( which I am coming close to doing)and I will always have doubters . skeptics, and haters just for the shits and giggles of it.Now if a person doesn't sign up for the regular newsletter on my site they won't receive a discount at all because the codes are released every couple weeks. Again REWARDS MEMBERS don't need to do this because they have their...
Care tag for the chinos Chino getting ready for laundry new basic oxfords.
No.Newsletter drops at 3pm EST for rewards members only. We can discuss after the drop. The jeans are shipping from Italy to me this Friday or Monday. Rewards members have dibs until the 9th. The general public will have access on the 10th. Shipping is estimated at 1 week.Anyone who signs up for the general newsletter will get a nice treat. Rewards members don't sign up you have your own thing going on.Best,Mauro
Nice time and shooting!
Just a few more pics of the jeans and the patch. So can get a better idea of the craftsmanship in the jeans.
PS- Those are NOT party pigs. Those are bacon pigs. You don't see any hats on those mother fuckers.
Sharks 100% cotton ( Very bad pic the color is a navy blue with hite sharks 100% cotton Grey with navy blue sharks. Wavy strip in grey
Here are a few potential Rewards members exclusives . What ever doesn't get the votes goes to the general public but it will all be in a newsletter. I have a few favorites but the wavy stripes are by far the coolest next to pigs 2 . cotton seersucker cotton seersucker cotton gauze cotton gauze cotton cotton oxford with printed dots cotton twill with printed dots I have another color in the wavy stripe.
New Posts  All Forums: