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Short Sleeve heavies probably won't happen this season as for the differences in the tees I would love to hear what others are saying and get their input.From the design aspect, I think it's safe to say I am the go to guy considering I did make the tees.S/S teeThe spring/Summer tees have a roll neck with unfinished hems the reason behind this that it gives the fabric the ability to roll. The hem is a little uneven for two reason both on purpose. First is was literally hand...
OK, You will still be shipped with all the others and you will receive a tracking number.I will stop accepting new rewards membership on January 1st ,2015. Anyone interested in getting some sweet perks and haven't joined and are on the fence now your chance.Best,Mauro
I switched to a new shipping company. I believe everyone except internationals should have received notification. All the shirts are bagged up and ready to go. The new system is soooooo much better. It notifies me to combine shipping and other things which "ordercup" just couldn't do.I have the beanies going live once I enter quantities so people look for wool beanies can just dive right into it. On Monday the "lastminutegifts" code goes live for one week. It give 50% off...
Yes. Thank you for asking. Go for it! I hope they buy you a shit load of items!Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. I have been feeling pretty beat down lately. Your post was a good pick me up.
I mock you because you are a turd and it's easy to do.Sounds like a challenge right up my alley. You are on.
You lied. You said they were RRL.I have no idea who any of these sock brands are. I do like smart wool socks. That's the bar and I have to raise it.
Nothing says friendship like a fruit by the foot .I have two types of socks releasing. The first type of socks will be made in Italy. They will have a toe and heal seam. We can do just about anything with them. All the cotton will be mercerized. So you know you are getting solid sock. Any other blends like wool or cashmere will be top quality like always.The second type of sock will be made in the USA and will be made using whole garment technology. Seamless socks! This...
Yes. yes you will.We are currently sketching socks designs and picking out yarns. The socks will be ready in March sometime. The cotton socks will be mercerized cotton with a touch of nylon and stretch.Any particular colors you want? I think black is a good staple but I don't know how many people wear dress socks. Of course I will tweak a basic black sock and make it 100% WvG.I am also going to have a final last week Christmas sale from the 15th through the 19th. This way...
I posted this on Instagram. I have been wearing this sweater like a solider. I love it.
I am looking for people who wear the following shoe sizes in dress shoes. Size 8 , size 9 , size 11 , and size 12. If you fit that bill and think you know a lot about high quality luxury sneakers email me and you might be picked to test and critic the new shoes coming out. Best, Mauro
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