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I rearranged the sale page a little. All of the items are no brainers but I know you can't buy them all. I will pull down sold out items tomorrow to make it easier on you guys. I will also arrange it so that items with more stock show up on the first page. That should help you guys too. Please spread the word. Best, Mauro
I will look into this we shouldn't have any monkey arms in the stripped wool shirts. I appreciate the support.For the amunzen shirt. Yes, it kicks ass. Pre-order should have been deleted. We will figure that out now. After that I am going to bed. I am crossed eyed from looking at the computer screen.Tomorrow I will add way more stuff. I added a bunch just now.Good luck!Best,Mauro
We are getting crushed. I will add more stuff to the sales page from newer products like I promised. Rewards members who bought sale items that were marked non-sale and used their rewards membership code on top on the sale price you were refunded. We won't go there. The cotton tencel oxford is a beyond fab deal and so are all the wool shirts. Tomorrow I will put new items on the sale page. There is still a lot of stuff in stock now. PLEASE READ AND CHECK YOUR SIZES...
A lot of stuff is up for the sale. The deals are beyond sick. Henley's, tee's, sweaters, and more will go up tonight. Please spread the word even if means going to a different forum. I would appreciate the help. Now is the time to refer a friend even if they are cheap skates. Monkey arms and XL's you will crush it. A lot of the shirts are worth picking up even if you don't have monkey arms. Good luck! Best, Mauro
Wolf vs Goat is having a FINALE sale on a lot of items. The sale starts around 4pm today. No code needed for sale items.
Shirts, Thermals, sweaters, outerwear, wool trousers, chinos, twill garment dyed pants, tee shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polo's, shoes, ties, socks, and pocket squares
We are having a big sale starting tomorrow around 4pm est. All non-sale items can be purchased with the code "Knot" if you aren't a rewards member.
The sale will start around 4pm and items will be added all week even though we are adding as much as we can now.
I have been getting emails about the sale tomorrow. I am laying down a few grounds rules before we get started so that we are all on the same page. If we have any SF'ers that also post on Reddit hopefully you can post there too. The better the communication the easier this process will be. I am hoping to clear out a lot of stuff. A lot will be newer than older. Older will have steep discounts. I am going to take a HUGE loss on all of the items on sale. So before people go...
What a wonderful weekend to shoot clays.
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