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Newsletter drops at 3pm. This is a big one for me! Please remember to go by your US Brannock size if you don't know it get it done. It will be well worth it.
I receive Scabal's newsletters and they are launching a series of video. I thought you gentlemen might enjoy. Part two is releasing shortly and I will post it on this thread.
Just one of the mills I use. You should read up boys it's good shit!
No. If you write a note asking for a refund I will refund it. We are pretty easy to work with. I have the policy written like that because in the past I would have non-rewards members but things wear them and then return them. I have found money, homework, business cards and more let if pockets of people who said they worn them for a few minutes and then decided they didn't like the fit.I am happy to know you took the time to actually read the policy.Truly the only items...
Please hold your breath while waiting. Thank you for your support!
Henley's and Tees are knits. I would fold them. A newsletter will drop tomorrow only for rewards members. It will be for a couple shirts and the launch of the shoes. A blog post will be launched as well. I wan to give the rewards members a full week then I will get a breakdown of sizes and offer them to the public for pre-sale. If you are on the fence about the rewards membership now is the time to take advantage of what it has to offer. The shoes will be ready in two...
It sucks for me but is great for people who thought certain sizes and styles were sold out.
Nope. It was poor a poor inventory count. Now I have to recount everything
Shoot me an email so I can here about the shoes.
Right now I don't have a lot to offer. However towards the end of April I will have - Shorts Polos Authentic Egyptian Cotton Tees Oxfords ( over dyes) If we are lucky which I never am maybe some knit blazers.
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