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You can buy them in store for $800.00 easy 5.56/..223I think you will be doing a lot of price reduction, sorry.
I am off to go hunt some wild boar! I will be back Monday. The 2 new girls are taking care of everything so it will be business as usual. World Cup Tourney players RKD will be sending out today's email. Pics of me hunting in WvG to follow.
DELETE THAT EMAIL. IT WAS A HACK. Somehow one of my old rugby buddies was hacked and it got into the alumni old boys group email. I apologize. I have switch out my info on my end so I am good to go. I hope I didn't cause to much damage. PS- Somehow I was shadow banned on "REDDIT". So if you aren't seeing my posts that's why.
Summer fun- http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14530905-when-less-is-more-or-less-more
I have full size runs of Blue in AD and Raspberry AD. Very few BD. PLENTY of Monkey Arms which I can never seem to gauge correctly.
Just in case non- rewards members want to view me in all my god like glory here is the video- player.vimeo.com/video/98425213 Let's keep the video to this thread please.
button down
Some have spread and some have button down. Depends on color and arms.
Like a dumbass I forgot to put up the lavender pop ups which is a great summer color. It's a real nice shade of lavender with streakyness of the white it's a summer time go to!Sorry for that.It will be madePS- IF anyone wants there long sleeve pop over turned into a short sleeve leave a message when buying it and I will make it into a short sleeve. I have had a few requests. It's a very easy fix.
Dude is getting laid tonight for sure!I have a lot of Korean Rewards members. Good luck ! RKD has to buy me BonChon if Korea wins or loses!!! Mauro wins!
New Posts  All Forums: