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I do make scarves, knitted and woven.The knitted scarves are made in the US with whole garment machines. The woven cashmere scarves are made in Italy by old shuttle looms.They should start arriving in September 2015.
You win but dicicco is correct too. I will give you both ties.Dan you are local so no worries about you Dicicco shoot me an email so I don't forget .I have a billion things on my plate.
these ties are made in a very special way and not just the folding aspect. The way the silk is woven. Only two mills in the world make this particular style. If you guess the name. I will give you one in a few weeks when they are ready. I will give a 7 fold "Italian" to the person who guesses. A 7 fold to the Italians is a 9 fold to Americans and I will get into that later. Any takers? For those who switch from Sw&D to MC feel free to invite those guys to play. Best, Mauro
You little slut, you.
You guess it sock making machines. I can do virtually anything with this coming. Except thick socks.
First pics is a nice woven I have choosen in differet colors. The last two pics are of a "11" fold tie in the making . The process is completely hand done and the tie is around 400.00 USD retail. I have choose different folds and levels of hand work. I think the MC will appreciate this more. Interestingly enough this is considered a 9 fold tie in Italy.
That is a very safe assumption. So far so good.
That's what prune juice is for 😊
I look like I am shitting in my pants. I am wearing the AD polo. The other Mauro is wearing the BD polo. Yes, hi name is Mauro. Isn't odd that my own customer think my customers aren't capable of doing or remembering simple things? It amazes me. If you could read the emails I get you would die laughing. Please even if you think your questions is serious email Si-Jin. I am very busy making you the best possible products.
First protos of the before dinner and after dinner polos. Don't ask me any questions the polos are samples. Against my better judgement I am posting them.
New Posts  All Forums: