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It's only comes in Center Placket. Long sleeve BD and AD , no monkey arms. Short sleeve just BD.
Wide spread cotton tencel . It will be online next week. Comes on BD and AD . Great color combo , soft, great wicking properties. Just a damn good shirt.
I am still working on getting the size charts up. We are trying to implement video and charts. I have a lot of video up on the site now for how to measure. I am doing another instagram contest in about 10 min. It's a great shirt. tencel cotton with a wide spread collar.
I would consider it exclusive. I only made 22 sweaters per color. I am offering four colors. I will take pictures of the yarn. Some of the yarn isn't ready and is still being twisted in Italy. However the colors are basically-Charcoal gray MoulineBlackNavy Moulineand a very sexy deep red with black twisted yarn together.The same for colors will be for all the sweaters. I would also like to mention I am making mittens and beanies out of some wonder cashmere this year as...
Chinos are in the works still. I would like to sell more of what I have but I know people want new things so it will be crowd sourced on the new pre-order platform. My favorite shirt finally arrived! It's 100% French Linen. Its a heavy weight linen so I recommend getting an AD picnic. I did make BD picnic. I didn't not make long sleeves. This shirt screams short sleeve luxury! The shirt is also only available in a spread collar. It is will be available in the next...
It's kinda true but kinda false. I will be on a similar platform as Gustin for novelty shirts, bloodline, and exclusives. Basics like tees, undies, over dyes , Henley's, and sweats I will run stock.I am simply to small to run stock in everything. I will be flat ass broke of I try. The over dye oxfords and other large minimum products are stressful as fuck and eat away at my cash.When I get big enough I will run stock in everything but until that day comes I will run...
Today's blog post is more of a commenting session but I would love to hear what you have to say- http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/15106141-web-site-review
email me I have center placket shirts.I can't believe the day my new site launches the whole shopify platform crashes......WTF!?!
I added a bunch of smalls and mediums in certain colors. I didn't mean to mislead you. Those are older tees with new stock. The new tees will be up next week with the center placket shirts. The shirts going up will be from the same fabric the pop overs are made of from this newsletter. Meaning the Amunzen, tencel gingham, railroad stripe , etc.... will be made into center placket fronts. I know not everyone wants pops overs. For those who don't know this is a center...
they are from the same batch as the papaya, banana, and all the other new ones.
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