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A complete collection of footwear will be rolled out. Boots, sneakers, loafers, etc.....
.300 win mag will easily do the job. I assume you are shooting at a decent distance? 500+ yards? I use a .308 and drop pigs and deer like its my job.I would use it for elk as well. .338 cartridge isn't cheap but I would love to own a .338 This year I am hunting pigs with a spear.rifle just doesn't do it for me anymore. I am going to work my way down to knife.
My home away from home. Today is a huge day for me. I start discussion to pen up a partnership agreement with my shoe factory. Wish me luck.
Actually it's not a stupid question at all. That's one of the reasons I am in Italy. We are unifying all the sizes. Just measure your best fitting pants or what you think will be your best fitting bottoms in CM instead of inches.It's very easy to do and it's very accurate.
I would size up rather than down. That's a rule of thumb I use 99% of the time. In a worst case senario you get the pant or short taken in. You will also probably be happier with the seat and hips. I am a 35 in both for reference.
Better? It's a very long and subjective topic just like most of fashion.It's like comparing an Austin Martin to a Honda Accord. By no means is there anything wrong with an Accord. It's subjectively good looking. It goes to point A to point B and it's easy to maintain. It has nice features. However it's not a fine tune driving machine like the Austin Martin. The Austin Martin is a car for the person who demands excellence ( again subjective). The leather in the seats are...
This is an 11 fold tie. It is not a type-o. The majority of the ties I made this season are 9 fold and 5 fold ties. I didn't want people getting sticker shock over the 11 fold. Then again I don't think the average dude wears an 11 fold tie. Hell the average dude doesn't even wear a 9 fold tie but we aren't average. The two navy ties are just solid basic ties. I really like them a lot.
Could the sock testers and shoe tester please take some pics and post them. Could you also please email and feedback. This is more so for the sock testers. However the weather on the east coast has been really good so no one really has any excuses. If you don't want your face in the picture that's cool. Just have someone take pics of you from the waist down. I would really appreciate it.
The size chart for the shorts will be in CENTIMETERS, FYI , not inches. This way you get a much more accurate fit.
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