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Another interesting fact is those jackets you see where made from the same leather used to make high end leather gloves because it's suppose to be the best quality leather. Now depending on what you are looking for its subjective but in terms of luxury and buttery goodness it's tops.
Just something the factory provided to demonstrate quality.Dude, I am in Italy but you most certainly email me. You would be better off emailing me and Gina .Gina's email address is gina@wolfvsgoat.comYup. It's suede and the leather from the big bubbas .I am looking at another leather that will be interesting as well.The navy and black big bubbas ship Tuesday to America. The burgundy ship a week after.The production looks even better than the samples I passed out. Nico...
I will finish the outerwear samples this trip. I have jackets for fall that will keep my Canadians warm even on the coldest day. I will have my pea coat but I modified it. It's pretty amazing. I will post pics asap
Ok. I went to visit jacket maker number two, today. What was suppose to be a one hour meeting turned into a 4 hour meeting of pure amazingness. This particular factory only deals with the top of the top quality. The following pics are purely for samples . He only uses the top top quality of all leather. It's amazing how precise he is and how high the quality he is. He makes for kiton, Gucci, luigie borrelli, Alessandro dell' acqua , and a few more. His attention to...
Email me I think you might be the sample size.
The big ass big leg Jean pattern and sample is complete. I need some one that fits the specs to try them.
16oz candiani denim ( selvage) from raw to stone washed with bleach.
Do you use a wheel gun for CC?
1,000,000.00 dollars, sold! Thank you for the support!
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