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I thought so too. I will ask the writter, WTF
Part 2 of the business of shaving. It's pretty amazing, to me at least. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/15008869-out-of-the-shadows-part-ii Please feel free to leave comments in the comment section of the blog. The writers will appreciate it. Tomorrow's color is my favorite. I can't wait to put all this stuff up for sale. It's going to be nuts! I have some really cool surprises none clothing related for everyone!
Day two winner was instagram user _tman_ for " fig". Mia loves figs and she picked it. He was the first of many to recommend "fig".
Yes and No. Day one winner is Ryan K. with Fiddle head for green. Winners are announced on Facebook. If you aren't following WvG on Facebook are name on facebook is " Wolf vs Goat". Day 2 is being decided now and will be up soon.
Name this shirt it's contest time day 3. I know you guys will love this shirt. I also have more mint shirts in stock. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/15005561-its-contest-time-day-3
Nothing to bite. It's short for Expensive Male Fashion. It's a private subreddit. It's over no more. No need to discuss. I will shouldn't have strayed from here. Live and Learn. 98% of the people there are good people. The other 2% .......oh my. I have good stuff for you guys. I am bursting at the seams to blab. Next newsletter is going to be HUGE!
You can't get those shirts yet unless your pre-ordered them. It was a EMF project from Reddit. I have to give those guys shirts first which I owe 19 more shirts. What ever fabric left over will be made into shirts for whoever wants them. I also have gray sheep. The project took a turn for the worst with me and the head of EMF so there will be left over shirts. Some people asked for refunds but the vast majority wanted to keep their orders. I really thank those people. The...
Whales and sheep. Part of a special I did that went horribly wrong. Shirts are fucking amazing however.
It's interesting for sure. I use to go to a men's grooming lounge in VA and by law they can't give person a shave with a straight razor. Crazy stuff.Today's blog post! Good luck to everyone playing.http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14983525-its-contest-time-day-2
Yes sir. I have a few. I have a lot of stuff going on and I will bare a little at a time in the newsletter videos.
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