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The amount of participants is pretty solid. We are close to 50 with a month left to enter. Here is what I propose- If we hit 100 people. The grand prize will be a $500.00 gift card and $500.00 in cash money for the grand prize winner. I know the gift cards and other prizes are great but sometimes just having cash in your pocket is nice. Weekend warriors you will get cash too. I just need to figure out how much. Anyone who forgot to write "weekend warrior" let Gina...
We will do our best to get you into the best jean.FYI-Weekend warriors. Pierce just left my house and he's ready to win it. He even wore the jeans out.Best,Mauro
This is true. However as we speak I have a proto being made that will cure your problem.The contest is off to a great start. On Monday we will have a total for you. We will also contact every person who purchased jeans to make they chose the correct size. Everyone who has picked up a new pair of jeans has received a gift card and one lucky dude received a $50.00 gift card. The odds of winning something in this contest is in your favor!Enjoy the weekend !Best,Mauro
I would love to see some good pictures and watch people break in their jeans.I would also like to get into Italian made denim. There is a lot of great denim in Italy.Finally, I would just like to give out some great prizes.The prizes will vary from tees to shoes. I think the contest is a good idea and hasn't been done in awhile so when " notwithit" came up with the idea I thought it would be nice.
It's solid as fuck. We shared the same showroom for a time. Dudes got talent and an eye for blending fabrics.
Not need for confusion. This thread is being deleted. A new WvG official affiliate thread is being created. Fok will nuke this and we will start from scratch. A lot of excess baggage is on this thread. Things have been really good for awhile and there is no need for off topic discussion on the thread. I have hired 2 girls who will field a lot of the questions. I will also step back from the new thread and focus on what I love to do. Learn about and create high quality...
I don't want to give a firm price been burned to many times. However a solid range is between $600.00 and $850.00 retail. The preorder will be on the lower side of range for sure. It will start in a week. It has to close by May 10th so I can get everything to everyone in July. The construction is the best I can offer for semi hand work. All the blazers are able to be altered. Sleeves and body. The summer cotton blazers are made with mother of pearl buttons and are in the...
He is fucking with you. I am seriously surprised this thread hasn't been nuked yet. Fok must be super busy. It's coming down for sure.
Thanks guys. This trip has been amazing. I had a very late dinner with the owner of the factory who make Luigi Borrelli's MTM polos. He is making my tees and polos. The reason I am bringing it up is because he is in talks with Brunello Cuccinelli to make his polos. That's impressive. Anyway he is part of a "group" that only produces for brands of that caliber and he really likes the WvG vision. He has really hooked me up with some serious tailors, factories, and pattern...
Hi. If you aren't an experienced shooter please take some classes and get familiar with gun safety.That being said. I think you need a gun that goes bang every time you pull the trigger.A wheel gun or a glock does that for sure.I own a glock but am not a fan. I prefer my M&P pro.I would go to the range and rent several guns and see what fits you best. Go from there.Good luck and be safe.
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