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The pants will come unhemmed with a 36 or 37 inseam
My brothers calves are 23 inches and he is 5"8 , hahahhahahaha seriously !
Nothing. The cashmere beanies are being made now. The wool will follow with mittens and scarves. Patience young padawan.
There perfect just about everywhere. Dinner, shopping, work, play. The only time they shouldn't be on your body is while sleeping or fucking.
These are the fabrics offered so far for fall. There will be a newsletter letting everyone know exactly what their options are. Just in case people don't want a hollywood waistband and side straps. You do have options. The pants will be available in the Predator and the Justin. If you have big legs you want the Justin. I will take everyone's waist and will offer other adjustments just in case you have monster thighs or stick legs. I just posted the pictures to give you...
MTO my friend. I try to make anything possible for my clients.
It really makes me happy to have clients like you, homie.
Sweaters get to me in about one week. Then the sweaters will go on sale to rewards members first. I made only a few extras of each fabrication in the flannels. I didn't make any reindeer extras.I am making pants with the striped wool.
7 pair of winter Blood line trousers have arrived. Wool, wool blends, and cotton. I have more of the pima cotton in the heavier weight which seems to be everyone's go to chino that I know.
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