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I will be here packing orders. Time to make the doughnuts.
Do you want me to send you the technical sheet? I don't understand what you are really asking?
Polo's are in stock and we shipped a lot out. We are VERY back logged on the orders. We have been filling orders all day with no end in site. Any redditors please let everyone know shipping confirmations might take a day or two. We still have over 400 orders to fill. The printer is working overtime.
ummmmmm you are going about this all wrong and we won't be trolled. Good luck.
I went through the website and cleared out more sold out stuff. I have a good amount of chambray's with numbers, mocha heavy tees, jeans, and red chinos. Everything else for the most part is gone or I have one item left in that fabrication. If you are an XL BD or AD please clean house! The jeans are a steal, almost literally. I am have very little to put up so I will hold off until I put up the sweaters before I leave to Italy at the end of the month. I hope people look...
Dude, that has to be one of the stupidest things to ever write. I have to agree with both H.F. and J.L. . You probably shouldn't be a gun owner and writing that you want to shoot trespasser can get you into a lot of trouble. If you can't exhibit common sense you really shouldn't own a firearm.
Let me know. Do you still have my number?PS-THE BLAZERS ARRIVED TODAY I will put them up for sale as soon as the sale dies down. That goes for the dress shirts too.
I going shooting in the tencel shirts all the time. In the "woods" ( sporting clay course) it's hot and humid. All summer long if I can.PS-If any locals want to help pack order I am in desperate need of help. I will pay you , of course.
Interesting choices.
I would.
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