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The insole is removable.
Everything goes live at 3pm.PLEASE KNOW YOUR ACTUAL PANT WAIST SIZE. Don't guess if you have questions watch the video on the site "actual pant waist size" or look at the size chart. Do not assume. If you still have questions email Si-Jin or myself. We will make sure you get the right size .Grey kicks
All the tester shoes have been shipped. Testers, you have also received at least one pair of socks with your shoes. I will reach out to you in about 8 days. This will give USPS time to deliver the shoes and for you to wear them for a few days. Hopefully you will take some nice pictures and post them. Best, Mauro PS- Newsletter goes out for the chinos and jeans. Please READ and if the specs work you will receive some wonderfully fitting jeans and chinos. Next week the...
$50.00 for handmade USA trousers. I am still working out the details for the Italian MTM.
I don't know if you or any other rewards members know this but at anytime you can get MTM or MTO trousers and then you will never have ill fitting pants ever again.
Just in case 22oz denim from Japan Silk ramie denim it's like a silk cambray Just a heads up for what's comin this fall and spring '16 You can see the price and its FOB not cheap!
I would like your Brannock size ( so get your feet measured). That goes for all the other testers. 9 pair of shoes are being give out. We should be pretty damn accurate. I want to post on the pre-order Brannock size US and European. Then I can have a couple comparison shoe sizes. Do you think that is acceptable?All shoe testers please chime in.
Bubba, I know you liked the socks but did you try on the shoes yet?
Knit blazer options
Picking out Pique . So many interesting textures and variations .
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