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I like that. I think if you wear them enough you can prove to a lot of people your jeans don't have to be snug or painted on to get sick fades. Good luck!
I have worn mine over 6 months and the jeans haven't stretched much at all. I am eager to see your review. Construction wise do you know what to look for? Do you know what thread everyone is using? It's important. I think I can say with certainty you will be happy with the construction compared to any jean.RKD came over and we did a stitch by stitch comparison to the RRL jeans he was wearing and he was impressed with WvG. It's important to go out of your way for the little...
Washed? No, the isn't washed. It has been cool rinsed. This get out some shrinkage but still allows some good fades.
Hey guys. Please let the redditors that signed up know we will be emailing them to get their proper sizes. A lot of people are so use to "Vanity sizing" that they ordered the wrong size and I don't want them feeling bad when they can't fit into the jeans. We got a nice group and people are still joining. I really hope we hit the 100 contestant mark by the end of the month. I will have "notwithit" or "Gina" re-post the rules every few pages. This way there is no...
I have actually issued five $50.00 gift cards at this point. Not that I wanted to but I over looked the amount a few times. Oh well, congrats and good luck to those that received them. I am pretty sure we can hit the 100 mark at the pace we are going. Best, Mauro
The amount of participants is pretty solid. We are close to 50 with a month left to enter. Here is what I propose- If we hit 100 people. The grand prize will be a $500.00 gift card and $500.00 in cash money for the grand prize winner. I know the gift cards and other prizes are great but sometimes just having cash in your pocket is nice. Weekend warriors you will get cash too. I just need to figure out how much. Anyone who forgot to write "weekend warrior" let Gina...
We will do our best to get you into the best jean.FYI-Weekend warriors. Pierce just left my house and he's ready to win it. He even wore the jeans out.Best,Mauro
This is true. However as we speak I have a proto being made that will cure your problem.The contest is off to a great start. On Monday we will have a total for you. We will also contact every person who purchased jeans to make they chose the correct size. Everyone who has picked up a new pair of jeans has received a gift card and one lucky dude received a $50.00 gift card. The odds of winning something in this contest is in your favor!Enjoy the weekend !Best,Mauro
I would love to see some good pictures and watch people break in their jeans.I would also like to get into Italian made denim. There is a lot of great denim in Italy.Finally, I would just like to give out some great prizes.The prizes will vary from tees to shoes. I think the contest is a good idea and hasn't been done in awhile so when " notwithit" came up with the idea I thought it would be nice.
It's solid as fuck. We shared the same showroom for a time. Dudes got talent and an eye for blending fabrics.
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