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The wash manipulation is fantastic. The colors are amazing in real life but the fabric feels so much better than the previous runs, even though it's the same fabric .
The colors.
Just picked up the over dyes. Better than I could imagine.
Rayrayray- Hi. I answer all my emails. Even from those Nigerian princes. If I didn't respond it means I didn't get it. Mauro@wolfvsgoat.com. Gina doesn't work Tuesday and Thursday's. I know she answers all of her emails too. Her email is Gina@wolfvsgoat.com The over dyes leave on Monday from Italy. If you are moving or are requesting an address hangs it is your responsibility to give us the appropriate notification. It will also behoove you to update your profile on the...
I hope we can get 10 more people to jump on the blazer so I can close it and go to production. If you want pants just email Gina. We will get you the size chart Thursday or Friday at the latest.
Newsletter drops today for the navy knit Blazer (Italy) and the dress shirts made in the USA
That's a good looking pig and pig box! How did it turn out?
I will put fabric online and in newsletters. Honestly I just want to offer the service to rewards members because the first thing everyone asks is price and because of the fabrics I use its expensive, not to mention rewards members already know what the quality level is like and on the MTM is either fucking awesome or its on a level most won't understand. I am hoping to get on the MC side but they are a little slow on the up take. I think they are still skeptical. The MTM...
I know for a fact it's possible .
Well I have a bunch of fabrics picked out . Right now I have linen , cottons, cashmere, and flannels .Let me know what you want .If it's a blue or white shirt you just need to give me your measurements and some pictures so we can verify your shoulder slope and posture .Then we pick of the trims ( not hookers , actually trims like buttons and thread).The pricing will be similar to regular WvG pricing because that's what a rewards membership is for .The shirt maker said he...
New Posts  All Forums: