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HOW? I have worn mine a lot of almost a year and nothing.
It will go up for pre-order next week. If I don't hit the units it simply will not be made. That goes for anything of the new products.
The matching pants and shorts will only be for people who purchase the blazers. The cloth is very expensive.I need the sale to end so people will get use to paying regular prices or join the rewards program.I won't make product just to sit on it so it just goes on sale those days are over. If you want a pant or short email me. I don't want to seem curt but I can't survive making top quality goods with the sale prices.I am getting A LOT of emails asking for for rock...
Newsletter for the blazers go live at 3pm EST. I think they will sell pretty darn fast.
I have had the jeans over a year without crocking. I would agree pressure and friction would possibly apply. If I just rub my hands all day on my jeans my hands will turn blue. White or light colored furniture and leather is always a sore spot with indigo. That's just life.
Are you coming over or not. You know I moved right?
Locals who wear a 32 in my pants. I have two pair of dress pants that need fitting.
Making more now. I but it's the short sleeve weight. I am just not sure on the colors. I want to do a blaze orange for hunting season but I just don't think I will sell enough.
@heavenResign Both are nice. The fabric shouldn't shrink in width at all. Length maybe. I doubt it specially if you wash cold and hang dry then once the shirt is dry throw it into the dryer to get the wrinkles and crunch out. In the end it depends on what you will comfortable in. People dress in different ways. Some people like their clothes tight as fuck and won't change regardless. Some like it loose and Some like it fitted. I think both are nice but the first pics...
New Posts  All Forums: