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The sweaters will ship to me this week. Then they need to be photographed. I will have a HUGE newsletter the week of Black Friday. I will try to do a video. I have so much fall stuff to offer. I know it's starting to get late in the season so I will include everything in the black friday sale. The sale will only be offered to rewards members. Then on cyber Monday the products will be on sale for everyone. I will have very accurate size charts and copy so there won't be...
I have been meaning to put this up. Here is a look book ( kinda) of new and old sweaters. This gives you a better idea of the changes. I took the pictures and Justin was the model. Here is Justin in the olive sweater. He is wearing his loose. That's his style. It's an older sweater. Here is the Gun patch in blue. Notice the neck line is much higher. This applies for every sweater except the v-neck The gun patch in blue again with a baby blue gun patch cashmere...
I receive the actual samples next week or so. The shoes shipped today. I will give a full technical sheet for all those interested.Per color. I wish I only had to make 100 or 150 total. Maybe one day. The minimum is 200 pair. I really feel like that can be done. The shoes are of the highest quality. The styles are pretty bad ass.I just love the wing tip. I need to think of names so I will be doing a contest and a give away.
I will have a few colors. I am think about 50 pair per color maybe 75pair. This way I can keep them super exclusive.
sneaker heads rejoice! I told you I was diving into the deep end and am going to crush it. Well I think I have. Here are some samples that are shipping to me from Italy's best sneaker factory. We have been working hard and for along time on this project. Rewards members are going to flip the fuck out. Feel free to post on other forums or threads. This is all me I have been waiting for this shoe my whole life. Black and beautiful The Mercia shoe made in Italy, lol ....
I don't even know how you found that code. It's not suppose to be ANYWHERE on the website. It's part of a pop up that we are trying to do but we can't figure out anything clever enough to say.We are in the process of changing ALL the text on the website and a complete brand over haul. Hopefully it will be completed by the new year.I apologize for the inconvenience.
No. The coats were RTW.Nope. The only active codes are for rewards members. Most items are on sale and are rock bottom prices and will not go any lower. Thanks.
Yes. Not yours. I thought you were going to stop by. If you want me to mail it, I will. I apologize for that. I do like it when you swing on by. Same goes for Pierce. I didn't mail his either.
It's very funny to me how people respond to the printed shirts. The fact is when ever I do a fun printed shirts they sell and sell well. People still ask me for party pigs. There is nothing to flame. I love making fun printed shirts. It's a small part of the WvG brand but an important one. If someone is going to make fun of you wearing a fun shirt the problem isn't WvG or you. It's them. They need to reach back and take the stick out of their ass.Not to long ago a guy...
How the hell did you get it so fast?Update! All tailored pieces have been shipped. This means suits and car coats.I still have stragglers from the gray sheep and cow capsule. It's the weirdest thing.If you are a large BD monkey arms and missed out on a ton of shirts and want cost ( my cost) hit me up via email I have tons of great shirts for you.
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