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If you bought the jeans with the code "Denim" you already received your gift card.
Nico's leave Italy tomorrow. I will have them sometime late next week. I can't wait for everyone to receive their shoes. The next couple months I am getting a lot of press so I hope that translates into a more rewards members. Blazers go up Tuesday for rewards members.
Good call . Yes, before May 31st
If you bought jeans on or after May 31st you are in. It's that simple. This is a have fun and win some cool shit contest. We just have to be fair. At this rate we should have close if not more than 100 people. It's time to start wearing the shit out of some denimz .
The smartest thing you can do is take the time to learn your "actual waist size". I am floored by the amount of guys that don't know there pant measurements. It's easy. I have videos for you to watch so you don't even have to read anything. Follow the size charts. If you buy something in the future just take to time to measure. It's worth in the end. A lot of times you are wearing the wrong size anyway. Best, Mauro
As soon as we finish packing the rest of the orders and inventory is complete. Next Tuesday would be a very safe bet.
The button stance technically isn't high at all. However, for an American blazer , I believe it is. If you are a die hard looking for a deep V this isn't your blazer. On our two button jacket, our goal was for the first button to hit the bottom of your sternum or a little lower. This being a ready to wear jacket it's pretty dead on. If it was a 3 - 2 roll , a 3 button, or single button stance would change.Our blazer is also meant to be worn like an outerwear piece and not...
I might make some hombre over dye oxfords and polo's. What were you thinking?
Yes please. If you didn't receive an item you will be refunded. I am not TOJ.Email Gina. I am sure it's for a tee shirt or something if it was a random refund. Run with with!
Thanks for stopping by and listening to me bitch. That goes for @sharkandbear and @RKD. All three tired on new pants and helped with my all over mental health. They also will post pics of the knit blazer. They are all different chest sizes.Justin also swung by and picked up a blazer and shorts so he should be posting pics as well.I appreciate the support. I really appreciate the fact that they will listen to me rant and rave.If they want they can tell you about their...
New Posts  All Forums: