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Monkey arms mean just what is says Long sleeve means just what is says but I fucked up and thought long sleeves regular was implied. I will fix that and not leave out any possible detail that might through someone off. Again I apologize " LONG" means Long sleeve standard. As far as options go you can write whatever you want in the box at check out marked "NOTES". The note box was created so that people could request any specific changes they might have or whatever...
I haven't received any emails. Did you send it to Mauro@wolfvsgoat.com?Newsletter drops today for the amunzen center placket for those who want it.
The whale thong pattern hasn't been made . sorry. I have two medium Before Dinner Black and White Slubs left. I sent to many to the photographer. The stock has been changed.
Did you get laid?
No shit. I feel fat after looking at "notwithit" pictures. Who am I kidding I am a porker.I think I need to head out to Cali very shortly we have to meet up and grab some drinks or eat some yummy food at Ink or Animal.I am gunning for $20.00You can choose your collar , shirt length , sleeve length each to a degree. Anything else is MTM and needs to be made accordingly.Example-You want a club collar with monkey arms +1 extra inch but want the body -1 inch that's fine.If...
I just read some crap on reddit, again about WvG and it just makes me sad. People want to know why I get so bent out of shape all the time and the reasons are simple. People don't do any research and just randomly make shit up they don't understand. I don't think I can be anymore clear about this , IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ASK ME FIRST. My email is posted everywhere and so is my phone number. Just in case Mauro@wolfvsgoat.com and 703.582.5966 Here we go----> What is the...
You live in Canada. I would give it some more time. Delivery plus customs = shit. Not to mention the post here decided to hire part time people to cut costs. Now shit is kinda whack.Tencel handles incredibly well in winter do to the wicking properties of the yarn. It's handles well when wet and dry. It will make for a very soft and nice draping flannel. I look forward to wearing one.
I love doing pull ups. I need to get back in shape. Here are a few fabrics I am playing around with for fall. 100% wool flannel made in Japan from Takisada -Osaka it's a 2/72 This sweet ass black watch is 65% Tencel and 35% rayon flannel. It's got a wicked awesome hand. This beauty is no joke. 100% wool 2/80 super 120's also made by Takisada - Osaka The flannels, sweaters, and shirt jackets are no joke this season !!! The pictures are crap I know this. I...
today's blog post for the athletic guy who enjoys numbers. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/15177833-sweat-the-small-stuff
I hope not but probably. When my prices go up the retail price goes up. I don't see them going over $30.00 for a few years or until the fabric prices jump up again. I have made changes that cost a little more, new care tags ,and this will be the last batch with a cloth label. The rest of the tees and underwear will be silk screened on.
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