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I concur. The suit needs to be sewn correctly, that's all.
Henley's are shipping to me at the end of next week.
Just an FYI. The rewards program is back up. It will close again when I get back from Italy next. If you are looking to get in now is the time.
The blue and white 120/2 pinpoint is back in stock. Before Dinner with a wide spread collar.
I know right. The insides are being totally reworked. We have added a functional fly so you don't have to take it off while doing your business.I need to find people to help me that don't want $1,000.00 per post. I have to much to do myself. The goal is to focus on the blog so I don't have to post here. I just don't have the time or funds. I am focusing my cash on product development. The down side of self financing.
I really am fortunate to being working with these factories. They only know one level of quality. The factories make clothing for brands such as Canali, Balenciaga, Stone Island, Louis Vutton, Kiton, Paul and Shark, Paul Smith ( collection) , and more. When I visited the shoe factory that makes the uppers they said they make all the sneakers for just about every major Italian brand. I saw being made Cavalli , D&G, Ferragmo, and Tod's. They said they couldn't cut corners...
The socks are made out of long staple combed cotton by Filmar. I use Filmar for my cotton sweaters and are regarded as one of the best cotton yarn makers in Italy. I have two height. One low cut sock for summer time sneakers and one dress sock length. For the initial run I have charcoal gray, navy blue, and then some dots. I will start developing prints now. We are thinking that the socks will retail for around $36.00. A lot of that has to do with the fact I can't meet the...
The knit blazer sample is starting to be made. This will take a few weeks. In the mean time I would like to see if you want hand sewn button holes on the jacket or just have them machined? The cool thing with the tailors making the blazers are that I can offer MTO in my body styles. The hand sewn buttons are exquisite. They offer the highest level of hand sewn buttons. Think Kiton level. The button up charge is $100.00. In the next month or so before I go back to Italy...
Blazers are in proto. A lot of steps are involved. The Blazers can be MTO just in case someone wants more handwork. The ties are 59 cm . I can make you special ties to your desired length if you are a rewards members. I am opening the rewards membership back up when I get home. I am getting to many requests. I think people have either started hearing about the brand more or have caught on I don't mess around with quality. I am sitting in Heathrow right now so I will be...
I plan to. I am shifting production so that's taking a little time.My basics aren't basic in terms of cloth.I will have Made in the USA and Made in Italy basics. I do want to carry stock but I don't like sitting on a lot of product. I am just not that big. I will lay out everything in a newsletter very soon.I am sure I will have fabric left for the 80/2 -80/2 form this MTO.
New Posts  All Forums: