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I have new body styles for Fall. I am really excited to release not only the new styles but the new fabrics. Denim geeks are about to be lifted to a different level.
We just got a couple more, lol. I like seeing all the instagram pics. Everyone is doing a great job so far. Pierce brought a friend over this weekend and he picked up some jeans. I don't know what Pierce is doing but he has some serious fading on the pockets already.
Here a couple pics taken by me with my iphone. The polo's will go the photographer this weekend. The polo's were made in Italy by one of my favorite factories. Here is a short video about the yarn used- The polo's. I have the labels loosely sewn on so that they can be easily removed.
My daughter has something similar same model different design.
I like this look a lot. Good luck.
Correct. Each season I have a theme. In that theme there are sub-themes. For example animals and plants are on deck. Here are a few pictures of the prints being offered.
Thank you. I have a lot more coming out. Fall'15 and Spring'16 won't disappoint.I guess Fok said it best in the intro for the SW&D thread. I am a "clothing nerd". I love researching fabrics and construction. I enjoy even more spending time with master tailors, spinners, weavers, dyers, and other artisans. I really get a lot from going to mill to mill , tailor to tailor, seamstress to seamstress. I am not sure if a lot of designers do this but I visit every single factory...
Thank you, sir.We are really pulling out the stops for the next two seasons. I think the MC will warm up to the whimsically side of WvG and appreciate the fabrics and handwork that goes into WvG.I mean how can anyone not like this print for tiesHere is a knit blazer I am working on now.It's a 70% wool 30% cotton blend from Maglifico Maggia. It's comfy!
We are sold out of 36's in every length I believe. I stress to everyone buying check your actual pant waist size. Measure your best fitting Jean of chino and check the size chart or you will be short. The girls are working hard getting emails out to everyone we have had about 10 people so far not give us correct sizes and there's more to go.
New Posts  All Forums: