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FInally! Link to the poll. Please be honest. Only choose the colors you would actually buy. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/pages/winter-15-oxford-poll Best, Mauro PS- Let the redditors know. I am making 312 shirts total. 6 colors . Shirts will be made into two body styles BD and AD with the choices of a button or wide spread collar ( looks great on me ) shirts are $185.00 shipped at retail. Good time to be a rewards member.
We have 11 colors picked out but I don't know how to make a poll on the WvG thread. Does anyone know how?
Of course that's one of the perks of being a rewards member. I will have to look and see about the AD XL Monkey Arms.
It looks like it wasn't added or it was taken off the sale page. Inventory says that we have 3 smalls left in Chambray #5. I have a shit load of smalls in Chambray #2.We will ship everything out tomorrow. So this weekend would be a good time to get your shopping on.
A poll with colors will go up tomorrow. Colors with the highest scores will be made. That is all.
FIt? Couldn't say. As for Quality and construction a WvG is just on another level. That's not subjective that's fact.Goldenbear-I want to see the pic. email it to me. If the polo looks good I want to see it.
It's about the easiest thing to do in the tailoring world. No matter what.
The shirts are made to accommodate people like you and me. If you are between sizes it's safe to say you are a 43 chest. I have that size covered with. When the newsletter ( rewards) goes out Tuesday you will have an option for monkey arms. ANY rewards member who needs monkey arms or t-rex arms will click on the link and follow the prompts. That link will only be for monkey and t-rex arms.Everyone else will choose from the regular selection.It's really easy. I have a 42...
The whale shirts are Before Dinner Picnic ( short sleeve) $100.00 shipped anywhere inside the U.S. If you are interested just email me at Mauro@wolfvsgoat.com I have the following sizes- XS-1 Small- 1 Medium - 2 Large- 1
New Posts  All Forums: