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If anyone who ordered a GREY sheep shirts , cow, or chambray didn't receive their shirt please email me. We are showing we have more than we do. Because these shirts are super new they will not be on sale for the Black friday sale. It just wouldn't be right to the people who pre-paid.
No, not yet. I know black, white, and navy for sure. Some shade of read is going to happen. I am up for suggestions.
The soles are the colors they are. Sorry. Next run I can change the colors. Crawl before walking. When I get the leather samples I will post to top colors. A Prussian blue is in the cards for sure.
I just got off Skype with the Italians. Here are the shoe prices retail This is all me I have been waiting for this shoe my whole life. $335.00 Black and beautiful $355.00 $415.00 I will have a few more sample of these in other colors ways. Once all the colors are chosen and sizes info is hammered out in full I will put them up for pre-sale.
Disruptive Luxury. This is going to be plain and simple. I think shoes are one of those items where you can see luxury and quality right away. Another reason why I harp or beat the quality issue to death. It's a lot harder to understand pricing on shirts , suits, and sweaters for example.Luxury brands and contemporary brands are always putting out sub par shit and hocking it as "Quality" or using buzzwords to lure you into the brand and it works. However with shoes it's a...
Wash inside out for sure. That goes for all the marled sweats.We are pricing sneakers now. They should be around $400.00 USD. So about $200.00 with rewards membership. I am hoping for less if I can do it you know I will.The sweaters are finishing up and are priced at retail in the $300.00's. All very fair even at retail.The cashmere beanies will be to me early next week and the wool mitten, scarves, and beanies aren't far behind but before everyone gets all crazy just wait...
Yeah. I didn't hear about or see anything like that. The crowd overall was very chill. It was weird because all the acts were so good for the most part and then between acts they would show short videos of combat vets ( which was amazing) but it's hard to get excited when you watch a short clip of a guy who was blown up by a grenade or IED.
Metallica rocked it for sure. HBO did an outstanding job that show was very well planned. I left during Emimem's set. I have to same the same about Zac Brown. When Dave, Bruce, and Zac all played a song together that was great. Rihanna was the biggest disappointment. I am not why she had such high billing. I never heard any of her music until last night. I am a hard core kid from the early eighties so my taste in music is different than most on the mall. It was good times....
Nice. However a good chunk of these animals would love to see your dirty drawers.Last night I went to "theconcertforvalor.com" or The concert for Valor. Metallica and The black keys crushed it. All in all it was pretty amazing.The last two acts of the night sucked it. I wondered why billing was in the order it was. Did anyone else go or watch it on HBO?
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