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That is correct. The sleeves are what the sleeves are. Unlike a special order that can adjusted the over dyes can't be.Nice meeting you. To bad you couldn't of stayed for a drink and burger night. Next time.
Yes, this is correct.
i have the measurements but the chinos are still in route so they won't be up today, sorry.PLEASE NOTE ON THE OVER DYES I AM A MEDIUM IN BOTH THE BD AND AD. I tried them on and I like'em!!
They will be up when the newsletter drops but here they are now-BEFORE DINNER -XS- 20.5 chest , 23, sleeve only , Shoulder 16.5 , Length 26Small 21.5 chest, 23 sleeve only. 17.25 shoulder, Length 26.5Medium 22.5 chest, 24.125 sleeve, 18 shoulder, length 28Large 23 chest, 24.75 sleeve, 18.5 shoulder, length 28.5XL 24.5 Chest, 25.25 sleeve, 18.5 shoulder, length 29XXL 25.75 , sleeve 25.50, shoulder 19.5 , length 29.50AFTER DINNERXS- 21.5 chest, 22.5 sleeve, 16.5 shoulder,...
A try on shirt is a shirt I mail to you free of charge so you can gauge what your size really is. I offer different level of shirts. The quality of each shirt is top notch in that category. I also make a hand sewn MTM if you want top of the line. If you want RTW we have options such as length and collar size free of charge.You have my email address. I also sell to B&M stores if you want to buy from them. For the record my customer is really good. I try my best to make...
Dude, if you are unsure of something don't purchase it. This goes for WvG or anything else. There might be a chance you like it but 9 out of 10 tens you probably will thank yourself. I live in DC and the summers here can be brutal wearing anything at all can be rough. If you want to look great, stay cool , and not worry about the heat go for the tencel blends or the tees. Later when the linen goods drop you might think about those as well. The rewards program is a life...
@Huntsman I have been shooting with this old guy about 80 named Joe. This guy kills me! He shoot two 24's and ran a game with a .410 on Sunday. I also shot some trap. Trap frustrates me more than the other clay sports for some reason. I just don't know why.
Today's blog post--> http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/13957869-the-tee-spree-necklines
My email is Mauro@wolfvsgoat.com you can hit me up and I can send you a sample shirt to try on or you may call me at 703.582.5966 . This way you can look at the construction and how the shirt fits on you. If you care, I use two very highly regarded custom shirt factories in the USA. One is in Ohio and they made shirts for Burberry when Burberry was made in the states. The other factory is in New Jersey. They make shirts for Ships Japan, Beams Japan, Barney's, and a lot of...
Yes it is something I plan on. I still have a lot of tees left. I am only sold out in a couple colors.A jobber is someone who buys and sells fabric and other things from designers and mills and then sells the over stock to who ever they wish to sell to.
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