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Dude, that has to be one of the stupidest things to ever write. I have to agree with both H.F. and J.L. . You probably shouldn't be a gun owner and writing that you want to shoot trespasser can get you into a lot of trouble. If you can't exhibit common sense you really shouldn't own a firearm.
Interesting choices.
Wolf vs Goat is having a FINALE sale on a lot of items. The sale starts around 4pm today. No code needed for sale items.
We are having a big sale starting tomorrow around 4pm est. All non-sale items can be purchased with the code "Knot" if you aren't a rewards member.
What a wonderful weekend to shoot clays.
I will make sure I have some 3.25" tie and some 3.5" ties in the next drop.
Hi. Thank you for the support. I am happy you are happy.The tie program is pretty straight forward. You may pick a fabric of your choosing or a fabric I have designed. If we can swing it and you want to design a fabric we can do that too. If you are a rewards member the mark up is "zero". It's the same as any other tie.You may pick your fabric, your length, your width, and your desired fold. I make up to an American 11 fold. The 11 fold has no inter lining. I make a 9 fold...
Here are some links to the pocket squares. I am sure everyone is familiar with David and John Anderson fabric. The linen that isn't not D&J Anderson was made on old wooden shuttle looms with an amazing Linen count rivaling D&J Anderson if not exceeding their standards which is a lot!...
Good to know. The more I lurk and ask questions the better.
Looks like the CM side got hit with the spam doctor, hard. I have been receiving a lot of great feedback, thank you. Quick questions what is the preferred tie width on the CM side? I have a bespoke tie program so I can make practically anything but as a rule of thumb is 3.25 better than 3 or is 3.5 the go to? Best, Mauro
New Posts  All Forums: