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Do you know your neck size? If you don't you need to go get it measured. The tailor or person at a nice department store will help you.Your neck size unless you have freakish proportions will be the best bases for a really smart looking shirt. I have sold several dress shirts and everyone that bought a shirt knew their neck size and the shirts fit dead on perfect.For example. I have a 16.5 neck and in the over dye I am a 16.5 that's a 42 chest, which I am.XS,S, M, L, are...
Dude. YOu have my personal email address and Gina's. If you bought something and it's not in stock you will be refunded. It's that simple. If we forgot to pack something and it's in stock we will ship it out and we will OF COURSE pay for shipping.The girls don't work every day. We get to emails as fast as we can.NICO'S Start shipping tomorrow!!!
Yes, the same fabric will be used, however I am using a much better laundry. So the softeners and enzymes will be more apparent in this run.
What do you mean how? It's MTO a 48 chest isn't so huge that it can't be done.Quick note-Sale stuff is going down in a day or two tops. The only thing staying up is the jeans.
Not a problemUPDATE-Today's newsletter is just over dyes for rewards members only. Please spread the word on the necessary channels. The blazer and oxfords together would just be to much and I know people would get confused. Next Tuesday will be the navy blazer and pants.Best,Mauro
On the wolf vs goat blog
For those who are interested or cross post to reddit here are the colors being made for the over dyes- Sea Blue Indigo ( real) Dark Purple Dark Green Dark Sienna White The names of these colors suck! I will do another contest and the person that comes up with the best name wins that color shirt. I will post the color on the blog 2 colors each day. I will write rules so one for the people that have nothing to do all day can't keep guessing colors. That's...
Sweater samples arrived with pricing. We will take pictures and get up for pre-order. The cashmere being used will either be Loro Piana or Cariaggi. I suggest ready up on both company's so when the price drops you are in sticker shock. The shawl neck and the cardigan are nice. The two heavy weights pieces are the bee knees. I have different color options just in case. The is a large and fits me perfectly. I am super excited to get these up. Tomorrow the navy blue wool...
Finally they have arrived!!!! Retail $285.00 shipped. I know they are a little late but damn they are worth it 100% French Linen. There are slubs but that add character to the fabric it's not a defect. I also unpacked the returns bin. Holy shit did I find a lot of stuff, sorry! Best, Mauro
No. You pick the colors you would be interested in buying. If you hate all the colors you choose nothing. If you love one color select one color. If you love 3 colors vote three. Dig it.
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