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Yes, It's true.Please let my redditors know about the sale. We have sweaters , shorts, tees, shirts...etcAlso for NON-REWARDS MEMBERS use the code "KNOT" and you will receive 50% off on all non-sale items. You will be one step closer to being a rewards member.A Newsletter for rewards members will drop Tuesday for new gear including blazers and over dyes.
It's a plyed up 7gg. It's the heaviest of the ones I made in terms of grams.
I have no pony in this race, thank god. However, you guys are going about this all wrong. Here is what I would do. Make a poll nominate one speaker. Have that speaker with 3 runner ups file a lawsuit. Then file a police report. Everyone and I mean everyone who hasn't received product contacts paypal. Make a paper trail. Give the lawyers something good to work with. As for Drew's employees. Get there ALL their information. Try to get Drew's families information. If...
Yes. The over dyes will on pre-order for rewards members.3pm ESTThe sweaters are all whole garment ( seamless construction) and if you haven't got one yet they are pretty amazing.Best,Mauro
Pics of the new over dyes. The pics are from my iphone so don't judge. Before Dinner / Slim Regular / After Dinner ( I am the sample size and I couldn't be happier with the shirt) 100% single needle sewing, 3mm seams, mother of pearl buttons, and more. The collars has changed for a better "roll". The AD gets a gusset. The fit for a 16 1/2 neck 42 chest is spot fucking on ( sample size and mine).
New shirt samples arrived. I am stoked.
What you have described is MTM. If the option exists it will be offered. It's no different than making a MTM suit.MTO is certainly be easier and MTO is different from MTM.I don't want to turn this thread into a circus like the ToJ thread. Let's just wait, explore the options and if something happens , great. If not oh well.However if it does happen I need a very precise procedure list so that NO one gets fucked like the people over at ToJ.
I don't know how much a ToJ jacket is. I just started following the thread. I will say that back in my day the only thing we used lamb skin was for condoms.I saw a ToJ bomber jacket and that shit was bad. I really felt sorry for the dude. I can only say I will do my best and if it doesn't met a level of quality I won't produce it.I feel confident in the fact I will find the factories that make Gucci, Lanvin, Rick Ownes, etc.. and see what they say. If I am lucky I will...
Yes. I will have pictures taken of the whole spring '16 line. That's one of the reasons for this upcoming trip to Italy.
How is he taking it? He is taking it in the ass like everyone else who didn't get their stuff.
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