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AD over dyes have already been made and if you move we just update your shipping info. It's really easy.
Today's blog is worth reading and participating in, I think. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14093757-enough-about-us-already
You should always email me first, I do own the business after all. International shipping isn't set up for local pick up. This makes sense considering you live in a different country. ALL of my international clients ad to pay shipping and then were refunded as soon as the transaction was processed.
The "button pad" is put on after dyeing. The felt would be destroyed after the wash and dye process. That's why the felt remains white. It might come in black or another color but not matching over dye colors. I think that would be incredibly expensive to do and I am not sure people would pay an extra few dollars to the the "button pad" dyed to match the shirt. I could try to do that for you in MTM but your shirt will be crazy expensive.A NEWSLETTER WILL GO OUT TODAY AT...
POP OVERS ON TODAY'S BLOG. POP OVER WILL BE PUT VERY SOON. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14064817-make-it-pop
Learn a little today. The History of Madras- http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14053661-the-history-of-madras-an-abbreviated-version
In the summer looser but not sloppy is always better. Think about it like a one night stand.I have to agree with WvGbot sometimes people including myself get in a rut wearing one style all the time. This could be a really good thing for a lot of people. The sooner I sell the majority of these the sooner I will make more but it won't happen until then, for the record we are talking about the over dyes only.Now if the fucking chinos ever find there way here.....PS- We have...
^^^He speaks the truth.I will am in the process of making a size chart that will give you all the measurements you may need. It the best I can do to ensure people understand their proper size given that they read the size chart.
I told everyone to READ the size charts before buying the over dyes. I have about 400 shirts with these measurements ready to go. After these are sold I will make more. I am really getting mixed reviews. A lot of people like the fit of the new colors including me. A few don't.I will have a vote on the fit when the fall colors come out.Please send your shirts back. I am sorry they didn't work out. Hopefully next time. You will notice no change in fit shirts that are not...
I have actual 40's and 60's oxford. There are so many different types of oxford. I assume you want a yarn dye.
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