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A really good chunk of order went out today including special orders. I have a lot left to pack and need to pick up more boxes from the post office but your shirts are on the way.
Today's blog post the history of the boat shoe- http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14000933-tasty-waves
BY WHO? They would get confused it's like U-N-I-T-Y.You missed it. Next year.
Pandas have started shipping.
Having an " Instagram only" contest for thing up the best name for this shirt. That means don't post names here. Instagram only.
You will like it. We are the same size.
Special or exclusive prints will stay. SPECIAL ORDERS WILL NOT BE UNTIL MTM IS 100% LOCKED IN. This way there is contract with a time frame that people seem to understand better. Special orders take a LONG time to make and people don't want to wait or are uncomfortable waiting or putting money up in advance. I respect that. I have to do what the majority wants and from the emails I have received that's what they want.
http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/13989357-the-bamboo-and-sorona-tee Great blog post today. Learn about what you wear. IN this case bamboo and sorona. I WILL DYE MORE MONKEY ARMS. I HAD NO IDEA I NEEDED THAT MANY. I HAVE PLENTY OF OTHER SHIRTS, TO MANY IN FACT. I AM SURPRISED BUT IT COULD BE SIZING THREW PEOPLE OFF OR PEOPLES WALLETS ARE STRAINED. I really need a system in place to capture sizing info so I can more accurately predict what sizes I need to make more...
Dude, live in a PC world. I can't have the word " Confederate" anywhere near my brand. Plus it's more guava then anything else.
With an over dye I am not sure I can do that request but I will try.No. They didn't ship in time.UPS LOST A COUPLE OF MY BOXES AND I HAD TO FILE A CLAIM TODAY. I WILL MAKE MORE COLORS BUT AS OF NOW WE HAVE A LOT LEFT.I do have xs monkey arms in both Before dinner and after dinner. I will tart making more monkey arms , period.I will explain a lot in the next newsletter.Right now I need to rewards members to start referring and I need to start advertising. I made 426...
New Posts  All Forums: