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The newsletter is being finalized now and will go out Tuesday. I apologize in advanced for me yapping to much in the video. It was impromptu. Next time it will be shorter. I will also clarify on the shoes better because the way I made it sound the shoes would be stupid fucking cheap and that's not the case. However it's still the best bang for your buck no matter what. On that note I am starting suit production in Italy. I just want to get an idea of what price points...
I leave for Italy in a week. I will be spending a good amount of tie with the tie factory. Grey could be an option. The ties will be hand made you will have the option of a 7 to 11 fold tie.The pocket squares will be hand rolled and finished. I will have some custom prints. I will take a shit load of pictures and video while I am in Italy.
Here is a little information about the jeans- Candiani Denim ( Made in Italy) 3x1 twill right hand twist ring x ring 12 oz 100% cotton rope dyed natural dyed indigo Reinforced buttons fly buttons hidden rivets for back pockets tailored belt loops Suede Patch ( dark brown) Proper bar tacking Cotton pocket bags Inseams - 31 ( 100 pair) 33 ( 100 pair) 36 ( 100 pair) size charts      
I finally have pricing for the Chinos and the jeans. The price is what the price is. I can't get out of shipping and taxes. Made in Italy Chino's are $275.00 and the jeans are $195.00. The rewards membership is not included in this price so don't freak the fuck out like I know you want to do. As for the general public WvG is a true luxury brand using the best factories and best fabrics Italy has to offer. If I were you I would sign up for my newsletter, just saying. The...
Jean pics. The jeans are headed to laundry!
Violet will eat them both with quickness.How about you go fuck yourself, Jane Goodall.
Cats fall into the small dog category which is there is no need for them. If you had a Lynx or bobcat that's cool but that's the smallest cat worth a shit. Lions, tigers, pumas cats like that are cool. Little yap-yap dogs are a waste. If you are getting a dog get a real fucking dog I.e. Mastiff, German Shepard, Pit bull, wolf, Bear ( it's in the dog family) , even a hyena. Labs and hounds are cool too. They have a purpose but a dog that fits in a purse , fuck that.
Why don't you just ask me?The yarn is called "Harmony" it's 100% merino wool extra long and extra fine spun and dyed in Italy.7gg 2/30's and it's 14.2 or 14.3 microns. The standard for a fine merino is 14.5 microns when using really nice wool.
HAHA. Ported barrel , compensator , and optics. Can you miss? The recoil must be zero.I do like the grip a lot.
Hey, don't say that.
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