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I am submitting my Thermal henley PO. I need one fun color. Would you guys wear pink?
Nope. I hope they don't. The jeans are rinsed. One time. I love the new jeans.
Fixed now go for it!
I had some extra flannels from the reindeer , rose, 120's wool plaid they are online now. For the last minute shoppers you are welcome.I can understand that but it's self( "self" is the same fabric as the body) and I didn't want to over power the softness on the fabric with a heavy rib. I appreciate the feedback.
I was totally serious about giving up the technical information. Most brands would never offer that. You won't believe some of the bizarre questions and comments people email me. This last week has been especially weird so I didn't mean to come off like a dick or to be rude but on this thread I get some weird questions but not like the really bizarre questions I get over email.I had several emails Last week about different tech specs and trim . The questions were really...
The reindeer flannel, blue rose flannel, and rusty rose flannels are shipping. The snowflake and burgundy flannels ARE NOT READY YET. The factory is still making them and we are working hard to ship them.
Are you serious or are you fucking with me? The tee is 175 grams. I don't have the technical sheet on the thermals but it's like comparing apples to oranges. The texture , weight, weave, composition, and feel are all different. Everything is different.If you are serious I will call the mill and get the technical sheet and give you the weight even though the two fabric have different properties even if the weight is the same which it's not.
Haha. I should have taken a picture of you. It would have given people a lot of inspiration.
85%cotton 13% nylon 2% elastin 30% cashmere 25% wool 30% viscose 15% poly I am going to wear these socks today. For 2015 I will change the yarn composition. There won't be any viscose or poly. I will add more cashmere and wool with se nylon and stretch . These are just protos.
The marled silver are sold out. What's in stock for mittens are Charcoal grey , light grey, black , and military green. The military green is a marled yarn it's a great yarn color.I haven't had the chance to take out all the "sold out " items.
New Posts  All Forums: