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I would.
The amunzen shirt is up and working. So are a few other things. I would look at the Mallard Jacquard and the mocha tees. I know most people don't like kinda see through clothing but the gray gingham pop over is the perfect beach , pool, or hot ass day shirt. I am pulling one for myself now, seriously.
It's a great pant and can be converted to great shorts. Pretty much a no brainer like everything else.
White Henley is up and another tencel plaid ( great fucking shirt)
I am not sure. I am thinking about putting up the sweaters but I might do that in August. Other than that everything is up.
The second round is up. Hopefully people will read then take the plunge. After this sale is over I will give the industry standard in all pants. This way there is no confusion on sizing. It has been a real pain to explain to people sizing. I thought it would be cool to change things up but it's just a head ache. The quality is beyond there and so is the fabric. I love the fit but fit is subjective. Maybe once people take the plunge on the chinos maybe they will buy the...
The summer knit blazer went through customs today. I have about 250 orders to pack from the first wave. After tonight I would suspect 200 more , at least.We are going as fast as we can. I will keep you posted.
The second wave is dropping tonight around 8pm. Good luck to everyone!
You sir are smart. You will not go wrong with any of the linen, tencel, or cotton gauze fabrics. I live in those shirts during the summer. It gets hot and humid in DC.I am going to add more stuff later and I know people will go nuts but like always I have EVERYONE covered. People get crazy about the smallest things.Anyway, I hope my plan works and will explain more. I have a busy day ahead of me so I can't chit chat.
I am going to put up the final sale items sometime today. I also want to do an "Enzo" chino contest. The prize will well worth it. To the Nigerian Prince's. I am sorry you will not be receiving your orders. Please double check your CCV codes. Best, Mauro
New Posts  All Forums: