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Selfie. Back shot . Jeans size 35, light grey beanie, red wingtips and indigo henely Full look with hot model pose Close up of jeans and henely For reference. I have a 30 inseam. I have short legs
$120.00 retail.I personally enjoy this new batch the best. I am not sure if you will but I think it's the most flattering on me. I am 5'11 180lbs and wear a medium.I am getting an invoice today so sometimes next week everything will arrive. I will go into more detail about the pre-order in the next newsletter.Gettin all growns up.
Fuck that. If you get a proper amount of people to do a fadez contest I will give the winner a WvG gift card of $250.00. The runner up will get $100.00 and third place gets $50.00.Who loves you.I will not set this contest up that will be on you guys. Once everything is sorted out I will approve it and you guys can get started. Thoughts?I have also had Si-Jin measure the jeans and will put up an accurate size chart. The jeans go public next week. I will give everyone...
White garment dyed henely with corozo buttons Natural indigo dyed heneley The richness and texture can't be captured correctly by me taking these photos. Every denim geek will lunch over this henely I'm my opinion. The corozo buttons just make it. I forgot what I wrote for the care tag .haha All the colors look great. The pink will take a man to wear but I think we have enough people to sell them out. The fit for me is dead on. Perfect length, chest size , and most...
The Henley's arrived today. Now pictures. Hopefully I can have them up next week sometime.
We started the blog back up. First post is a poll. Spread the word and vote if you would like.
Black brushed high tops Coco brown wing tips Grey wing tips Blue suede wing tips Close up These are just a few of the colors that will be offered. These are just teaser shots. The shoes are being shot now and should be up for pre-sell in the next couple weeks. Testers your shoes will ship as soon as the photographer is finished. Sock proto blooper.
I like it.
Nice. Is that one of your ties?
It's a lovely shade of dark indigo. Before you pull the trigger please email me or si-jin with your ACTUAL pant waist size. We will make sure you get the right size.
New Posts  All Forums: