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If you are a solid 9.5 pass on them. Whole sizes only.The sizing of this shoe is tested I am 10. I wear a 10.Don't buy them if you are a half size. Save for the sweaters and ....Linen short sleeve HenleySilk scoop neck with split raw edged
I had a meeting with the first leather jacket maker. It was very interesting.
Looking good!
Thank you. I would love to see a pic or two of you in the "enzo" chino. Maybe you could post it on my Affiliate page. If they look like the jeans that's pretty damn good! I know everyone loves the fabric. I appreciate the support!
Dude. I really have to agree with you. The fit is spot on for you. Do you have a pair of the "Enzo" chinos? I am very curious to see how these jeans fade on everyone. I think it's going to be one hell of a project.
HAHAHA. I have the shorts and shirt too. I will wear the hell out of those shorts in Italy.
Quick update - all pre-order nicos have shipped. And then there is this- [IMG]http://www.styleforum.net/content/type/61/id/177 3202/width/200/height/400[/IMG] @sharkminusbear stopped by and picked up a couple things. The pic was in the monument and the shorts aren't pressed. He saw a lot of stuff that's in the pipe and I am sure he will give you the details. Off to Italy! Best, Mauro
They are $185.00 shipped. If you placed an order and shipping charges were tacked on you will be refunded for your shipping.
Pre- sale for the new tees will be in this coming Tuesday's rewards members newsletter. $30.00 shipped anywhere in the states. We changed shipping for internationals to so everyone should be more than happy. I am leaving for Italy see you guys later.
I am already one step in head of you.
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