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Why don't you just ask me?The yarn is called "Harmony" it's 100% merino wool extra long and extra fine spun and dyed in Italy.7gg 2/30's and it's 14.2 or 14.3 microns. The standard for a fine merino is 14.5 microns when using really nice wool.
HAHA. Ported barrel , compensator , and optics. Can you miss? The recoil must be zero.I do like the grip a lot.
Hey, don't say that.
I really to like the front sight post are the rear sights blacked out?
Big fat button update. Buttons are shipping to me. It's been pulling teeth. Once I receive them people will get buttons.
@unregistered I don't even want to start looking into custom builds yet. I am new to the sport. If I score well I will move up. If my accuracy is improved by downsizing to a 9mm and if the PPQ is more accurate than my glock I will be in a sweet spot for awhile until I "need" to upgrade. Not one person has really said anything bad about the PPQ for an out of the box gun. I know it's not a custom but I try to rationalize my buying habits in terms of proficiency. For...
Don't laugh you would be on the list too if you lived closer.Don't feel bad. Those jackasses have been joking around and fucking with me for years and believe me you are not the only one who asks about additional codes and other stuff.On the other hand we do love to joke and take it further than it should go. Then when the joke is really bad and offensive we take it even further. It's almost a sick addiction.The guys are sick sick people. They all could easily live at the...
You are set. It won't effect anything you do except to your benefit.delayed.
Picked up this little gem for 3 gun this Spring. Now I need a proper handgun. My glock 23 isn't cutting the mustard. I am thinking M&P pro or the walther PPQ , but the glock 17L might be a dark horse. Any 3 gunners want to weigh in?
Nothing new in terms of tees.
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