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Not a problem at all. I would love to something like this in deer leather.
I will start a leather jacket and outwear MTO and MTM program. I have spoken in great lengths with my Italian factory. The quality level will not get better. The price will be incredibly fair. I will have "X" amount of samples made when I get to Italy next week. The samples will take a few weeks for sure. Once the samples are made pictures will be taken. After the pictures are taken the jackets will be posted in the MTM section of the website with all the details and ala...
http://www.highsnobiety.com/2015/08/20/wvg-luxury-leather-sneaker/ Check it out if anyone wants to repost or retweet it's on twitter too.
I am happy you are happy. Wait for the newsletter to explain. You will be fine and the prices shouldn't change for you.Like what? I have 3 different fabrics for the casual pants. I guess you could call them chinos but I guess you could call them something other than chinos.I have wool pants coming out soon. There like casual dress pants. So nice. Sick fabric and I think the design is unique. The SW&D side should lunch on them . CM, I dunno. I think they would want to like...
Yes. All the chinos are ready for pre-order however the photos came out like pure shit. The color is awful. The real life colors are just as wonderful as the oxfords and tees
All the shoes are made in the same factory. More than likely that will never change or at least I hope not.No. It's something I am still working on. I leave for Italy next week. I still need to do pre-orders for the wool sweaters and the chino's.That's an Italian Laundry for you. They really know how to step up the game. The shirt factory and laundry are both top notch. I really don't think I can do better.
You are a dirty old man.FYI-http://www.selectism.com/2015/08/18/wolf-vs-goat-introduces-innovative-brogue-sneakers/if you want to help spread the word I would be grateful. I know a bunch of people have picked up the shoes if they want to write anything.If anything else look at the pictures. They did a great job with the photos, I think.
By ATM I am hoping it's not what my mind thinks it is, lol here are the links they are up- http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/collections/tees/products/roll-neck-short-sleeve-tee http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/collections/tees/products/v-neck-short-sleeve-tee
It's not patent leather. The leather WILL NOT fall apart. It's very expensive top shelf leather. The leather has been treated in away to give it a VERY unique look. If the leather wasn't top notch the factory I have partnered with wouldn't use it. The leather we used was semi-aniline and is water resistant. It's hand brushed and treated to make sure the leather is even and doesn't break down in anyway. The treatments provide not only a unique look but an added strength.If...
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