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Today's blog post is very shirt history of the chino. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/13567213-whats-a-chino To add on a little that wasn't mention in the blog a mill here in the states called Galey and Lord were first to make chino's for the U.S. Military - I cut and pasted from their website. I want to do business with them but they are a pain to work with which is sad. As a producer of premium fabrics since 1886, Galey & Lord has been at the very core of...
I am already one step in head of you.
well technically they are your shirts but I am happy you are loving them.
Today's blog post has naked ladies -http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/13541621-too-tough-for-its-own-goodThe tees are garment dyed, the oxfords are garment dye, and the chinos are garment dyed.
You need to take baby steps. An over dye MTM shirt is expensive. One off dye is expensive. You might want to read the Wolf vs Goat Blog. You need to understand the difference between a tee shirt and the gauge in which it's spun and how an oxford is woven. Comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges. I appreciate your support and am happy to see you are excited. Baby steps.
My over dyed oxfords are 30's oxford made" Prepared for Dye" in Japan. I use a 30's cotton because I use enzymes , softeners, dye, and silicon to give them a particular hand. A low thread count allows the yarn to take a beating with out getting fragile so it can still be incredibly soft at the same time being durable.Technically oxford and pinpoint are the same thing but pinpoint has a higher thread count and uses a finer yarn. Just like duck canvas is the same as oxford...
It is interesting. I wouldn't say I was scoring the same by any means but I do shoot better when I am with better shooters. I think consistency is key for sure. I was in a rhythm when I shot my two best games. I rushed in a couple guys to try to keep up with them. They played fast.Do you shoot five stand or sporting clays?
I think you guys will like today's blog post a lot. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/13512857-close-to-the-chest Over dye colors- Ocean Air Robins egg blue White Black ( yes black) MInt Lemon Souffle Milano Red A nifty shade of light gray, I think. I just don't remember. I made roughly 400 between all the shirts. This includes AD, BD, Monkey arms AD and BD. I have 250 shirts finished ready to be dyed but I am not dying them until I see how these sell....
I shot 6 round of skeet with a few "A" level shooters Sunday. It was a true thing of beauty watching those guys shoot either 24's or 25's every game. I did shoot a 21 and 22 . I couldn't have been happier. The other 4 games I was in the high teens. Great sport.
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