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I am in touch with that emotion.
I would make more pants if people bought more pants. The paul pant is for dude with big ass legs @ taint it sweet. Shoot me an email an I will send you a pair. I am working on two new pant models. Basically , one os an elastic waistband sport pant. The other in like the enzo with a higher rise. I have no idea the age demographic I sell to but I think most are younger kids. I wish I could tap into the working late twenties , thirties, forties crowd. It would be great for...
If you ordered tees and beanies together those will ship all at once. If you want to have them shipped separately, email me and I will invoice you for shipping.
@goodtwillhuntin dude, the chest are neck sizes are in inches for all me shirts. I am a 42 inch chest with a 16.5 neck. Like, I said in the post you need to give yourself breathing room. My neck is really 16 inches but since I don't want to choke myself to death I wear a perfect 16.5. This is normal. That's why I told people to find their finished measurements. A flat lay is the best way to measure. Don't make it more confusing than it needs to be. @pyschodealer the...
I am writing a blog post today about sizing to help the majority of people understand sizing. I know understand why my Italian shirts don't sell as well as my made in the USA shirts. It's not the price and it's certainly not the construction NO brand or factory in the U.S. can even come close to making a shirt as nice as my made in Italy. It's pretty much impossible. It's all about understanding sizing. If you are a man who appreciates his appearance do yourself a favor...
Email me at I will get you a pair out Monday. Looking good.
@orfane you are locking this shit down!
Damn, Krish. Nice haul. Let's bust some clays when the weather breaks. It would be really fun to do a SF shoot. It could be sporting clays, tactical, IDPA, USPSA. I doubt it will ever happen. The closet things are my pig roasts , right Krish. Has anyone be entering the winter 3 gun nation tourney's? I missed Richmond of Valentines weekend. Damn you cupid! Damn you to hell. streettrash- hostile fire? Please say you are/were in the military, if not you just sound bad.
Scarves are shipping out today. You will thoroughly enjoy them. Real craftsmanship at it's finest.
working on those now.
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