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NIk,You need to either call or email me so you can get your shirt. I need a few measurements from you.
The construction of those shirts are a almost the same as the over dyes which a re still very well made American shirts. The real difference will be in the Italian made shirts. Handing sewing, collar construction, sleeve head and joint construction as all different. Better for those who wear dress shirts all the time. Especially with a suit or blazer.That same construction will be offered for any shirt if a customer wants MTM.Best,Mauro
Hi. I have spoken with a few high quality luxury leather jacket makers in Italy. I spent 3 weeks learning a lot about leather, leather tims, and construction. Making leather goods is something I want to do however, I am not sure how I would price the jackets.I really want to focus on selling WvG to stores. I have stopped the rewards program all together. I can't deal with haggling over $5.00 or the wishy washy attitudes of people who question the quality or fabrics. To...
It's a bullpup so it looks shorter because of design but the lengths are totally legal. It's not an SBR
Looks like a great CQB gun
Here is a little peak of spring. Fabrics from David and John Anderson and Monti. White linen popover Jacquard dress shirt for people who can have fun at work or wherever . Washed indigo linen. I have a whole series on washed fabrics.
I will be home Tuesday. I am trying to get everything together to shoot a candid video. No editing and stuff like that. It will be long so watch it when you have 10min plus. It will be packed with a lot of information.
That's nice. A couple strays but zeroing in a rifle it's to be expected.Did you fire it with just irons first?
There are a shit load of over dyes left. I am sure there will be a lot of questions that's why I took down the presale. Fear not if you listen and read you will get your hands on some good shit. I want to make a huge video so all the rewards members can be caught up to speed. At least all the rewards members that open the emails. According to shipping the shirts will be in the states Monday. The bubbas ( navy and black ) arrive sometime this week. I get back to the states...
New Posts  All Forums: