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What do you guys think of Mr.Porters website? I would really like to sell to them once I get more cohesive. I think the bloodline series would sit really well there.
It all depends on the line. Thomas Mason has tiers. It starts are $7.60 and goes up to the $50.00 dollar range. David and John Anderson have a 300's 3 ply that's $100 per yard. I want to buy some one day just to say I did it.The lowest line starts at a 70's single which is still good considering the finishing and treatments. The average shirt you buy from most brand are 30's to 50's singles.Look at brands like Isaia, Brioni, Charvet , and the like. I went Saks to check...
Ahhhhhhhhhhh I screwed up with the test idea. In going to sound like an ass but what's new. I am more than happy to have peope test but I can't give the shirts away. What I will do is give them to you at my cost. FYI - I have some David and John Anderson fabric that was $48.00 a yard, lol. Regardless you will still get a deal of a lifetime in exchange for some review. I hate trying to sell my own stuff. This fabric will make people cry. As for the POTUS ordeal. The suit...
I use a glock 23 and I have never once had an issue with cycling. No stove pipes or jams. Thousands of rounds have went through that glock.
Have you taken any classes outside of your CCW class? By classes I mean tatical and situational awareness classes? Taking those kind of classes will give you a better gauge of where you rank in the civilian world.I am getting ready for a 3 gun competition and I wonder how I will do and I shoot a lot. I know 3 gun isn't the same as carrying but if you are worried about how you would do in a high stress environment, I would take classes. You can never prep to much at our...
I also received all my David and John Anderson and Thomas Mason sample fabrics. I have more than I thought so if we have any testers interested, I will hook it up. Pics to follow.
That just made my day and he wonders why he never makes his hours.
It is not canned. I am still working on it. I thought it would be easy. It's not. Getting the right scoop and shoulder width is key. Throw in shrinkage and it gets kinda funky like a $2.00 hooker twat. I think it's safe to say you will have to wait til Spring.
I am hoping. It's a crazy story and I am not going into it but I having trouble procuring that black watch fabric. I want it very badly.
The prize catch for denim geeks. This is a printed cotton flannel made in the "Okiyama prefecture " it's a limited edition cloth. This means that only "x" meters is being made and that's it. It's a cool print perfect for winter. I am not sure of the delivery date . Technically it's a fall'15 fabric but everyone is putting in there orders now so it's first come first serve. It's not cheap. Retail will be around $250.00
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