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I agree. That's a good look you have going on.Considering they are on sale people should snag them up. I have a new photographer so the color and crispness of the photos should be much much better.I think that's the only reason they didn't move like the others.Quick update -All the oxfords have shipped to me. I apologize for the delay. Wavey stripes too.Dress shirts should be up this week as well as some presale for the knit blazers and some other items.
People were asking me why the Italians and the States count the folds of the ties differently. These two pics explain it best. Where the finger placements are is where each country start counting the folds. Regardless of 9 or 11 the work involved is outstanding. More ties and pocket squares on there way. PS- the top pic is where the Italians start counting and the second pic is where most people start counting .
100% cotton
Yes, kinda of but no issues with the fabric. That's been tested and we have added other construction techniques to make sure it holds up like a woven pair of trousers.Update-The U- neck has been approved, finally. It's pretty fucking slutty and will be offer is some kind of cotton blend and 100% silk ( go big or get the fuck out, right). The silk is pure sex.I will probably make a crew in the silk as well.
Crazy? I don't get it?
We are making a pattern for a more relaxed jean. Is two inches more in the thigh enough? The two inches makes the thigh 27 inches total. The back rise , front rise, hips, and crotch has been modified for people with big legs and some ass. It will not and hasn't effected the waist. This means a dude with a smaller waist and bigger legs won't have a gapping issue. I could increase the thigh to 27.5 or 28 but I think that's a lot. Big butt and thigh people may respond....
A real thing out of beauty! The short and pant construction.
The polos will come in two bodies "slim" and " regular ". The slim is pretty slim. I am regular for sure. Quick note- Gina will be posting about stuff soon. The gray and blues Blazers will have an option for shorts or pants. The shorts are pretty sick. A little bit about the blazer fabric. It's custom made from a yarn maker in Biella. It's not cheap by any means but it's a really luxurious fabric with an amazing hand. I am only making 10 Blazers in each color and can...
Size up and you will be fine.
The making of a 9 fold tie
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