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Well Boys, I pulled the trigger ( literally and figuratively). I thought I was so happy with my M&P but this welcome edition is going to take me farther. Plus, I need the extra edge against, Mia.
Here are a few pictures of my daughter, Mia, who just turned 13. She weighs 61lbs and is 5'0". As you can see the length of pull on the shotgun is to much but she handled herself like a champion. The match was at Marine Corps Base, Quantico. Here she is on a different stage with her pistol. We are trying to compete in, 2 to 3 matches a month, minimum. The kid loves to shoot.
Hopefully, they will do away with the tax stamp. I understand why it's in place but it's also kind of outdated. I say cough up the $200.00 for the stamp and go to town.On a side note big steel match tomorrow. Me and the kid are going. She will probably kick my ass.If anyone is in the DC area on the 21st and 22nd, there is a 3 gun match at Marine Corps base Quantico. Good guys and good fun!
Yah, It's people like Chris that keep the light alive. I need to start making shirts with her again. She does make a great shirt.
Todd, that would be a dream or it could be a real nightmare, lol. I need to pick up about 500 yards of PFD oxford from an old shirt maker, I will let you know when I am around. Thanks for the good words. It looks like you are doing well ! Congrats. I really like your website. I think that's the next project I need to tackle after I get production in order.Let's stay in touch. Have your spoken to Chris, lately?
Nope. Not so basics aren't thermal. Hit me up with an email.
@Todd Shelton, What's up! How are things with you? I saw an article in the NY Times featuring you, congrats.The Italians don't give a fuck about anything but other Italians and themselves. They don't honor any contract that can't be used against them. The courts are backed up for literally 10 years, meaning you can sue someone but you won't get any kind of response from your court date for about 10 years. Here is an example-Canali signed an 11 year contract with the...
Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Remember, I am in Wisconsin until the 2nd so nothing will be shipped while I am away. See you next year and thank you for the support. Just a few reasons we prefer to use Supima cotton.
Yah, Email me. It's a mess and we are correcting it.
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