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Why so sad? You are wearing some sweet gear. If weather permits you will have WvG shoes to go with you outfit!
I appreciate this post. I think maybe I harp on construction to much. A lot of construction details that are overlooked, actually help with the fit. A good comfortable fit is probably the most important thing. A great fitting shirt with a lesser cloth still looks great. A sloppy fit with a superior cloth more than likely looks like shit. Certain seams or lack there of help provide an elevated sense of comfort and it's my job to make sure that happens. It's ok for you to...
Here is what's on deck. The red white and black check is not MTO Amd neither is the tencel cotton Oxford ( amazing fabric). The two wavey stripe shirts will be MTO. This wavey stripes are pretty spectacular. It's a whole new play on stripes. Hopefully all the fit picks will be ready by this coming Tuesday when the newsletter drops for the chinos and jeans.
It is my understanding that Pigs and Elephants are completely sold out. Rewards members only. The wiener dog looks much better in person.
I can always call USPS and try to have his shoes rerouted. He has been rather rude lately.
Better safe than sorry. Just get your ass over here, ASAP.The blazers for summer will be cotton in a lighter weight. It's summer nobody likes to roast. As the seasons change so will the fabrics. I choose only the best possible fabrics. I live in Washington, D.C. I know what it's like to be miserable in the summer. When I select fabrics I take into account not just places like D.C. but other places like Australia where it's winter.Side note. does anyone really care besides...
We are getting ready to put up pictures and put up an accurate size chart ( which is important). I do urge people to learn their "actual pant waist size". It really does help.There will be a Wolf vs Goat newsletter for the public with a nice little code. I am sure everyone will be happy as long as they heed my advice and learn their true measurements. Vanity sizing doesn't work with WvG.
RKD stopped by yesterday so except a full report from him on the jeans, chinos, and henley's. He did fit in the size 9 sneaker perfectly but I promised them to someone else to try on. The sample socks have arrived. I will send them out to people who buy something. I have 30 pair to give away.
Drive on down. I have everything in stock just not on the web. JT is swinging by tomorrow. You should too.
Sneaker samples start shipping today to the people who signed up to be testers. I have socks being delivered so I will needles testers. The only thing about the socks is the factory wrote wolf us goat instead of wolf vs goat. Thank goodness the type-o was on the samples. I have about 24 samples to pass out. I will include them randomly to people buying stuff so I don't need to pay for additional shopping . I hate shipping.
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