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1,000,000.00 dollars, sold! Thank you for the support!
The size chart will be up today. So shoot Gina and email we will make sure you get the right size.I am making more chinos in the "enzo" fabric . This fabric will be my staple chino fabric. The chinos will go up for pre-sale while I am in Italy along with the trousers.I have three fits. Enzo( slimmest) , predator, and Paul ( not relaxed but made for the dude with big thighs and an ass).We are trying to film a video going everything so we are all on the same page.@ohhello...
You are my hero!
Yes , tees and shorts for rewards members only.
A big pig is dangerous not matter how big you are. Your friend is a beast! I am sure the dogs help so he can get in there.A 100 to 400 lb boar can gore you to death. I have seen boar kill dogs wearing armor. It's nuts.I respect the hell out of him.
The jackets are samples only. The possibilities are endless Like if you want this -
Here just as another teaser Just kicking around some ideas. The first jacket will have a nylon hood just like this .
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