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On Monday I will post pics showing the difference of fit on a dude that's fit. Then he will take pics of my fat ass in both. This should help a lot of you out.
Deep olive tee Sweat knickers Curls are my own
Yup. It's a size bigger in the chest. When you wash it will shrink.For the BIG ASS sale this Monday we will have working size charts for everything. FINAL SALE means FINAL SALE. There will be no exceptions so don't rush. Take your time. Read.The FINAL SALE will be posted everywhere so you can't possibly know it's not final sale.I am putting a lot of stuff online that's not up.If you bought a sale items at regular price or rewards price with in the last couple weeks of the...
I will make sure I have some 3.25" tie and some 3.5" ties in the next drop.
Hi. Thank you for the support. I am happy you are happy.The tie program is pretty straight forward. You may pick a fabric of your choosing or a fabric I have designed. If we can swing it and you want to design a fabric we can do that too. If you are a rewards member the mark up is "zero". It's the same as any other tie.You may pick your fabric, your length, your width, and your desired fold. I make up to an American 11 fold. The 11 fold has no inter lining. I make a 9 fold...
We will look into this. The long sleeves tees will be something on sale.
The math is the same. Yes there was a type-o in the size chart sent from Italy.We corrected as seen on the size chart.Why do you guys make such a big deal out of nothing. By now you should know your size.If you don't you should learn what it is. It will only benefit you.What happens if I didn't use S.M.L. Sizing and just used actual chest size or what if I used numbers or letters.The knee jerk reaction can be easily solved by looking at the measurements .I told you already...
Here are some links to the pocket squares. I am sure everyone is familiar with David and John Anderson fabric. The linen that isn't not D&J Anderson was made on old wooden shuttle looms with an amazing Linen count rivaling D&J Anderson if not exceeding their standards which is a lot!...
Large Regular. You would also be a large slim but I only suggest the slim if you like fitted clothing and are in good shape. I doubled checked and the size charts are working and they are accurate.
errrrr....... Can't promise. We will get it done.Another newsletter will drop Monday for the Blazers, Knit pants, dress shirts, and SALE items.
New Posts  All Forums: