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Flannels will go out in a newsletter on Tuesday with a few other shirts that are ready now. Here is the deal to get them to you on time you will have one week to decide. So the 28th through Nov. 2nd. Here is what's being made and the prices----> The wool stripe shirts are $370.00 at retail and 22 units of each color will be made. The wool 2/80 super 120's plaid will aslo retail for $370.00 and 23 units will be made. The floral cotton flannel will retail for $220.00....
One other quick thing. The Donegal Chambray , Gray Sheep, Cows , and the like have started shipping to me. I will start collecting pe-order payments sometime today. Thank you!
Yes. I have a solid flannel going out with the special print. I don't want everyone thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread. It is an awesome print but what makes it special is the it's has a HUGE repeat so wastage is going to be high because we make sure everything is matched up.This particular flannel will not have a center placket so that the story can be told. It's a NON -ugly Christmas sweater if you will.I still want to get that out by the 15th as well. It's...
I am going to try to make it by Tuesday. The window is going to be short so I hope everyone is on board. A couple of the sewers have to have surgery. I want all the shirts to be delivered to me by Nov.15th.So everyone who wants a flannel be ready and then I will make a handful of extras for people on the fence.
HAHA! Actually it didn't fit the guy. I spoke with him over email. I cancelled his order and it's back up for sale.
That's a good question. The shirts are made as shirts. When it comes to flannels I strongly recommend the AD body but that's just me.The wool stripe is dense and could be worn with a thermal wool sweater and I believe you would probably roast unless outside in the butt ass cold.Next fall I will work with wool that has nano technology so it will be rain and wind proof but that won't be until 2016
If you are a rewards member you can choose your collar, body style, arm length. Like always. If you aren't a rewards member Maonkey arms will not be offered. I am sitting on tons of monkey arm stock, sorry.
Here are the flannels so far. I have a solid and another very special print coming soon. These are teaser pics. I know they are not the best. I am sending them out to be photographed today. The bulk of these will be for rewards members only. 100% cotton very soft very substantial cloth. 100% cotton Floral print. very soft very substantial cloth 100% cotton Floral print. very soft very substantial cloth. The blue is actually darker. Very nice color. 2/80's super...
Flannels came into today. I love them. You will love them. I am happy. Good bye.
Sure. happy to slit my wrists for you.
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