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Tomorrow when the newsletter drops the following items will go on sale on the sale page - Olive green gingham, Military green oxford, heavy weight flannel in navy with grren, yellow, orange plaid ,herringbone chambray, and some hedgehog corduroy shirts. The hedgehogs I am very very upset about because the factory said it was all cut and I went to visit and didn't see any twice. The third visit it was in my bin. Not cool.
I am not always posting pricing on the SF. I believe I did let everyone know. It's $50.00 retail and $25.00 rewards members.
We are working on the heavier weight tee now along with the henley's. I don't see them ready til the beginning of November. In the meantime the underwear and 6 different chambray's ($160.00/$80.00) will go live tomorrow. Rewards members will receive a newsletter.All next week I have a bunch of sale items dropping so people wanting shirts in the $65.00 to $75.00 dollar range will be happy.This week is the LAST week to submit pre-orders for the most current round of...
Here is the link to the poll. I will also send this out in a newsletter form later today. Rewards members WILL have priority not matter what. Thanks again for the support. On to the good stuff.... http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/pages/fabric-poll
Nope. I did a poll and no dudes use it.eat right and exercise
Get ready for Tuesday! Underwear are dropping. The model is 210lbs 6'6 and has 35.5 waist. He is wearing large. The underwear is size like pretty much all undies. So what ever size you are wearing now is what you will be in WvG.
Today, I will be with the photographer all day. We will being shooting the Underwear ( I will not be the model. I don't need people viewing perfection so easily.) and the 6 chambray's for $80.00 ( rewards members). I will also take pictures of my Thomas Mason and David and John Anderson fabrics. I will have a poll made so people can choose what they would lean to most and we will go from there. It's like the WvG lottery.
What do you guys think of Mr.Porters website? I would really like to sell to them once I get more cohesive. I think the bloodline series would sit really well there.
It all depends on the line. Thomas Mason has tiers. It starts are $7.60 and goes up to the $50.00 dollar range. David and John Anderson have a 300's 3 ply that's $100 per yard. I want to buy some one day just to say I did it.The lowest line starts at a 70's single which is still good considering the finishing and treatments. The average shirt you buy from most brand are 30's to 50's singles.Look at brands like Isaia, Brioni, Charvet , and the like. I went Saks to check...
Ahhhhhhhhhhh I screwed up with the test idea. In going to sound like an ass but what's new. I am more than happy to have peope test but I can't give the shirts away. What I will do is give them to you at my cost. FYI - I have some David and John Anderson fabric that was $48.00 a yard, lol. Regardless you will still get a deal of a lifetime in exchange for some review. I hate trying to sell my own stuff. This fabric will make people cry. As for the POTUS ordeal. The suit...
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