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We started putting items on sale. It's very time consuming that's the only reason we aren't doing it all at once.
Well poop. Sample don't arrive until Friday. However the flannel shirts should arrive today or tomorrow. Yippie it's fall!
Later. I have a shit load on my plate. I have the new chinos and jean samples arriving wednesday. So I don't see anything releasing until this weekend. A newsletter will drop on Tuesday. I have 3 very nice fall shirts for you guys before the flannel ad sweater pre-orders start.
My wife is home, finally. We will start putting up a shit ton of new sale items as well as another newsletter with shirts retailing for around $160.00. I will also have HUGE new edition to talk to everyone about in about 2.5 weeks. I hope everyone had a good weekend.
No. Not this season. I am still not happy with the quality of construction here in the states with outwear. I am also not 99% stoked with my patterns. I don't say 100% because I feel I can always do better.When outerwear is ready don't forget to pre-order if you want something because you are an outlier size.Has anyone here ever heard of 45 rpm clothing? Tomorrow will be a sad day. There NYC store is closing after 9 years. 45rpm is truly and artisan brand. They focus on...
If you ordered a club collar send it back and I will give you a club collar.
To answer some questions. A newsletter will drop next week. New shirts that aren't a zillion dollars. More sale stuff will go up. I am tending to lean towards a massive sale because I have so much going on I might as well get the sale out of the way. The new thermals , tees, flannels, sweaters, beanies, scarves, wool trousers , and mittens will all be releasing for sale or pre sale this month or early November . Perfect for holiday and when it gets cold out.
I did raise the collar. It's much higher. The sweaters you posted aren't whole garment. I have to work within the limits. 4 ends on a rib is a lot but I have to balance the body with the rib. It would be out of balance if I didn't. Now using full garment you have more room but still it would be odd to have a chunky rib without the sweater beginning chunky itself. The first sweater is a 5gg or maybe a 3gg sweater. It's not 7gg. If you go to his website you will see just how...
This fall I have full size charts for everything so there shouldn't be ANY confusion. The chart coupled with my videos pretty much makes it impossible for someone not to figure out there correct size. I will have product shots up asap. I will try to get all colors shot before arrival but I can't promise that. Maybe a couple locals will stop by and try stuff on and I can take pics. Please remember, I only made 22 of each color except for the V-Neck. I only made 16. The...
Here is the thermal. I know the pics aren't great but it gives you an idea. The neck is high like a tee shirt. It's 100% extra fine extra long Merino wool spun in Italy , like always. Both colors are marled yarn. The folded thermal pics are pretty accurate on color. The red is sexy. The pic of me wearing it shows that it's fitted. I am not wearing a tee under it. No need it's super soft but if you don't like the wool against your skin feeling you have room for a...
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