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Last post for a long time. Gina will be taking over. Look for the newsletter later this afternoon. I hope it's clear and I look forward to seeing how everything plays out. Tuesdays newsletter will be for the wool sweaters only. I am making more wool thermals but it will be a holiday delivery kinda of like the outerwear. Pray the Euro drops soon. The market is going nuts and if the Euro keeps climbing you will see a price change. I work with the dollars and don't peg my...
That's not what your mom said.
We don't have an exact ship date. Considering the pre-order hasn't closed I would venture to say no later than 8 weeks. It's safe to say after a pre-order closes it will take 2 months. That's ship time from production, ex-factory, customs, arrival to us.The shoes are $174.00 with the rewards membership. Mark up on shoes are ridiculous. Once the word gets out I will hope to sell a lot of shoes. I would like to do some canvas shoes with leather details that will be $30 more...
@JohnGalt sell me your HK. Look at the STI EAGLE. Double stack, bruh.
@JohnGalt, you never shoot not to mention you have a HK that will do just fine.Shot my first 3 gun match today. I knew I would be hooked because I have been shooting USPSA and Steel matches. My take. I love shotguns and wish I could find more tactical shotgun matches. I am really considering getting another shotgun so I can shoot open class.My rifle and pistol still need help, for me to be really competitive.
This is great. Work and play, I love it.I leave for Italy this week. ALL pre-orders and MTO have to be in by the 25th.BIG CHANGES HAPPENING ALL IN A GOOD WAY.
The sheen is from the mercerization process. If you want to read up on the fabric and the process check out this link-http://www.filoscozia.it/en/prodottiSomething is wrong with their website but it still gives you the info. They have a little video that's easy to watch.I like the hem. You got a good roll going on.
I like deer for a few reasons. 1. I am a hunter. I like using all of the animal, head to tail. 2. Deer hide is incredibly strong and durable. 3. It's lightweight , soft , and breathable 4. It doesn't scratch easily like other leather The above reasons make me want to use deer leather. I am sure you can find a lot of info about deer leather on the web. The only down side is that it's a little pricey.
I hope to see some good wear for the winter months.
Not a problem at all. I would love to something like this in deer leather.
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