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Here is the sample of the whole garment wool thermal. I am really excited about this garment. I will be dropping the center neck an inch or inch and a half. There will be a couple other changes very small other than that this is a fall/ winter staple. It will come in a few colors.
Today's Blog post which is very interesting , to me at least. It's part of a series but my wife doesn't have all my passwords so she couldn't update everything. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/14924005-from-the-cloud-to-the-curb-part-iii
It's very slubby so yes it's textured. I hope very jumps on the wool thermal shirts. It's a true waffle not like the popcorn stitch on the sweaters.It's fitted so you can wear it alone or layer. I pray for a cold winter and brisk fall.
Pop overs have started to arrive to my place according to my wife. This week and early next all the pop over and new shirts Should arrive. Then we will take nice pictures and put them out in a newsletter. I have no idea what the weather in the states Is but the weather sucks here! The tees will ship for sure from Cali to me the first week of August. That's the update. The fall sweater bodies are being shot now so we can decide what I will put into production and want...
The Brazil match was a joke on the world. I think it was a way to get none soccer fans to like the game. What the fuck was that? The weather sucked for yesterdays game. I think Holland played flat and Argentina was to strong for for the dutch to handle. That being said it looks like the Germans are taking the cup home.
Denim project is going well. The denim has great character ( photos ) on Instagram . I think most will be very very pleased. I found a high sneaker maker which could be interesting. Several shirts have shipped to headquarters ( my house). That's about it for now. It's 5am here getting ready to head to Milan.
Poppa- you are dead to me so it doesn't matter how old I am.
I am getting maximum wear out of the tees and light weight bloodline chinos. Perfect travel gear!
New Posts  All Forums: