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Email me at wvg@wolfvsgoat.com. I will get you a pair out Monday. Looking good.
@orfane you are locking this shit down!
Damn, Krish. Nice haul. Let's bust some clays when the weather breaks. It would be really fun to do a SF shoot. It could be sporting clays, tactical, IDPA, USPSA. I doubt it will ever happen. The closet things are my pig roasts , right Krish. Has anyone be entering the winter 3 gun nation tourney's? I missed Richmond of Valentines weekend. Damn you cupid! Damn you to hell. streettrash- hostile fire? Please say you are/were in the military, if not you just sound bad.
Scarves are shipping out today. You will thoroughly enjoy them. Real craftsmanship at it's finest.
working on those now.
I am into swords . I wish there was a club near me that trained in the short sword, broad sword, bastard sword , etc.... It's something I always wanted to try.I completely agree that an animal deserves a quick clean death. I do my best to do that. A spear can do the trick, too. Like I said ,I am no master hunter tracker but I keep getting better and better.The thing I like about the primitive weapons is the actual hunt itself. I feel like the boar or whatever animal I am...
sorry, he uses the .44 magnum razorback XT . 225gr @ 1300 fpsHere is a link -http://www.winchester.com/Products/handgun-ammunition/Advanced/Razor-Boar-XT-handgun/Pages/S44MWB.aspxPS- He drops pigs and he is not a great shot, haha
At some point I will pick up and AR-10. It's not the recoil at all. It's just that with an AR-15 lower you can use a few different calibers by slapping on a different upper. The AR-10 is a dedicated platform and doesn't work with a regular AR-15 lower.I would post the video of me using a spear but it's pretty graphic and it took me 3 different attempts on the same pig. That pig was cut up pretty good and it came at me 3 times. That's were tactics come into play ( and me...
My daughter and I went on a little walk and had a photoshoot. The sniper and tracker can't be beat as far as I am concerned. It was 32 degrees Fahrenheit out and it was to warm for the tracker. I ended up changing into the sniper and it was very comfortable. Before the walk --- Change to walk -
I don't use dogs when using a spear. Using the right spear is a must. A knife ( which I haven't done, yet) might need a few dogs in the beginning. Using primitive weapons is a different skill set and strategy. If your plan and back up plan is good, you won't need dogs. You just can't fall down. The pigs will gore you. They are mean and dangerous.I love hunting, but I am not a master hunter, nor am I an ammunition expert, but this my 2 cents. The .308 cartridge is great. I...
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