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Dude, I don't blame you at all. You are being smart about your purchasing and that's great.
Shipping this week. Pics will follow. Then pre-orders.
I am thinking about doing a wool quilted black watch shirt jacket. Would anyone be keen on that?
Thank you. I appreciate the post.We are currently doing inventory which seems to be way off. So if you would like check the website every once and awhile and a shirt might pop up in your size. For example Tapioca Before Dinner. The system said I have one left but really I have a shit ton.
I have been getting emails about the wool fabric I use. If you have specific questions please email me and I will give you a technical sheet so that we can make sure the fabric is worthy enough to touch your skin. My email address is Mauro@wolfvsgoat.com or you may simply call me at 703.582.5966 Thank you.
If you are interested in having one sent out let me know. Contacting me directly is always going to be better than posting here .Honestly, do I do that poor of a job explaining everything?EVERYONE WHO IS A REWARDS MEMBER, PLEASE LISTEN. IF YOU ARE A VALID REWARDS MEMBER YOUR REWARDS MEMBERSHIP IS VALID ON ALL WOLF VS GOAT ITEMS EXCLUDING FINAL SALE ITEMS. EVERYDAY , EVERY MONTH, EVERY YEAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. IF THERE IS A EXCLUSION IT WILL BE NOTED IN TEXT AND...
Go to new arrivals and all the shirts are there, for some reason the shirts were hidden but now they are visible. All are very nice. I am going to be adding close up shots sometime tomorrow.
Collar options- Club, spread, wide spread, extreme spread, button down, and tab. Collar heights and lengths may not be changed that's MTM not MTO. If you need more help with collars please email me at Mauro@wilfvsgoat.com and I will address your needs as quickly as possible. If you can't email and wish to call my phone number is 703.582.5966 Arm length - you set your ideal length. I have no idea your arm length but If you want to add an inch or lose an inch fine. It's up...
[[SPOILER]]What exactly wasn't clear. You tell me like always ( nothing has changed) the body style, collar type, arm length , and body length. This happens for ALL pre order shirts . Everytime a newsletter drops and there is a pre order you get those options. If for some reason I have cut goods that can't be adjusted becuase the items are already made I make that crystal clear. If you have modifications then gominto the NOTES section of the order form and tell me exactly...
New Posts  All Forums: