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Just in case 22oz denim from Japan Silk ramie denim it's like a silk cambray Just a heads up for what's comin this fall and spring '16 You can see the price and its FOB not cheap!
I would like your Brannock size ( so get your feet measured). That goes for all the other testers. 9 pair of shoes are being give out. We should be pretty damn accurate. I want to post on the pre-order Brannock size US and European. Then I can have a couple comparison shoe sizes. Do you think that is acceptable?All shoe testers please chime in.
Bubba, I know you liked the socks but did you try on the shoes yet?
Knit blazer options
Picking out Pique . So many interesting textures and variations .
Why so sad? You are wearing some sweet gear. If weather permits you will have WvG shoes to go with you outfit!
I appreciate this post. I think maybe I harp on construction to much. A lot of construction details that are overlooked, actually help with the fit. A good comfortable fit is probably the most important thing. A great fitting shirt with a lesser cloth still looks great. A sloppy fit with a superior cloth more than likely looks like shit. Certain seams or lack there of help provide an elevated sense of comfort and it's my job to make sure that happens. It's ok for you to...
Here is what's on deck. The red white and black check is not MTO Amd neither is the tencel cotton Oxford ( amazing fabric). The two wavey stripe shirts will be MTO. This wavey stripes are pretty spectacular. It's a whole new play on stripes. Hopefully all the fit picks will be ready by this coming Tuesday when the newsletter drops for the chinos and jeans.
It is my understanding that Pigs and Elephants are completely sold out. Rewards members only. The wiener dog looks much better in person.
I can always call USPS and try to have his shoes rerouted. He has been rather rude lately.
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