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Check in luggage is Globe-trotter. Hand luggage is Globe-trotter (trolley case) and Berluti. I have been using Globe-trotter for many years, and love it. In terms of appearance, it ages very well.
Scratch the scarf?
For many years Jil Sander made suit jackets without breast pockets, and I think that they look good. I have worn these suits in an investment banking environment without anyone passing comment.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fritz The advice to wear a suit is perhaps not useful, but at least harmless. But saying things like:"I always fly First, this must be a mixup in my organisation" to an airline employee who can see on his screen that the last time you boarded a flight was a 39$ special back in `98 is embarrassing. In addition to that, presumably a reasonable response from the airline employee in case there are available seats in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Will They originally (decades ago) made only sham sleeve buttonholes. Then they made two working and two sham for a while. But they've all been working for at least fifteen years, as they were all working by default when I got my first suit and asked why that was. In my case they made 3 working button holes and kept one sham so that any subsequent sleeve adjustments would be easier.
I recently had a suit made at A&S, and they could not have been more helpful. I wanted something close to their house style, but they were quite happy to ask my opinions and try to accomodate these. There was also no sense at all that they were in a rush to get me out without adequate fittings - the strong impression that I had was that their main goal is to leave customers feeling very satisfied with their suits rather than trying to short-cut the process. They seemed...
I have 4 that I really like: 1) F P Journe Octa Calendrier 2) F P Journe Octa Reserve de Marche Black Label 3) A Lange & Sohne Lange One 4) Franck Muller Master Banker I also have a few random watches which I don't wear often.
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