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Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts Stop Making Sense!
I am partial to Zimmerli boxers. They are very comfortable.
GF was fairly interesting in the 1990s - something like a toned down version of Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto. I didn't see anything from GF for many years, but it seems to be back again - there is a store in Aoyama in Tokyo now, as they sell in select stores as well.
Globe-Trotter makes very good luggage.
Favourites: F. P. Journe, Lange & Sohne
They are now taking international subscriptions, although the shipping rates are very high.
I usually (but not always) wear French cuffs at work, and that is normally with a suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by lifeonmars looks like 100% cotton to me, but i'd get a second opinion That is right.
If I'm wearing a suit and tie, I always wear a white cotton shirt. I have tried blue in the past, but always want to get back to white.
I would highly recommend Anna Matuozzo's shirts. They are very well made.
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