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Quote: Originally Posted by venessian BO - is that the name of his perfume?
I love the understated elegance.
Any more info about the fabric of the pinstripe? Is the wool heavyweight or light?
I have just received 4 pocket squares and a couple of pairs of cuff links - all very nice indeed!
It's probably worth wandering around Harajuku - lots of interesting small shops in the area - check out Cat Street, for example.
The Isetan men's dept store in Shinjuku is also worth checking out. Lovely weather in Tokyo at the moment!
I bought some shirts from AM in Napoli last year, and if I recall correctly the price was Euro480 per shirt. This included shirts made from Riva or Anderson fabrics.
Anderson & Sheppard, Anna Mattuozo, Zimmerli.
Anna Matuozzo
My socks are all black, so that leaves me with 0 as far as the poll goes.
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